Virgo New Moon Sep. 19th/20th

(ancient middle-eastern glass mosaic art)


The feel of this first “post solar eclipse” new Moon is one of slowing the pace, coming back down to earth, and critically evaluating new possibilities after a wild ride. Planetary placements – many in the fixed sign of Leo at the time of the August eclipse – have one by one transited into humble, earthy sign of Virgo.

About three hours before the culmination of this new Moon Venus becomes the last of the personal planets to join an extraordinary stellium. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars (every personal planet) will then be placed in the sign of Virgo. This is considered an extraordinary astrological event.

It’s hard to find similarities between Leo and Virgo. Leo is proud, dramatic, and at home on center stage. Not particularly self-aware the Lion relies on charm and can overestimate his importance.

Virgo prefers to play a supportive, problem-solving, behind the scenes role. She’s hard working, keenly aware of her imperfections, and tends to underestimate her importance. The two signs are night and day. The current transition from the high energy, drama-filled world of Leo into the more analytical, self-disciplined realm of Virgo can be a tough one. But it’s time.

Maybe you overplayed your hand during the eclipse and will now experience a spectacular (or worse, barley noticed) fall from grace. Maybe you assumed that you’d be “in demand” forever and discovering that might not be the case. Maybe you got used to being popular and took your fans for granted. Maybe you were too self-involved to notice that your competition was running circles around you or that you were offending those you needed. Maybe you were too preoccupied with your own wonderfulness, too caught up in pace of events, too insistent on the limelight, or being a one-man-show, to cultivate the relationships and respect you now need.

On the bright side maybe you were just profoundly grateful, warm-hearted, and extraordinarily generous under the Lion’s influence.

What was activated during the Solar eclipse was a glimpse your full potential, new possibilities, a recognition of what you actually love most, and the nature of the service only you can provide. Your existence may have taken on a more purposeful tone as you began to grasp the profound significance of your life. It can feel humbling.

The move into Virgo’s world implies the need to reframe old problems as you carefully examine the nature and source of old assumptions. You may need to discriminate between what feels timeless and what feels outdated. You may need to eliminate personal bias.

The rubber hits the road in Virgo. The time has come and tough decisions may need to be made, complicated “details” addressed, and an awareness that delay is counter-productive.

An important message of the solar eclipse was that it’s later than you think. You don’t have forever to do what you know you can do. It’s a choice to miss the boat – to wait too long, to take a pass on the energy of the moment, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that continue to emerge.

This new Virgo Moon at 27 degrees of Virgo inconjuncts Uranus. Inconjuncts are routinely described as the need for major adjustments between planets who don’t see eye to eye. It’s hard to imagine two placements more at odds with each other than this humbly grounded Virgo Moon and the wildly unpredictable force that is courageously rebellious Uranus.

Bernadette Brady defines an inconjunct as the need to move into a new situation, to change, release, separate, or let go. “The inconjunct walks on stage and stops the play, changes the plot, or moves everyone to a new theatre.” An in- conjuncts impels you to move you into a new situation whether or not you’re ready. Sometimes it feels very stressful. Sometimes it’s pure joy. Sometimes it’s both.

In this case, because the Moon is involved – and because Mercury, the ruler of this new Moon, is opposing Neptune – change, release, a move, or separation, most likely feels scary and a little (or a lot) unsettling. Neptune symbolizes the vague suspicion that something is missing, – a key piece of information, a necessary skill, maybe some reassurance, something to fall back on, or the feeling that you’re just not fully prepared.

But Neptune is also magical – a dream come true, a synchronous event, the hand of fate reaching down into your life to provide you with something you’ve always wanted but assumed you’d never have. It may be hard to trust that what appears to be an unexpected gift is anything of real substance. That suspicion may be a convenient excuse to avoid developing a greater sense of mastery over your fears.

A leap of faith (Saturn in Sagittarius) will most likely be required to rearrange your life in ways that free you to fall in love with the miracle that is your life.

Virgo’s downfall is the lure of a highly efficient system. Virgo can feel successful when she assists in creating a fine-tuned machine – when she becomes a fine tuned machine – regardless of the destructive pressure it puts on her soul. Virgo can be willfully ignorant of soul-less outcomes as long as the process proceeds without a hitch. When there’s no time wasted, no energy wasted, no disruption, and no break in the seamless flow, Virgo might assume all is well.

Now is a time when we need to take a deeper, more discriminating look – when the big picture needs to be clarified, when the truth needs to be told about the evil or corrupt nature of the system itself, regardless of its tendency to operate smoothly.

A personal observation is that the best writers and communicators seem to have prominent Virgo placements.

Muckraker, and Pulitzer Prize winner Upton Sinclair was born with his Sun in the sign of Virgo at 27 degrees – the exact degree of this new moon. He was a rebel and a discriminating thinker. His writing exposed corrupt systems that fostered wide spread soul-sickness and a disheartened approach to life.

his most famous book “The Jungle” exposed animal abuse, slave-like labor practices, and unsanitary conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry. The book caused a public uproar that contributed to the passage of the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act.

If you’re done exposing and destroying a corrupted system in your own life, it may be time to move into the public realm – to expose what’s broadly destructive to the human spirit. Virgo has a nose for hidden corruption. She is the investigative journalist. If you’ve discovered this talent within yourself you have tremendous power to reinvigorate the human soul. Time to get started.

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