Summer Solstice 2017

(Mosaic Art – Suzanne Rippe)

The word Solstice means “sun-standing.” On June 20th at 9:24 PM on the West Coast and very early June 21st (12:24 AM) on the East coast, the Sun (in relation to the earth) “stands still” as it reaches it’s maximum high position in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere – and low position in the Southern Hemisphere. This marks the Summer Solstice – a pivotal turning point. The gradual progression of the Sun northward since December 21, 2016 reaches a culmination point. Beyond this point it can progress no further and must change course.

This perpetual cycle coincides with a personal turning point. Something in your own life may have progressed as far as it can. A change in approach maybe necessary. A difficult decision may need to be made. In its current form, something’s not working. A change in focus, perspective, or behavior may be necessary.

The Winter Solstice occurs every year on December 21st just as the Sun enters the earthy sign of Capricorn. It’s the start of a six month cycle where days become progressively longer and nature thrives under progressively extended periods of sun light. We can see clearly what we previously could not.

The Winter Solstice encourages progressively higher levels of engagement with your outer life – socializing, managing existing conditions, taking on leadership responsibilities, engaging with the public, etc.

The Summer Solstice occurs six months later on June 21st and the opposite phenomenon occurs. Just as the Sun enters the watery sign of Cancer days become progressively shorter and life exists under extending periods of darkness. This naturally coincides with gradual withdrawal and increased focus on your inner life.

It’s time to begin to listen more carefully to what we long for, what we believe about the meaning of experience, the nature of your soul, and how we can more closely align with it. Tuning out the noise allows you to feel your way through darkness. Getting to know yourself better over the next six months prepares you to fully engage with the outer world at progressively higher levels.

I’m using the Summer Solstice natal and Draconic charts to interpret major life themes for the next six months. Natal charts, according to British Astrologer Christeen Skinner, can be thought of as photographs. Heliocentric charts are more like brain scans. And Draconic charts similar to X-rays revealing the nature of what’s hidden and the source of what ails you. Technically a Draconic chart moves the natal North Node to 0 Degrees of Aries and adjusts the planets accordingly.

The above chart shows an outer wheel and an inner one. The outer wheel is the Draconic chart. The compact inner wheel is the natal chart. Intersections of natal and draconic placements and planets are especially significant.

The Natal Cancer Sun sensitizes feelings, turns up the volume on memories, the past, family, roots, home, and longings of the soul. The Moon is especially important because it rules Sun in Cancer. In the natal Solstice chart the Moon resides in the sign of Taurus with beautiful Venus sitting right beside her. The timeless, enduring nature of love, the integrated mind and body, sensual pleasures, good food, and whatever feels solid and deeply nourishing – especially within the realm of relationships – is emphasized.

Pluto in Capricorn aligns harmoniously with the natal Moon, supporting her and encouraging a traditional approach to relationships. Long term commitment and marriage may be complicated issues. A struggle to stabilize a deeply nourishing kind of love may be personally costly.

Identifying the kind of adjustments that need to be made to alleviate a stalemate may be a major theme for the next six months. Adjustments could be simple but more like they’ll be life altering and potentially destabilizing. Efforts to clarify personal beliefs about enduring love, relationship roles, and relationships in general is a critical fist step. Aligning important life decisions with your beliefs and your soul’s longing is a profound step that clarifies where your loyalties lie. 0 degrees of Cancer is associated with loyalties and changing loyalties.

Pushing your soul aside simplifies things in the short term. But Saturn keeps track and makes you pay. The soul’s voice is not difficult to quash or ignore. But you’re essentially lost without her. It’s not hard to lose site of that when Neptune hands you deceptively simple answers to life’s most difficult questions.

What does the Draconic “X-ray” reveal about the main problem and its source? First a few general observations.

The overwhelming influence of the Draconic chart comes from Aquarius and Sagittarius. “Don’t fence me in” is their rallying cry ….along with the urge to promote a humanitarian mission – or any mission – involving kindness. Talking around an issue rather than penetrating to the heart of the matter is confining and part of the problem. It’s time to find the courage for a heart to heart conversation. From the Draconic standpoint, the purpose of the following six months is to set you free to pursue a path that is out of the ordinary.

What is the heart of the matter? It’s a lack of freedom to pursue your version of happiness. The cure may involve moving to a place (or traveling to a place) that ensures the kind of freedom you need. Place matters but equally important is throwing off the mental shackles that make oppressive situations seem tolerable. More discrimination in love and more room for you is essential.

Over the next six months it’s important to take opportunities to exercise freedom of speech, freedom of religion or spiritual belief, and freedom to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. It’s important for you to play your part in promoting any mission that encourages humanity to reach its full stature. The initial steps may be very personal and involve living a simple, uncluttered life that respects natural rhythms, odd new perspectives, and the need to align oneself with enlightened ideas that are “blowing in the wind.” Music and dance seem to play a crucial role in opening access to a place that assists you in reaching your own full stature.

Many times I have written about the value of imagery and ritual to connect you with the powers of the universe. Today the Sun reaches the peak of its power in the Northern Hemisphere. The power of fire and heat to transform, enlighten, and revitalize whatever has grown cold is symbolized. This is the reason that most Solstice celebrations involve fire – a large bonfire or a small candle lit for a few hours aligns us with this timeless cyclical culmination of solar power.

The possibilities for how to personally celebrate and connect are endless. Whatever seems most important to you now is all the raw material you need to spark the creation of a magically-infused ritual. The ability to harness the power of nature to fuel something transformative, healing, enlightening, and heart-warming peaks today and tomorrow.

Traditionally Summer Solstice celebrations involve creating and honoring some personal representation of the Sun. Constructing a mandala from natural materials you feel “drawn to” as you wander around, under the Sun, might feel right.

Placing a symbol of what has grown cold in your life out in the Sun, next to a candle, or into a fire to be heated and transformed in the direction of what’s best for you seems potentially life-changing. Lighting a candle in a place that is dark and routinely oppressed is symbolically powerful if you imagine the darkness to represent a part of your mind that needs to be enlightened, or a piece of your heart in need of warmth and healing.

More ideas include the creation of a “flower essence” by choosing a flower you’re drawn to. Place the flower in a glass bowl, mix it with spring water and place it in the Sun for several hours. The Sun and heat transfer the essence of flower to the water. When the process is complete, the water will be infused with the vibration and wisdom of the flower you chose. Strain the water, filtering out the flower petals, and pour it into a jar or bottle to be used for healing purposes whenever you choose in whatever ways you choose.

Timing is everything. Today represents a sacred time and an opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the supportive energies that peak once a year, every year, for all time. It’s a chance to reconnect with the Soul of Life and all that represents for you.

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