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We’re headed (no pun intended) for a complicated New Moon next Tuesday at 24 degrees of Taurus. Algol, the demonic binary star, aligns with this New Moon – and with Donald Trump’s Midheaven. She’s a real troublemaker known to cast spells of violence, brutality, danger, disaster, and general mayhem. You’ll recognize her image in the constellation of Perseus as the decapitated head of Medusa – the evil spirit with snakes for hair. Her appearance is terrifying. According to myth, anyone who looks at her is immediately turned to stone.

If you have placements in your chart within five degrees of 24 of Taurus, and you’re basically living your life striving to be the best you can be – despite some inevitable tough setbacks – the “demonic” influence is greatly subdued. In fact Algol’s influence can be very positive in the absence of evil or shady intent. You could be the one who “decapitates” poisonous influences that arise from collective unconscious – or from your own subconscious mind. You could be the hero and savior in a set-up otherwise headed for disaster.

Today, a week ahead of the New Moon, you can see the makings of a potentially destructive scene moving into position – or, looking on the bright side, an opportunity for some heroic intervention. What spews from the primal recesses of the collective mind- especially in the United States – is dark, unintegrated, and savage-like. I single out the United States because as a country the U.S. is undergoing “a time of reckoning.” Pluto is returning to its natal place in the U.S. birth chart. Donald Trump’s chart and the U.S. chart are intricately intertwined. He is the perfect president at the perfect time if you look at it from a transformative perspective. It’s hard to imagine anyone more capable of reflecting back to us the lies America has been telling itself about itself for the past 242 years.

Pluto always pushes for a “moment of truth,” a more honest appraisal of strengths and weaknesses, a concerted effort to remove the distortions and to step into our full power once the distortions are removed. The “Pluto return” is a once every 240 year event – a fated, critical turning point in history. Because Pluto is a very slow mover the transformation process for the U.S. is triggered through 2025, the struggle for the American soul is strenuous and exhausting.

The dominant theme this week seems to be “holding fast to your center” so you can weather the intensifying, outer-world storms in ways that make you stronger. The personal opportunity is to overthrow old patterns and ways of being that promotes stagnation. The closer you come to holding fast to the part of you that endures forever (your soul) the freer you are to destroy, rebuild, and re-invigorate your life.

On April 30th, 2018 a Scorpio full Moon influence triggered the release of personal demons that had been hanging out just beneath your surface of consciousness – for many years maybe. For the past month we have been engaged (consciously or unconsciously) in a process of cleaning out the scarier parts of our neglected self – the demon-infested, carefully avoided, haunted “basement” (or attic) of our mind and heart. Old obsessive attachments that controlled our life were unsettled then, shaken loose, and made ready for release. Giving up a once treasured possession that defined an era of your life might be the culmination of a long struggle to comes to terms with loss.

It’s likely you’re now untethered in a way you haven’t previously been. Anything is possible.

Uranus and Mars combine to arrange for something unsettled, uncertain, and life changing. The Sun and Jupiter challenge us to restructure our priorities to align with what’s true for us now. Juno and the North Node bring opportunities to indulge our passion. The lights are turned up to “brilliant” as Mercury aligns with Uranus by the end of the week. We acquire X-ray vision and the ability to see through what once blocked the truth.

Mars reaches the end of it’s trek through Capricorn. More rebellious, in-your-face, dynamic ways of being begin to take hold as Capricorn gives way to the sign of Aquarius. Being “socially acceptable” moves closer to the bottom of your priority list.

Lastly I’ll mention the tendency to depend more on your physical body and a deeper connection with it for your sense of identity. Possessions, relationships, and your job hold less sway. Venus in Gemini rules the Taurus Sun. Were restless, adaptable, torn, and likely to engage in mind-expanding, life-changing conversations.

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