Horoscopes for the Week of 9/27 – 10/3

(Mosaic Artists – Jeanne Offgenhaffen)

On Thursday, Sep 28th, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries oppose each other exactly for the third and final time. Dec 26th, 2016 and March 2nd, 2017 were the two previous dates this consequential exact opposition occurred.

Oppositions imply the nature of relationships – two opposing forces that have the potential to clash initially. But the conflict is a challenge that must be resolved and ultimately brought into balance – one energy enhancing the other rather than blocking it.

Libra can compromise too much and Aries too little. Libra attracts what she needs through charm and an obvious willingness to cooperate. Aries gets what he desires by fighting for it, charging independently into any situation, forcing his will on the world, and impulsively allowing his primitive instincts to lead the way. Libra wants to be fair. Aries wants to win. Libra avoids conflict. Aries stirs it up. Libra thinks. Aries acts.

Since Dec 26, 2016 we’ve felt the tension between the two. The struggle is basically a private one – resolving and bringing into balance these conflicting energies that exist within ourselves. That resolution (or lack of it) is reflected in the nature of the relationships we currently experience.

Raw Aries energy has little regard for our need for balance, beauty, and soothing thoughtfulness. Raw Libra energy doesn’t have the stomach for the courageous action that manifest the balance she craves. Finding ways to integrate both is the goal.

When we’re successful equal give and take feels easy. Taking assertive action when we must feels right. Creating win/wins whenever possible becomes our standard M.O. Fighting for the kind of justice that moves us toward peaceful co-existence is not resisted.

Still, as Jupiter moves on, I’m somewhat concerned about an unopposed Uranus in Aries – Uranus no longer restrained by the Jupiter counterweight. Maybe Uranus in Aries has evolved to the point of no longer needing a counterweight. If we’ve done the required inner work what’s reflected back should be something rational and balanced. If not we may be in for a wild ride.

On Thursday Pluto turns direct after a five month long stint in retrograde motion. Since April 20th of this year it’s likely we’ve been engaged in an intense inner struggle. The struggle may have involved letting go of wishful thinking, old patterns of not believing what our eyes could see and our instincts were registering, while evading personal responsibility. With great difficulty we may have come to acknowledge something painful and maybe taken courageous action to revitalize a sense of self-respect.

Now, as Pluto turns direct, we “take our show on the road.” A fortified sense of personal integrity becomes apparent for all to see. Others may need to adjust to our more integrated sense of self.

If we’ve allowed revenge and vindictiveness to fester over the past five months, we may begin to see the results in the form of something massively dark and dangerous.

On Friday Mercury moves into the sign of Libra. Discussions center around what’s most effective and what’s fair in love and war.

By the weekend, Venus opposes Neptune. Neglect may be an issue. An unreal element within the realm of relationships may need to be dealt with. A sense that something is not as it seems, a partner who evades responsibility, or a partnership that seems insubstantial may need to be acknowledged. Love and peace may be undermined by something insidious, hidden, or foolishly dismissed. The better possibilities include demonstrations of universal love, compassion, a belief in interconnectedness, and demonstrations of the healing power of love.

