Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes

This was going to be a Scorpio New Moon interpretation AND Horoscopes but the sheer Scorpio-ness of it all is demanding a level of honesty I can’t quite tap into yet. Usually I get more aligned with the message of a New or Full Moon event as it draws near. Hopefully I’ll be sending something that feels right over the next couple days.

For now I’ll focus on horoscopes and give you a brief overview of this week’s cosmic influences.

In general we’re preparing for a significant energetic shift in the direction of realism about a month from now.

Next Wednesday Neptune is turning direct after being in retrograde motion since mid June. A dissolution process that penetrated and unraveled at progressively deeper levels of consciousness reaches is about to reach a culmination. There is the suggestion that what needed to be washed away has been clearing the way for a new kind of order to emerge..

You might have the subtle feeling that you’ve been freed from a longstanding, deeply embedded limitation – or you’re just on the verge of it. The full personal/global impact of what’s taken place over the past five months is yet to be revealed.

Next Tuesday the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius and we identify with freer, more expansive, foreign, philosophical, and cultural experiences. You may plug into higher education opportunities and a form of communication that expands your influence. I think of Sun in Sag as the cosmic go-ahead for the initiation of the Holiday Season.

On Saturday there’s a New Moon in Scorpio. You’ll be hearing more from me on that. Among other things it triggers the August eclipse placement of Jupiter at 27 degrees of Scorpio. Freedom is a major theme accompanied by the continued exposure of dark and twisted relationship maneuvers that have just about run out of steam.

Something especially threatening undermines fundamental justice and fairness. A chance to deep clean and transform the nature of our relationships emerges but of course it’s resisted by “snakes in the grass” who benefit from structures that support abuse.

Rampant exposure of what lies beneath is the only thing that’s actually new here. The ugly, inhumane themes are the same as they’ve always been. The good news is that its going to be harder for them to thrive in the light of day.

I see the new Moon Chart emphasizing a personal rebellion against something significant – a way of life maybe.

Thanks for reading and for patiently waiting for my New Moon insight to kick in. There’s still time. 🙂


