Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

(Mosic Art – Mia Tavonotti)

Functionally solar eclipses deliver “shocks to the system” as the energy of the Sun is temporarily blocked by the Moon. During this halt in normal energy flow, “system chaos” and electo-magnetic shifting occurs. A reset is triggered and a re-alignment of energy patterns occur.

The result is a new reality where what was once possible no longer is. And what was once impossible no longer is. And you can’t go back. You’ve walked over the bridge and it collapses behind you.

The upcoming August 21st total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees of Leo, symbolizes “kings and empires” and the struggle of the common man against oppression. In the sky this epic eclipse, whose path races across the middle of the United States, strikes at the heart of Lion in the constellation of Leo – and directly over Regulus, the most important of ancient, royal, Persian, fixed stars.

It’s as though Shakespeare’s Hamlet is about to be performed on every stage in the world – including the one in your own home and within your own heart. The struggle between the oppressed and the oppressor is dramatized and magnified. An important choice is presented.

Most likely decisions revolve around moving out of your “element” and adjusting to something that feels foreign and unfamiliar – or sticking with an emotionally oppressive situation. If you have personal planets in the 27th, 28th, or 29th degree of any sign – or any angle at these degrees, this eclipse may be especially eventful.

I love astrologer Martin Goldsmith’s image of the 28th degree of Leo:

“A Mermaid Finding her Captor Deaf to her Pleas Manages to Crawl through a Small Window and Finds her Way Back to the Ocean”

It feels like a beautiful statement about the resilience of the soul and a heroic commitment to protect it.

If you’re an oppressor the eclipse may bring you face to face with the loss of a “given” – something you assumed would always be there because it always has been. If you practice “the art of revenge” Regulus may orchestrate for you a “spectacular fall from grace.”

If you’re among the “the oppressed” you’ll be sensing that you’re at an important crossroad. Will you make courageous decisions to save yourself? Or will you let your spirit die a slow death to delay what’s essentially inevitable. The clock is ticking and you may be forced to reckon with the passage of time.

Over the next few months a feeling of being “torn in half” may accompany conflicting loyalties and desires. A clarification of your priorities becomes essential.

An emotional addiction may be highlighted and finally acknowledged. The high price you pay for delaying effective treatment or neglecting what needs to be addressed may be part of this sudden clarification.

The good news is that your struggling spirit senses an impending change. You’re on the verge of being reminded of the soul’s amazing resilience and you may see how you can become very supportive of yourself. A Solar eclipse represents re-centering around something very essential.

The courage of the Lion’s heart is triggering your own. Your strength of character is being fortified and may be showing itself to be stronger than you thought. True grit is your ally and he’ll be “paying visits” more often as the eclipse approaches. Seemingly insignificant compromises meant to momentarily “calm the waters” may be seen for the personal betrayals they actually are.

This eclipse is connected to the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse at 18 degrees of Leo. Whatever your response was to the challenges you faced then, you’re capable of more now. This August 2017 solar eclipse is a continuation of the August 1999 eclipse – and a chance to respond at a higher level.

To illustrate the connection between the two eclipses, on August 7th, 1999 – three days before the solar eclipse – the Russian President Boris Yeltsin, fired his entire cabinet for the 4th time. He fired his prime Minister and replaced him with Vladimir Putin, a relative unknown. Yeltsin unofficially decided then that Putin would be his successor – the future “king of the Russian Empire.”

The U.S. was accused then of meddling in that Russian election – the one that installed Boris Yeltsin as President. Evidence was revealed in the Los Angeles Times that Pete Wilson, the former governor of California, and some tech-savvy, marketing allies traveled to Russia and orchestrated Yeltsin’s successful campaign – against the will of the Russian people.

As you probably know issues of Russian hacking that allegedly helped elect Trump to the U.S. Presidency are being investigated. The broader theme is an attack on national sovereignty. (Attacks on personal sovereignty may have been an eclipse theme for you).

The 1999 August solar eclipse and the 2017 August solar eclipse are both members of Saros Series “1 North.” They’re similar because they both spring from a cycle that began on January 4th, 1639.

The nature of the cycle according to Bernadette Brady:

“….unexpected events involving friends or groups place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships. Hasty decisions are risky as information is probably distorted and maybe false. This series has the essence of tiredness or health problems attached to it.”

In the summer of 1999 attacks on personal sovereignty may have put you in a situation of trying to gain control over your life – attempting to steer a run-away situation into safer waters. But it may have resembled “the ungrounded captain of a ship of fools leading others into dangerous waters.” You may have been testing a fantasy to see if it would float. Pride or wishful thinking – or the urge to avoid an especially painful truth – may have distorted information that was being telegraphed. Gaining control over your life may have been the central challenge.

Leo is ruled by the fiery Sun around which everything in our Solar system revolves. The Sun is 400 times as big as the Moon. But the Moon is 400 times closer to the earth than the Sun. So in my book their influence is equal. (I’ve recently taken to saying “I’m a Sagittarian (my moon placement) with an Aquarian Sun.”

During a solar eclipse the Sun’s light and influence is blocked by the Moon. Essentially the Sun is overpowered by the Moon. You could say the feminine (Moon) overpowers the masculine (Sun) throwing a serious challenge in the direction of the status quo.

Solar eclipses empower the feminine and lunar eclipse empower the masculine. It’s the opposite of what would seem logical.

Therein lies the key to the kind of internal (and maybe external) changes that are being inspired by this upcoming solar eclipse. The tables are turning. The soul (the feminine) is stepping forward with a stronger voice in whatever decisions need to be made. The object of attention or admiration shifts. What’s been diminished by “oppressors” in the past “steps forward” with renewed determination and self-respect. Your spirit grows a stronger backbone and even if she feels uncomfortable making demands or refusing to soft-peddle the truth, she does. The stakes are high. The usual winners are thrown off their game, but they remain a force to be reckoned with.

If the oppressor continues to refuse to hear you, you may need to crawl through that small window and find your way back to the ocean.

Just before the solar eclipse, on August 7th, there is a tiny partial lunar eclipse at 15 degrees of Aquarius. Look for some softening and maybe some willingness on the part of someone normally “deaf to your pleas” to hear them. This could be an “inside job” when you’re finally able to hear the pleas of your own soul.

The ancients prepared for Solar Eclipses months, sometimes years, ahead of time. They enacted rituals to protect the king. The quality of their lives depended on him so it was deemed wise to wish him well. Through ritual they connected to fundamental sources of power and believed they could control outcomes if they made efforts to honor and nurture the flow of life and Cosmic signatures.

Preparation seems especially wise with Saturn’s transit through the futuristic sign of Sagittarius. Eclipses force a higher level of awareness – sometimes in ways that are painfully difficult. But that seems unnecessary. There are ways to raise awareness without being clubbed over the head. There are options to co-create with available energies – to acquiesce to inner demands for a more self-respectful way of life.

Eclipses are knownto bring in long-shots. What you thought was unrealistic or out of the realm of possibility could arrive on your doorstep.

What you’re most attached to will be challenged so it’s important to know what that is. Usually it can be clarified by providing honest answers to the following questions: Who do you believe you are; what do you believe you need; where do you believe you should be; and what do you believe you should be doing.

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