As the week progresses we move with progressive intensity under the influence of the Oct. 5th Aries Full Moon. The Sabian Symbol for that Moon implies that we’re approaching a pivotal point in history – our own history and the history of the world. Holding things together vs. allowing them to fall apart – or facing a bad situation squarely to identify where one might effectively intervene – may be the nature of an impending challenge. The culmination of a significant conflict may be reached. After October 5th the energy that sustained it may begin to wane.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries appears to be on the cusp of some major accomplishment within the realm of self-mastery. This could have major implications for the nature of all your relationships going forward. If all’s gone well you may be starting to feel a fortified sense of self-respect, competence, and integrity. Some fear may remain but essentially you’re preparing to stand on your own two feet operating in new ways within the realm of relationships. Your ability to assume the role of a co-equal partner is being strengthened. You may now (or very soon) be able to insist on fairness and refuse to back down. You may be able to say what you think and refuse to be ignored. You may have confidence in your ability to be effective. You may be in the process of knowing for sure that you are fully competent and deserve to have your input not only considered but acted upon. You’re in the process of completing yourself and you’re on the home stretch. Over the next few weeks you’ll attract the challenge you need to once and for all prove yourself to yourself.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
An old internal or external environment that was never very conducive to the ability of love to survive and thrive in is dissolving. An old factor that undermined your ability to construct a life of maximum joy, beauty, and pleasure has been – or is in the process of being – removed. An old wound is almost healed. A fortified sense of self-worth and new insights in love may be emerging. A new enthusiasm for life may be on the cusp of catching on. Artistic ideas may begin to flow. Projects you love (or anything you love) may be infused with new energy. Within the realm of relationships this is an opportunity to leave the past behind. You may take action to change an existing relationship. But what really matters is what’s going on inside. Can you accept the fact that what was once impossible for you no longer is? Can you adjust to the fact that your most beautiful vision for the future is now within reach? Can you feel yourself worthy of something more than you’ve always insisted was enough? No need to play it small anymore. The restraints are gone. Time to adjust.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Since July 25th your foundation, your routine, mindset, and mental processing has undergone some significant change. A new environment may have contributed to your ability to clarify what needed to be clarified. By the weekend new insights within the realm of love may unfold. New ideas for projects, a more loving and relaxed relationship with a child (or the child within) may emerge, along with new ways to infuse your life with joy. A wound may be healed that previously obscured your way forward or maybe your true role within the bigger scheme. An old conflict may be resolving. A left over challenge with regard to the future of your relationships must be concluded this week. Soon you will need to focus on gaining mastery over your passions in ways that greatly enhance your personal power. Opportunities to advance into more powerful positions within your chosen field of service will flow in your direction for the next year. Mastering your craft, honing your skills, and integrating your instincts more fully into your work will require more of your time.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
As the full Moon effect intensifies conflicts within the realm of relationships may peak and then begin to wane. A delicate balance involving determination and follow through – as well as cooperation, finesse, and a softer projection of acquiescence – may be required. Your security may seem to be at stake – or you may just imagine that it is. A passion for beauty within your home, craving more love, and/or the ability to keep your “inner fire” stoked may enter into the mix and clarify decisions. Still the need to face some harsh reality regarding your responsibility for the quality of your future cannot be avoided. Actually it can, but that looks to be an ominous choice. An old wound that distorted your sense of competence and ability to problem solve is being healed. It’s time to acknowledge how resourceful and talented you actually are. It’s time to leave a sense of powerlessness behind. You can be thoughtful and sensitive while at the same time steeling yourself to do what needs to be done.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You may feel a conflict intensifying. Something affecting your home and family is about to enter into a new, more focused and consequential phase. You may be required to dig deep to find the power to rebuild what has been broken, corrupted, or destroyed. An ability to change hearts and minds may be necessary. An ability to hear what you’ve previously resisted may be required. A change in beliefs about the future and what is possible may need to be cultivated. Your fight to save your inheritance or some irreplaceable relationships to the past may change you profoundly. This looks to be a very pivotal turning point that goes way beyond winning or overpowering the opposition. A release of an old way of relating to yourself and others may be triggered. A change in your entire approach to the life may be activated as well. Thankfully your vision for your future may finally be able to take on a less restricted, more adventurous tone. It’s time for something more risky and worthy of you.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Whatever began at the end of July is about to enter a new, solidifying phase. An idea or clarification hatched at that time needs to be moved along, manifested, acted upon, or otherwise brought to the next level. You’re on the cusp of something more substantial. Financial stability or wealth may enter into the mix. Old conflicts peak at the full Aries Moon, then begin to wane. A decision is made. Still there is a need for caution. Venus, the ruler of your 2nd house of “what you own” is opposed by Neptune. As you negotiate, make sure you’re getting a fair deal – the straight story, the whole story, accurate facts. A bit of sleuthing may be required. Do not rely on others to tell you the truth. They may not have the correct information accidentally or on purpose. On the other hand it may be you who’s being evasive. By Friday there may be some clarification of what you have to work with. Artists (or art) may figure prominently into your life. Your support for them seems unwavering. In some regard this too may need to be taken to the next level.