Horoscopes for the Week of April 18th – 24th

Mercury has been moving in direct motion since Sunday. After three and a half weeks in retrograde motion – and as a result of some back-tracking and a deeper look – your perspective may have shifted. A clarification of some kind may be moving you toward a better understanding. Options may have changed. Things may look a little different.

The recent new Aries Moon supported a new beginning. A seed was “planted.” By the end of June we may begin to recognize the outlines of what was set in play at that very dynamic new Moon.

Chiron is a mentor and a maverick as well as the wounded-healer. Early yesterday he transitioned from the sign of Pisces (a very subtle, dissolving way of healing) into Aries and the sign of the “warrior.”

My tendency is to imagine as Chiron moves through Aries for the next 9 years the “Maverick-y” part of you being challenged to step forward, take a stand, and make yourself known. Your individualistic, non-conformist, free-spirited, original, and eccentric expression needs to be strengthened and solidified. Expect threats to your ability to survive (maybe on very subtle levels). Expect to be more pressured to conform and to be afraid as conditions you simply cannot tolerate develop.

Just as for the past eight years Chiron in Pisces challenged you to let go, grieve, and get on with it, Chiron in Aries will encourage you to stand up and boldly declare who you are and which side you’re on – to resist, rebel, un-conform, and otherwise resist being compliant and easy to control. A more uncompromising, authentic version of your needs to be asserted. Expect to have to find your courage on a regular basis. Expect to have to take action. Expect to win.

Saturn retrograded in the sign of Capricorn yesterday. He will be moving in retrograde motion for the next five months. Retrogrades bring you deeper into the invisible, problematic layers of yourself. Under a Capricorn/retrograde influence, addressing personal problems effectively involves doing the right thing, accepting responsibility, responding like a grown-up, and being relentless in pursuit of a resolution. Most likely you’ll be challenged to persist as you break through an old sticking point.

Skipping steps or giving up is an option but Capricorn tends to be pretty unforgiving when it comes to giving up. The consequences can be severe. You’ll probably be tired. You probably won’t feel like doing what you have to do. But Capricorn is good at putting feelings “on hold” for the purpose of focusing on his goals. He ends to stay determined and follows through.

On Thursday, April 19th the Sun enters the Venus ruled sign of Taurus. Taurus is where everything rich, valuable, sustaining, and enduring can be found. Taurus is the kind of pure, natural beauty that does not fade. In fact her beauty and value tends to increase as time passes. Astrologically Taurus’s influence is to stabilize in ways that are comforting and soothing.

Those born with strong Taurus influences know they’re the one’s charged with keeping things on an even keel. Taurus takes that responsibility seriously. She is generous but will never deplete herself to provide for your needs – the way a Sagittarian might. Taurus keeps something in reserve because she is the “source of sustenance.” She’s abundance and nourishment… and she’s not in a hurry. If all goes well Taurus locks into her rhythm and moves with it. Her wisdom is a profound respect for the natural world and what it teaches about natural progression and keeping things simple.

Taurus’s “achilles heel” is inflexibility and sluggishness. Wherever she is found in your own chart, that is the area where you’re most likely to stick with the “same old, same old” for too long. Change is destabilizing and Taurus can be reluctant to go there. She’s stubborn.

On Sunday, April 22nd, Pluto joins Saturn as he turns retrograde in Capricorn – through the end of September 2018. Pluto retrogrades once a year for about half the year.

A retrograde “drive” is internal. A direct “drive” is external. So we see destruction and mayhem in the outer environment when Pluto asserts her influence while moving direct. In retrograde we’re working to destroy something outworn and stagnant within. It’s a more private struggle designed to end some inner torment and to set ourselves free. External pressure, however, will interfere to “push the envelope” so we have no choice but to transform our inner landscape.

During Pluto retrogrades often we need to reassess what we’re doing to prepare for the future. The outlines of the future you’re now preparing for may no longer be in need of adjustment, particularly after Pluto turns direct.

