Virgo Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of 2/28 – 3/7

(Mosaic Artist – Karen Dawson)

11 Degree Virgo Full Moon on Thursday, March 1st at 4:51 PM PST & 7:51 PM EST

Blockages and long standing resistance to much needed healing dissolves under the influence of this full Moon. The Moon’s ruler, (Jupiter in Scorpio), and the Sun’s ruler, (Mercury in Pisces), align in a harmonious, mutually supportive trine. Whatever boundaries have kept information hidden and held captive deep within the recesses of your mind, begins to dissolve. A potential outward flow (flood) of new information and clarity changes the game.

A surge of deeply sourced love messes with your sense of identity and your definition of reality. You’re not who you thought you were and neither is reality. Fear fades and the foundation of your life changes. Power you gave away or allowed to slip away, is returned to you.

Over the past couple weeks you may have felt burnt out, exhausted, weak, and just not as motivated as usual. The universe exerts that kind of influence when it wants to assist old structures in crumbling. Ensuring you don’t have as much fight left in you for the things that have become “not worth fighting for” is a strategy.

Zosma is the fixed star associated with this eclipse. He resides in the constellation of Leo and is prominent in the chart of victims and people who are oppressed and abused by heartless systems and inflexible frameworks.

In the spirit of accepting ultimate responsibility for our emotional suffering over time we acknowledge we have built or sustained a relatively oppressive and abusive emotional framework. (Virgo is all about accepting our share of the responsibility). Under this full Moon there is a massive build up of Pisces energy (seven planetary placements in Pisces). This is the cosmic equivalent of a Tsunami. Under this kind of force and pressure it’s hard for old frameworks and systems to survive.

The planet aligned with Zosma is the full Moon at 11 degrees of Virgo. She wants to reveal to you the extent of your suffering and the extent to which you’ve cooperated in victimizing yourself. We’re under lots of pressure to bring to a close, fairly quickly now, an old, painfully constrained way of being.

Chiron (the wounded healer) is currently transiting through the final degrees of Pisces. By the end of April we need to come to terms with – to heal and integrate – whatever was set in motion in the fall of 2010. Underlying fear and resistance is an overwhelming flood of love. Under this full Moon the dam that’s held that back for over seven years (and probably longer) is undergoing rapid deterioration.

There is no better integrating force than Virgo. She is making it safer than it might otherwise be for us to allow and facilitate the collapse of an old internal order. When she’s not being a victim, Virgo is exceptionally skilled at creating order out of chaos. In this regard there is no other sign as capable.

Virgo is known for expertly organizing and integrating massive amounts of new information and all the various “disjointed” moving parts. Her job is to choose the most efficient methods possible, to heal and improve, to focus and direct. Her mind functions as the central processor. Under her leadership all of the forces impinging on any specific moment in time are unified and focused in a specific direction.

With massive internal displacement and undermining influences, what could easily turn into a destabilizing identity crisis is magically avoided. Questions of who am I now that the my old framework is gone (or on very shaky ground) is expertly, and somewhat effortlessly reorganized under the dominant Virgo/Pisces influence.

Potentially destabilizing shifts that opened the door to fundamental change under the February 15th Aquarian Solar eclipse are now being brought under control and channeled in more useful directions.

Virgo “projects” usually start with a massive clean-up operation. Under lunar time tables those last for about two weeks. At the end of two weeks Virgo knows where she stands and what she has to work with – and a new, cleaner beginning takes hold.

The Sabian symbol for the light reflected by this full Moon – “On a misty evening, a man approaches the door of an occult lodge. He gives the doorman the password and slips inside.”

This symbol speaks to inside information; knowing which information to expose and what to keep secret; prying or spying; occult studies; being admitted to a group only after learning the lingo, bywords, and basic beliefs; issues of trust amongst family, friends, and business; conflicts of loyalty and the need to be clear about your hierarchy of loyalties.

Jean Auel’s writing (and her Saturn) have a special affinity with this Virgo full Moon.