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
You are in the midst of an especially intense emotional unraveling and reorganization designed to set you free to live the kind of life you want to live. More to the point the potential is there to set you free to experience the kind of satisfaction you crave within the realm of relationships. You may be pressured in a direction you’d rather not go. Something “out of the blue” may have changed things for you. Commitments and your future success may may bring you up against the limits of your ability to cope. Setting yourself free is a challenge that involves firm control over self-destructive impulses. A major life adjustment may be in order. The healing potential involved in a current dilemma (or point of focus) is extraordinary. You’re attempting to navigate the most powerful vehicle imaginable through some very challenging terrain. Ask for help if you need it. Even if you feel you don’t need it consider that you might.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The intensity this week is coming from another, or from your relationship with another. In the deepest recesses of your mind and heart there is an element of uncertainty or unpredictability that emerges in the form of anxiety or desperation. How things will unfold in your life is anybody’s guess. You may hold the belief that if you can just heal (or control) a relationship then things will be fine. But it’s your relationship with yourself that’s pivotal. It may be time to believe and to prove to yourself that you can survive and thrive whatever life throws your way. If you’re not being as effective as you want to be or if your health is less than optimal spend some time in meditation befriending the cosmic influence that will enable a break from past patterns of personal neglect or compulsive niceness. It’s possible you may need to express anger over the amount of responsibility you currently shoulder within relationships.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
At the moment an intense focus is centered in your 6th house of your work life, health, and desire for continual improvement. It’s connected to some action that reflects bold moves within the realm of creating a supportive environment for yourself and others. Surrounding yourself with the like-minded and the brilliant for the purpose of advancing your goals and enhancing your ability to succeed defines the opportunities currently presenting themselves. There is the suggestion that you’re on the verge (or you need to be) of breaking some old patterns related to imbalanced give and take process. Sometimes your too nice. Sometimes your too pushy and inflexible. Sometimes you move to extremes that can exhaust you. There’s a brilliance and a leadership style you exhibit when it comes to working with groups that could benefit from energy you might be wasting. Maybe you could ask for feedback in this regard. Groups need to feel you as a source of calm, balanced, inner assurance. Both your personal and professional life would benefit from some heightened awareness in this regard.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
A sense of intensity has accumulated in your 5th house of sexual playfulness, love, creative action, and childlike joy. Maybe your moving into the deepest recesses of your being and discovering what it is you truly desire. For you it seems to be infusing into the world some great work that brings into balance what was previously haphazard, misaligned, or falling short of its beautiful true potential. Actions most needed now involve the creation of a personal foundation to support some “great work.” Freeing your passion and moving in the right direction for you involves cleaning up the past and balancing the scales within the realm of relationships. Family relationships need to be placed in their proper perspective. Life adjustments may need to be made. A move may be in your future. Old, limiting patterns related to success, your professional life and especially financial partnerships (imbalances of power) are becoming ripe for extinction. Don’t hold on. Let them go. This is a great opportunity for you to set yourself free to succeed in your own right.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Most of the intensity in your life centers around home, family, roots, protecting and preserving – or letting go of – the past. The foundations of your life may be in flux and in need of some kind of transformation. A level of uncertainty involving the future of relationships requires that you make adjustments. Most important is the need to break old patterns related to fear (fear of abandonment) and fear of the future. There may be a “high tension wire” feeling or blatant fear you bring to relationships that complicate and distorts its nature. Ditto when it comes to your attitude toward the future. The universe is making it easier than usual to break fearful patterns. Embracing the unknown and a more exciting future may serve you and your relationships well. To the extent you can relax and trust you move into a charmed phase where almost everything you touch turns to gold. If you’re involved in a competitive situation chances are you’ll win. Your lovability, as always, works in your favor.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
The intensity has accumulated in your 3rd house of communication. There is something that needs to be transformed within the realm of communication. Speaking or listening better, being honest even when it’s difficult to be, and letting go of an old belief that keeps you from being as mentally flexible and effective as you might otherwise be is important. A new appreciation for the talent you possess to beautify and soothe whatever attracts your attention emerges. It may be time to resurrect artistic talents that have lane dormant for awhile. Mainly its time to re-assess the value of you. Old patterns now ripe for transformation involve fear and lack of trust especially in relationships where you don’t have the upper hand. Avoidance of the kind of intimacy that could re-invigorate your passion for life needs to be sidelined in some way. A more sensitive “tuning in” to the small voice within realigns you with yourself. Meditation and quiet time acquaints you with the joy and satisfaction that comes from simply being you. Less is more.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
This week there is some encouragement to solidify your foundation by cultivating a level of trust you may not have previously known. Sexual intimacy and intimacy in general may provide the foundation you need to transform yourself into a the kind of person who fully understands his true worth and value and approaches the world in ways that reflect that. Transformations within the most highly sensitive and private areas of your life may have the effect of stabilizing your financial situation, increasing your income, or clarifying your values and priorities. Your power may lie in in your ability to accurately assess the value of anything you come across including past painful experiences. Putting those into perspective, appreciating them, and moving on, empowers you to make a greater impact on those you seek to influence. It’s time to identify an old relationship pattern that doesn’t serve you or others well and break it. The universe is making that relatively easy under the impending new Moon.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
An intensity is accumulating within the realm of relationships – the relationship you have with the world, with another, and with yourself, may be undergoing profound change. Your relationship to your style and appearance may also be changing. The relationship you have with yourself is most determinative of the your ability to get what you want from life. Some action is required that can positively influence deeper, traditionally inaccessible, realms of your being. Something hidden within the deepest recesses of your mind has made relationships difficult. A cruel statement in the past from someone you adored, heavy handed control over your thoughts and speech, dishonesty, betrayal, and the elimination of your power to control your life, may be among the possibilities you might consider. In the interest of balance it pays to know your mind is exceptionally acute and sensitive to the kinds of things most of us miss. Writing may be a way of knowing yourself better. Safely altered states of consciousness may clarify something life changing. This new Moon it will make it easier to break old patterns that might wreck havoc with your health. You have something brutally honest or shockingly clarifying to say to the world. It’s healing potential is immense.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
For you intensity and healing potential has accumulated in your 12th house of hidden, difficult to access, memories. Memories, unhealed wounds, old traumas, failures, and loss determine the state of your health. To the extent you can bring to the surface some of this pain, it loses its power. The actions you might take involve summoning support and assistance from professionals skilled in navigating the underworld – psychics, astrologers, intuitive healers, magicians, shamans, etc. Psychologists and counselors may also be helpful. Your work involves finding the practitioners that are most effective in healing the wounds that distort and limit love. Patterns of pride and arrogance may lock you into a way of asserting yourself that feels it knows best. If you’ve been less than honest with those who are trying to assist you consider being more forthcoming and more vulnerable. Under this new Moon there’s a good chance you’ll access what you need to finally break the repeating patterns that render your love life conflicted, cold, and disappointing.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may be in the process of dong the kind of work she was born to do. An intense build up of planets in your 11th house may have you working in some very meaningful and rewarding way with a community or the public. You may be the leader who gives voice to an ideal or a cause that transcends your own interests. If you’re not currently involved in this kind of work you may soon have the opportunity to be. Consider jumping in. There is some magical process that empowers you when you move onto a track that’s aligned with your most natural way of being. Information your need magically appears at just the right time. The words you choose and your sense of timing seems to resonate with the public in uncanny ways. Your karma is intricately connected to the causes you choose and the people you influence. You’re one with people your inspiring. When your motivation is pure the universe responds in the most positive ways imaginable. I wouldn’t bet against you no matter how powerful the opposition you face. At this moment in time you’re most likely (or soon will be) operating under a charmed influence.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
At the moment you may be feeling the need to let go of something that’s been an integral part of who you are for the past 19-20 years. Something is failing within you at the moment. At the same time something is inspiring you to consider a radical change. Uranus and pallas are aligned in ways that break old patterns and routines opening you to something more expansive and interesting. A transformation of your status in the world may be in process. Your work involves fueling your strongest desire – a desire that may have lived within you from a young age. In the words of Steven Forrest your work now involves “…melting into it (what you desire), allowing it to surface, savoring it, feeling it, and exploring it in your imagination…” This feminine process cements your ability to know for sure that what you want is what you want… and that it’s truly worth everything you’ll have to go through to make it happen. Don’t worry yet about how you’ll actually achieve it. The time for that is coming.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
You may sense the need to expand your life in some significant way, and that what’s reasonably satisfying to you at the moment won’t be for much longer. Planning for the future may have taken on a new level of intensity. You may be in the process of imagining it into being. But there is some concrete work that needs to be done as well. It may involve the nature of your relationships, especially the financial partnership aspect of relationships. Insisting on something just and fair may be part of the picture. At the same time you may be very aware of your own responsibilities to contribute in more substantial ways. This is where the universe may be stepping in to help. Uranus is attempting to break up an old pattern that has something to do with devaluing yourself, your contribution, or what you’re actually worth. You may need to charge more for what you do, highlighting the quality of your work, and how rare it actually is to find someone who is as hard working and conscientious as you are about the quality of what you do. You’re worth more. But you have to allow whatever has made you believe that you’re not for so long unravel.

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