I should mention that Jupiter remains in retrograde motion in the mid-late degrees of Scorpio through July 10th. Her intensity is somewhat tamed or brought into balance as the Sun moves into Taurus, energizing Venus who is herself currently transiting through the sign of Taurus. It is Scorpio especially who stands to benefit from energy that is simplifying, stabilizing, soothing, and supportive.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars in Capricorn (accompanied by the often powerless and embittered goddess Black Moon Lillith, also in Capricorn) are both challenged by Mercury this week. Capricorn expects to work hard to solve “problems” and for progress to be slow. But Mercury is transiting through Aries, the sign of “initial” ideas and thoughts – and first instincts. After engaging in a single act of courage (asking a courageous question maybe) Aries expects things to progress quickly and effectively. In my own early days of meditation the questions I asked were sometimes answered before I could complete the thought. I dismissed those answers because I assumed whoever in the spirit world was responding would need more time to come up with something thoughtful and accurate. A quick answer seemed, from my naive perspective, most likely inaccurate. Obviously I was operating from Capricorn assumptions about the way the world works. As Capricorn begins to retrograde this week you may find that the ideas and thoughts you originally had were the best ones – even though since then you’ve probably been all over the map, engaged in a thorough and meticulous process of verifying and re-checking. Mercury in Aries comes to conclusions quickly because the answers are often laced with instinctual knowing – not just the left brain logical stuff. In retrospect maybe you decide that your initial conclusions were right on.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This is your time of year – a time to initiate something fresh and new. Hopefully you’re not stuck in something old and repetitive because something within you has matured. And what you’re now capable of generating is richer and more profound, abundant and deeply stabilizing. I’m seeing Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships digging deep into relationship issues and the past. Something may be complicated and painful – and maybe unnecessarily so. But the role you’re now capable of playing within the realm of relationships cannot be restricted. I don’t quite know how to describe what you’re capable of other than to say it’s substantial, rich, laced with a profound and natural understanding of ancient wisdom, and deeply connected to abundant sources of spiritual nourishment. A partner (or potential partner) could be overwhelmed – particularly if they’ve adapted to scarcity and don’t know what to do with abundance. A partner (or client) needs to be moving in the direction of greater receptivity to be able to absorb what you’re now capable of providing. The world could use more of what you’ve got to give. Finding a suitable outlet for your gifts may be the challenge. But with Venus in Taurus, a suitable outlet (or recipient) could magically flow in your direction. Mid-May a significant breakthrough is unstoppable.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury, your ruling planet and strongest influence, is moving in the direction of a unification (or collision) with Uranus. Pressure between now and then will be mounting in the direction of a breakthrough. Your nervous system could be in the process of integrating an upgrade. It’s a strenuous process not to be underestimated. Something pivotal is impending. It could be a freeing of the mind, an acceptance of the need for an unsettling change, an enlightened idea with profound implications for your future, or a move into a new environment or relationships that supports and enhances your creative impulses. There is the possibility that currently your creativity and love of life is being restricted by the company you keep – your current associations, the kind of feedback you receive, and maybe even some hostility. Something deeply healing is being introduced. Something more courageous is being demanded of you. The time frame looks to be between now and May 13th – with May 12th or 13th generating the height of pressure and a breakthrough. Things change after that and most likely you’ll be able to operate then more in sync with your natural rhythms and what feeds your creative soul.