“And their memory made them extraordinary. In them, the unconscious knowledge of ancestral behavior called instinct had evolved. Stored in the back of their large brains were not just their own memories, but the memories of their forebears. They could recall knowledge learned by their ancestors and, under special circumstances, they could go a step beyond. They could recall their racial memory, their own evolution. And when they reached back far enough, they could merge that memory that was identical for all and join their minds, telepathically.”
– Jean M. Auel, The Clan of the Cave Bear

(Under full Moon’s I like to read my horoscope for my Moon sign as well as the Sun and Ascendent).

Thanks for reading and have a “groundbreakingly” wonderful week.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, your chart ruler, currently transiting through the sign of Sagittarius, cannot tolerate confinement. He is the one largely responsible for triggering a cascade of invisible (and visible) events that set you free. It is likely your life will change in the direction of something more adventurous, independent, and overwhelmingly loving, from here on out. What used to trip you up has a good chance of evaporating under this full Moon – unless you resist. Massive change is occurring deep within the recesses of your mind and heart. It’s magic – and it’s powerful – and it’s about time. Gradually the internal pillars that supported and upheld something fearful and confining came under question in 2010. The beginning of the end of your old game was essentially set in motion then. It was all over but the “cryin” as they say – and there’s probably been plenty of that since then. But there’s not much left to keep you in “victim land” or under lock and key. It’s time to build something new on a foundation that will support a vibrantly healthy, fully engaged life. As always Aries seems to have a head start.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
After years of feeling victimized by an internal framework that supported the assumption that you would have to sacrifice your most cherished dreams (if you even bothered to envision those) you’ve reached the end of a long road. In 2010 you were put on notice that your old way of life would not survive. But there was a lot to unpack and earth energy is slow and heavy. It takes longer on this planet for change to happen. But it did and under this full Moon it seems the final legs supporting any shaky remnants of the past are being kicked out from under you. It’s time to move on. You can dare to dream and envision, and set in place a life that is a creation of something that will endure long after you’re gone. A timelessness that you crave – or the symbol of something timeless – is now possible for you to manifest. Your new direction will facilitate this. The challenge for you is to take the opportunity to heal from an old abusive situation and to vow to never again accept circumstances that do not authentically represent your true worth and potential.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury, your chart ruler, is moving in the direction of easily accessing something more deeply sourced and previously hidden. Old beliefs about the nature of your responsibilities and the way you execute those is changed by the craving for or recognition of something more authentic, harmonious, and loving. In light of new information, a tsunami of invisible support and love, and an old responsibility or commitment that feels to be losing steam, a kinder approach to yourself and the way you achieve your goals is now possible. A life direction change is possible if you recognize you’ve come to the end of the road in some essential way. Freeing up money may be the issue that sets you free to choose a more inspired option. Underlying and accompanying that may be personal decisions that reflect an accurate appraisal of your personal worth and value. You may be paying too much for something that was once worth it but now – in light of significant growth, and a change in values and priorities – no longer is. The question is how will you honor the progression and advancement of your values and integrate them into the new beginning that is right around the corner?