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra may be in the midst of a cleaning, clearing phase. An old approach to relationships may be dissolving along with ideas about communication, problem solving, responsibility, and letting go. Something that used to work may no longer. The impending full Moon in your 7th house at the end of next week sensitizes you to a conflict that exists within. It may be reflected in the nature of current relationships. It is possible to gain new insights into how you balance the the need to aggressively go after what you want while at the same time remaining sensitive to the need to be a soothing, supportive, sensitive partner. Because Mars is currently traveling through the sign of Virgo what you convey through your communication style may now be up for review. Expect some deeper insights this week. Expect your level of mastery regarding “letting go” to be tested. The time is ripe for a break from the past with regard to communication style. The time is right to transform your old style into something new and improved.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio is on the cusp of a once every 12th year expansion of power. Your ability to heal, transform, persuade, and influence in a direction that is most needed – or in the direction you prefer – is about to receive a big cosmic assist. It is possible that you’re in the process of figuring out how to bring something truly magical to the table. It is possible you have figured out some ancient occult secret that gives you new power. It is possible you have let go of something that gives you the freedom to fully expand into your most natural way of being. Mars, your solar chart ruler, currently in the sign of Virgo, implies information that is useful in your quest to be of service. A remedy may be prescribed for what ails the masses. And they may enthusiastically take to it. A culmination of something inspired but elusive introduced into your life in October of 2005 may be taken to the next level. October 11, 2017 marks a new period of expansion where you can expect to be able to gain some real traction and success.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius are on the cusp of a cleaning clearing phase – a phase of simplification and letting go that is preparation for a major foreign or expansive effort – about a year from now. An old approach to life and your future hangs in the balance. You have taken something as far as it can go in the current direction. From Oct 11th onward your mission is clear. If it’s not meaningful, if you don’t need it, get rid of it. That of course includes old fears, old patterns, old emotional attachments, old social involvements, old work habits, etc. This week you may notice that you have a achieved a new level of freedom through balance and some personal act of rebellion. The battle was hard fought and may not be over – but almost. A final act may involve saying what needs to be said – even if that’s just a matter of saying goodbye.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
You may be on a mission, navigating a behind the scenes, possibly nefarious, world of greed and dark motivations. Issues of balance, fairness, beauty, progress, and expansion may be at stake. You may have a fight on your hands. A cold hearted desire to profit and win conflicts with broader goals and perspectives. Progress vs. preservation, personal vs. public benefit, unfettered freedom vs.cooperation, good vs.evil – may be the bottom line. The game may be rigged but the fight is important. It allows you to resurrect talents, skills, and critical pieces of yourself that may have lane dormant or suppressed for years. Regardless of the outcome the fight has the potential to help you re-establish your power. Your entire approach to life is in the process of being reworked. You are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world. More importantly you are becoming a force to be reckoned as you take final control authority over your life.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Creating an environment where love, joy, and comfortable, uninhibited self-expression, is encouraged hasn’t been an easy task – especially since the end of 2014. But an old sense of the powerlessness you may have felt seems to be fading. An acceleration in the direction of something you’ve longed for may be in play. Taking responsibility for old beliefs about the nature of relationships and your “designated” role may have turned the tide. It seems you might feel you actually deserve a level of respect you previously assumed you could live without. From now until mid-December you’re completing a cycle of expansion into foreign territory. Taking responsibility for the kind of role you want to play with lovers and children may enter prominently into the mix. Feeling a greater sense of social responsibility may spur you into a creative cycle where you develop a field of knowledge that could be useful within the healing realm. Letting go of an old approach to the life and love is ongoing. It may not be premature to congratulate yourself for the progress you’ve made so far.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week you may be inclined to present yourself as missing in action, unavailable, sleeping, or resting in some form of self-imposed isolation. Relationships may have taken a toll for the past couple months. A whirlwind of social engagement may have you exhausted and thoroughly spent. This week you may have time to catch your breath and to restore your depleted energy levels. Self care is critical. Taking a break from the need to project an “aura of enlightenment” (as authentic as it is), may be a relief. You must begin to acknowledge your magical powers. Despite your innocence and naivete the cosmos gave you a chance to prove yourself to yourself over the past 8 weeks. You may have a better idea of the magnitude of your full potential within the magical, mysterious, ancient, or occult realms. You’re at the end of a year long healing phase while currently on the cusp of some major expansion into the future – and more proof of the full extent of your power. The world is depending on you to take good care of yourself. Going forward this may require new considerations, more sensitivity, and the ability to say no.

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