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Current energies may feel a little (or a lot) harsh to sensitive Cancer. In fact they feel a little harsh to all of us. But you’re the one, as usual, capable of providing the kind of support, protection, guidance, and caring we’re all craving. The fact is we need to hear some harsh truths about the need to grow up, to be courageous in the face of conflict, to persist, to tolerate slow progress when we’re impatient, and to keep finding ways to make progress even when we have to back track, to endure exhaustion, and to deal with burn-out. Some people have a way of delivering harsh messages kindly, of showing by example how to remain sensitive and receptive in the midst of an onslaught. Even though you’re not immune to prevailing pressures, you, Cancer, are the one uniquely qualified to comfort, nurture, and effectively guide others in the right direction. It’s simple but not easy to steel yourself against pain and to work your way through anything no matter what the cost. You might know how to do that or attract others who operate on that level pretty routinely. What you’re capable of infusing into the world now is a sense of balanced integration. It’s tough love delivered softly. And it’s very healing for you and for those fortunate enough to cross your path.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo is entering a “taking the long-view” kind of phase – thinking about their legacy, and what creations they will leave behind that will endure the test of time. If you’re not thinking about that maybe you should be. What you do now will have a profound influence 30 years from now. You could be entirely erased from the equation or you could leave behind something deeply nourishing and sustaining for those who are left behind. Leo likes to be admired anytime but being admired in perpetuity would seem to be particularly enticing. If nothing else it’s time to be more thoughtful and discriminating about your influence on the world in general. Saturn is retrograding in your 6th house of work for the next five months emphasizing your usefulness, the kind of work you do, and how you go about infusing it with your own, unique, personal signature. Leo’s are special. Not everyone is given the array of talents you have been given. Everyone’s work is capable of being a reflection of what they love to some degree. But sometimes you may have to rebel against what is “expected of you” in order to make sure the love and your unique brand of “artistry” is reflected in your work. It may be time to insist on more creative freedom and some space to do things your own way for the sake of those in the future who will be inspired and healed by what you leave behind.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
From March 7th until May 13th Mercury, your chart ruler and primary influence, has been under – and will continue to be under – relentless pressure from Saturn. The weight of the world is on your shoulders. Delays, heavy responsibility, heavy workloads, and a mind that never seem to rest is taking a toll. Others may be noticing the strain. It’s unlikely your performance has been degraded but that spark of personal aliveness may be somewhat dimmed. You may be putting one foot in front of the other at this point. The astrological omens indicate it’s time for some rest. Maybe that’s possible. Maybe its not. But what would go a long way is if you could get out in the garden, or orchestrate a break in your routine, take a trip to someplace foreign, or simply take the time to envision yourself in a restful foreign place. You might need a creative project that immerses you into a different, less stressful mental space. I think you need a long break full of the kind of nourishment you haven’t been getting for awhile, but I’m assuming that might be impossible for most. To avoid full fledged burn out and a threat to your health it is likely you need to do something different. You have an incredibly sharp mind. You can figure this out. It may take some serious self-discipline to enact the needed changes. It’s time.