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
A change in your style and approach to life, how you go after what you most desire, and how you initiate and introduce yourself to the world in some new role or capacity is influenced by the end of an old way of seeing the world. A change in the nature of your approach to your immediate environment, and a fundamental change in an entrenched mindset may be ongoing. What you convey, how practically useful your information is, what you know, and what you need to learn, may be reaching an end point.. This affects the nature of your future, how you approach it, and how it will be different from your past. It seems you may have been victimized by your attempts to ensure and secure your future. The way this manifests may be through a tendency to over compromise and essentially trash the quality of your present existence for the sake of your imagined future. But something has ended in this regard. A love-infused reversal takes place where your life becomes a testimony to the value of your immediate environment – particularly as it contributes to the health and wellbeing and overall beauty of your life and the lives of those you serve. Your entire approach is overhauled and what you contribute is invaluable. Your future seems set up for something less self-sacrificing and more artistically significant.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Rather than burn out, exhaustion, weakness, or powerlessness, it seems what’s come over you is a sense of relaxation and the feeling of being more comfortable in your own skin. This is all very promising. Decisions you make from a internal state of harmony, love, and self-acceptance are naturally better ones. Others may notice the change in you – from something tense and fearful, (and maybe a little desperate) to something more inspired and integrated. You can trust yourself and there is no substitute for that. The full Moon may represent the end of a old need to prove your worth and value to the world, an old, inherited approach to money and long term survival, and an old assumption about financial partnerships and fear. The power you wield now is the power to heal through the influence of your more fully integrated, calmer self. Where this is most obvious and maybe dramatic is within the realm of marriage and committed partnerships. Essentially you give a partner more room to settle in and relax as they sense the new comfort you feel within yourself. But they may resist. The old, hyper, fearful “you” may feel more familiar and weirdly comfortable. Be patient and give it some time. Others are undergoing massive change as well. The dust will most likely settle into something that’s more meaningful, purposeful, and respectful than anything you’ve experienced in the past.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Your commitment to a perfectly controlled presentation of yourself misses the point. You’ve already done that and now there is an opportunity to actually forge a connection. But you can’t do it by taking too much responsibility for outcomes, by efficiently problem solving everything, by tip-toeing, sanitizing what you say, and being what you think others want you to be. The full Moon indicates you’ve come to the end of the road within your current relationship role. Possibly it’s not as satisfying as it could be. Maybe its easier to flip into “automatic and robotic” when what’s required is something more risky and emotionally revealing. Jupiter is forming a harmonious trine with Venus in your 7th house of committed relationships. There is an opportunity to move to the next deeper level where vulnerability saves you – and the other, and the relationship. There is the possibility that you are willing and able but your partner is not. Or that you do not have a partner. In that case a deeper level of engagement with others and with life itself is the recommendation. If trust has been destroyed and all signs point in the direction that a transformation is not possible, it’s time to end the commitment. When people show you who they are it’s wise to believe them. (I think Maya Angelou said that).