LIBRA (September 21-Oct 210
It may the time is right for opening more deeply to the possibility of some emotional comfort and support that feels nourishing – a source you can count on to sustain you. Something simpler and less complicated might be good for you. Sometimes the hard way seems more appropriate because we can’t count on our resistance to be a “sure sign” that what we’re resisting actually should be resisted. Sometimes we need to power our way through life’s challenges or scarcity to develop inner strength. But this doesn’t look like that to me . This looks like a challenge to break through old patterns of restriction, responsibility, heaviness, and emotional strain that may be endured for the sake of someone else. It is possible that an easier option or opportunity will be (or is already being) offered to you. For many reasons it’s important to be clear on why you choose what you choose. A home (or a past) that feels restrictive may be familiar and strangely a source of comfort. But you don’t have to keep choosing what you might have always chosen. Something within your partnerships (or within your relationship with yourself) may change or be resolved around May 15th. Doors will open and it would be nice if you could allow yourself to walk through an easier, more nourishing one.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Some kind of thinking related to being useful in a sexy way – responsible, self-sacrificing, and reliable – is being seriously challenged, possibly by the heaviness of a current routine, a depressed mind set, or the need for something that rings truer. You may have outgrown an old role within the realm of relationships. This looks to be an opening or breakthrough of some kind. You may have a history of viewing relationships through a very complicated lens. Unspoken conflicting influences, secrets, darkness, and the intrusion of mysterious influences may have supported old perspectives and the tendency to not trust something simpler, less entangled, and more straight forward. Your mind weaves tangled webs but your body is capable of untangling and simplifying. The suggestion is trusting a role for yourself that is more physical, sensual, instinctive, and basic. It may be new territory for you. Of course you need an outlet for the intriguing webs your mind weaves but you may no longer need that to sustain your role within the realm of partnerships. Mid-May should be an interesting time for you. Some kind of life-changing break-through is indicated. A partner may be intimately involved in some way.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It is likely you’re untangling something within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart, backtracking through old territory (really old territory) to clarify the trajectory of your future. You may feel under pressure to choose something that remains confusing or conflicted for you. You may have come to the conclusion that this cannot be resolved through normal channels. You need a way to access “hard to access” unconscious material. The information you need requires a higher level of awareness. You’re on the right track if your moving away from traditional ways of problem-solving. Maybe there is something disappointing you wish you could transcend – the old failed methods of getting where you want to be, for example. Consider abandoning those in favor of something “higher level.” Your mental powers are increasing but not without some resistance and uncertainty. I predict that by May 15th you will experience a breakthrough that has something to do with muscle memory, physical sensation, and the recognition of the physical body as an enlightened source of information. Currently you may be training new pathways and upgrading your your nervous system. You may be learning how to navigate through magical worlds. Letting go of old methods you’ve relied on for lifetimes is no small task.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Something about your current approach to life, to relationships, and to yourself has become – or is in the process of becoming – stagnant. The same old patterns may be infusing your life with something that feels more dead than alive. It looks like it’s time to change things up. If you’re bored, tired, burnt out, injured, or disconnected, you may need to deliberately place yourself in an environment you’re unfamiliar with. Variety is the spice of life. As restricted, structured, and work-obsessed as Capricorn can be, even you need a break. You are not immune from the affliction of feeling depleted and appearing to others as though the lights are on but nobody’s home. What would appear to revive you would be time spent communing with the natural world, time spent in the garden or the beach, in the forest, or with kids for whom life remains a simpler, more exciting experience. It appears that now your most urgent responsibility is to yourself. That deeper connection with yourself your source of nourishment needs to be restored.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It is likely you are carrying around a burden that either doesn’t belong to you, has expired, has no further relevance, and is needlessly keeping you from where you want to be. You may have felt for a long time that you had no choice but to lug around the heaviness. Or you may have been unaware or forgotten that you once agreed to take something on that wasn’t meant to last forever. And you may have felt that throwing it off was something you wouldn’t be able to do even if you wanted to. It is likely you have paid off a debt, or a karmic debt – whatever that was. Often I think it comes from something your mom was struggling with in your gestational phase. Somehow it was absorbed and integrated into your way of being and stayed with you after you were born and breathing on your own. It looks like a debt that was absorbed out of love – a wish to fix something you couldn’t fix. Your Mom – operating as well within the realm of love – may be ready and willing to take it back. But you have to ask her. The astrological omens signify it’s likely she will – gladly. The modern ruler of Aquarius – Uranus – is poised to change signs on May 15th of this year. He’s been transiting through the sign of the warrior (Aries) since May of 2010. But that ends mid- May. A new era for Aquarius is right around the corner. It looks less conflicted and frenetic, more settled and nurturing.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The Sun in Taurus aligned harmoniously with Pisces creating new opportunities that feel interesting and maybe like they were specifically designed with you in mind. The Sun in Taurus in the third house of your mind and nervous system energized both. You will be on fire in terms of the ideas your able to generate, the problems you’re able to solve, and the truths you’re able to recognize. Having Taurus, the sign of the physical body, ruling your third house of all things intellectual, seems to suggest you will be able to integrate information that comes through you physical body and sensations as well as from higher realms of thought. The bottom line message is that you can trust your thoughts. The ones that flow into your mind when you’re relaxed and un-pressured might be the most brilliant ones. For the next month it would be good if you could work on a project you love, put together a presentation on food, love, the benefits of sleep, relxaion, and sensual experience Researching a topic that feeds your soul, or gives you the kind of answers you crave could be very rewarding. Foreign travel and foreign influences may feel welcomed and deeply satisfying. Slow down your usual routine if you can. Rest more and include in your schedule more time with friends you love.

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