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Venus, your chart ruler, and Jupiter the other greater benefic of the Zodiac, align in a beautiful harmonious trine under this full Virgo Moon. Blockages and resistance are removed as long as you’re willing to risk telling the truth or hearing it. Mars in Sagittarius in your 3rd house of communication challenges Mercury to stop pretending that you don’t need to hear what you don’t want to hear. You do. Willingness would represent a breakthrough for you. You may have taken a tendency to evade and avoid problems in favor of aligning with wishful thinking (or a less realistic version of reality) – as far as it can go. Ask the question your afraid to ask and hear the answer you’re afraid to hear. It will free you of a self-defeating tendency to remain remote and emotionally detached from those who crave a real relationship with you. This is not a good time to feel unloved and alone. Not that there’s ever a good time for that, but it just seems especially unnecessary and painful now. You are flawed, others are flawed, and the world is flawed. You can deal with that. Now is a good time to prove that to yourself and to heal so you have a chance at connecting on deeper levels. It appears this is a ancestral problem you may be tasked with ending.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Under this full Moon, Mars, your chart ruler, desires freedom and adventure and more space. He harshly aligns with Mercury who’s doing his wishful thinking thing, connecting with mysterious realms, pretending things are not as they seem, or wishing things were not as they seem. It’s possible Mars is frustrated and angered by Mercury’s insistence on staying confused, indecisive, and in never-never land. A treasured personal dream may have been taken as far as it can go along its current trajectory. Now may be a time for action – a time to release yourself from the bondage of wishful thinking, non-commitment, and a form of fear that undermines your ability to love without limits and reservations. It seems your sense of self worth may be suffering under the weight or weightlessness of something elusive and victim-like. A personal healing initiative started back in 2010 has about run its course. It’s time to wrap it up and to make plans for moving on. A willingness to grow up (I hope that doesn’t sound offensive) frees you to channel your energy in an artistic, magical, imaginative direction. It seems you are abundantly gifted in that regard and the world is in desperate need of what you could create.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius is under the influence of Jupiter in a big, boundless way. In your 12th house of infinite expansiveness, forgotten memories, ancestral connections, and those who loved you and always will – you are being encouraged to explore. Rendering yourself receptive to the contents of the 12th house requires a willingness to alter your state of consciousness. Its the price of entry. The rules of engagement in the 12th house are different from everyplace else. Deep breathing and some protected alone time might unlock the doors of the subconscious mind. Subconscious information is information you need. It gives you your roadmap for the future. The possibilities are endless. Among the most valuable is the experience of feeling your soul take charge of your life. The ego steps backs as you get in touch with the wisest wisdom there is from the wisest sources that exist within you. For the next couple days Jupiter is beautifully aligned in a supportive trine with Venus in Pisces. It is likely that if you choose this adventure you will be overwhelmed by the knowledge of how deeply loved and supportive you actually are every minute, of everyday of your life. The knowledge changes everything. But its always been this way and always will be.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
These days nothing is nailed down or fully committed. Reality is unpredictable and not what it seems – and Capricorn, who depends on a realistic presentation of what is, can be especially disadvantaged by this. It’s hard to know where you stand at the moment but I see a healing opportunity. Saturn aligns with Nessus in a favorable sextile aspect. Being victimized by undependable, unpredictable, undisciplined types and the painful losses they were able to inflict on you has left its mark. It was abusive. But you can erase that now. Use your current circumstances to mindfully and deliberately go with the flow and remain flexible. Discipline yourself to expect the unexpected and to assume you’re not getting the straight story or a commitment you can count on. Spend some time remembering how you used to fall victim to these kinds of people and circumstances when you were less experienced and less flexible. This feels like a test and an opportunity to up your game, to achieve something your haven’t been able to achieve in the past, and to never again be haunted by the notion that you can’t adjust or that you must be surrounded by predictable, dependable, “easy to read” people to succeed. You don’t. It’s easier that way but Capricorn rarely chooses easy. Under this full Moon a fear that’s been with you for a long time dissolves.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius is in the process of letting go of an old approach to life that was limiting and increasingly isolating. A breakthrough into some timeless, loving, powerful realm may be achieved this week. Or maybe it’s about to be achieved over the next couple weeks. Cleaning out your closet, purging yourself of the stuff that no longer reflects who you are, and giving away the things that no longer hold meaning for you triggers a process that moves you into a realm of greater receptivity. Altering your consciousness through breathing or through any of your own techniques moves you into a deeply powerful space where old, limiting, psychological conditioning can be released. It seems you have taken your own magical powers as far as they can go without some change in methods or access to deeper sources of support and love. It seems you may be ready for a soul driven existence that depends on access to previously hidden information. You may need to learn new skills or improve your own by connecting with those who know more and have traveled this path before you. You’re ready to explore the space that the Feb.15th Aquarian eclipse and subsequent energetic shift created. Journaling about the experiences and entities you encounter seems important.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
For Pisces this full Moon seems to be all about relationships – most importantly the one you have with yourself – that is of course reflected in the nature of the relationships you have with others. A significant change is implied. Jupiter in your 9th house of the future and foreign places encourages you to move yourself into the midst of an experience that requires a full engagement with the parts of yourself that have lain dormant for a while. Along the course of a predictable life we shift into automatic. It seems the universe is requesting something different of you,. From that standpoint any change that moves you into unfamiliar realms seems positive. It seems you have taken the relationship you have with yourself as far as it can go before you start repeating yourself. That is an option but it’s a deadening one. You don’t need to learn lessons you’ve already learned, or to seem surprised when others who have shown themselves to be who they are turn out to be just that. You need more space, more time, a deeper connection with yourself, and others. You need to move in the direction of accepting responsibilities that move you into a playful, artistically creative space. You need to experiment and to discover something new about yourself.

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