Horoscopes for the Week of May 17th – 23rd

(Mosaic Artist – Rachel Olynuk)

This week the main event is the Sun’s transit from the heavy, substantial, earthy sign of Taurus into the lighter, airier sign of Gemini. Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians welcome the change. In your solar birth chart the field of experience ruled by Leo shifts. If Leo rules your 7th house of relationships for example, you’ll feel a change in the nature of how you relate and are related to. Something fundamental, solid, and immoveable is replaced as things lighten up. Flexibility is an option, communication is energized, and overall things get more interesting. You’ll welcome the change if you’re a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarian. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) might feel less thrilled and somewhat destabilized. That is the basic outline of the energy in play this week.

It gets more complex of course. Venus and Jupiter are challenged to strike a balance as Pluto lurks in the background obscuring, undermining, and misrepresenting whenever he gets the chance. Issues of independence vs. dependence, compromise vs. holding your ground, peace vs. war, standing up vs. backing down, come into play. It’s trickier than usual to navigate toward something just and fair. Don’t try to please everyone and steer clear of unnecessary roughness. The stakes may be high.

The recent full Moon in Scorpio (May 10th) continues to dissolve old programming, setting you free (or freer) psychologically and emotionally. Eight days from now a new moon in Gemini moves you into an area of interest you might not have recognized or been able to take advantage of if it weren’t for this new freedom.

The Nodes have changed signs from Virgo/Pisces into Leo/Aquarius. We are being challenged to expand into something warm hearted, to energize and engage with the creative part of ourselves, to figure out how to restructure out life to make make room for love and joy, to acknowledge our talents, and to take the lead. At the same time we’re encouraged to dissolve the urge to be a cool, detached, isolated loner, exclusively in your head, reflexively rebellious and oppositional, non-receptive to genuine love, or forgetful of original dreams, hopes, and wishes.

Saturn is trining Uranus. This is nice. We can achieve something significant through unusual methods and progressive ideas. If you’ve ever wished for a chance to introduce something more exciting or original into the mix, or to be successful by being your true, authentic self, this week the planets are totally on board with that. Old obstacles are being removed.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
What’s shifting and may be rearranged is your approach to kids, love, and creative engagement. Connecting with enlightened friends may be part of the unfolding picture. Your mind may need to be more stimulated as you move away from shopping, spending, and being easily enticed by expensive, beautiful items. Nourishment is an issue. A deeper connection with your physical self may provide that. More money and more things probably won’t. More support may be needed – fewer complications, fewer betrayals, and something more intimate may satisfy. Trust is an unresolved issue. Time to look beneath the surface for what killed that. It needs to be revived. It may be time to look in the mirror as you stop looking in all the wrong places for love. I think you will it if you haven’t already. The fortune factor has moved into your 5th solar house of love. It is likely you will attract the right kind of lover, the best kind of friends, and the joy that comes from surrounding yourself with kids and those who have maintained their child-like enthusiasm.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Your physical body may be getting an energetic boost as the Sun moves into your 2nd solar house. The powerful creative force that lives within you peaks over the next month. You may feel the need to indulge yourself and to spend more money on self-pampering. It may be difficult to stop spending but ultimately maybe not that problematic. The challenge is to release yourself from a habitual approach to life that is strenuous and hard on your physical body. A “stuck in the past” angry mindset mindset is toxic. Things were not fair. Love was in short supply. Betrayals were frequent and painful. It’s time to move on, to correct what you can correct, and to will yourself into letting go. A focus on deliberately exposing yourself to overwhelming beauty and love might shake loose what needs to be transformed. Creative immersion that involves writing, telling your story, writing, or engaging in stimulating conversation that can be solidified, framed, or saved is important.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
All signs point in the direction of an energetic new beginning. Apparently you’ve spent the last month cleaning house, getting rid of old stuff, analyzing and releasing what no longer works, making space, and hopefully getting some rest. Ideas in the gestational stages may now be ready to go public. Physically you may feel refreshed and ready to initiate something deeply sourced within spiritual and artistic realms. Or you may have forgotten to throw out something especially toxic and deceptively comforting. Maybe its fear. Maybe it’s the feeling that you’re not being loved or supported enough. Maybe it’s a mindset set in stone and resistant to change. Before you get all wrapped up in a busy new life take time to check for what’s been left undone. You need to make sure that your new beginning is unencumbered by old issues and hangups. Express any remaining dark thoughts through something creative and artistic. That might release it for good. The good fortune factor has moved into your 3rd solar house of creative communication and mind expansion. Your ability to express love exuberantly has just kicked into high gear and will remain so for the next 18 months.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Your energetic thrust for the next month may be to retreat, to rest, to gather your thoughts, rejuvenate, restore, and refresh for some future celebration or strenuous event. This is the calm before the storm you can use to your advantage. In preparation for a profound new beginning, you may need to lighten up. That may entail moving on from old friends and projects that no longer feel meaningful or life enhancing. Your social life may be in need of purging. Old friends, old groups, or an old social life may be supporting something toxic or dark within you that needs to be cleaned up. Maybe your interests have changed in the direction of something more refined, artistic, or culturally nourishing. The next month is a time to let go and to say goodbye. Whatever you hang onto will be with you for another year. The good fortune factor has just moved into your 2nd house of self-worth and net worth. For the next 18 months you will be the recipient of an abundance of nourishingly beautiful gifts.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A shift in your approach to life may be in play as the Sun (your chart ruler) moves into your 11th house. This is a signal that you may be headed for more socialization, contact with friends, engagement with groups and community leaders, and maybe a revitalization of old dreams, hopes, and wishes. It’s all complicated though. As your focus changes what becomes clear is that you still have work to do that involves the past, an inflexible mindset, your relationship with home, family, and most fundamentally your mother. Something needs to be loosened or unraveled as you struggle to move forward with an old mindset and old ideas. If you’re receptive, friends and lovers may show you how to be more flexible and versatile. It is wise to clarify what new things you can learn and apply. The good fortune factor has just moved into your 1st solar house. A new style and approach to life can more easily be developed over the next 18 months. Letting go of a “detached, disconnected, automatic-pilot” approach to others is required. A warmer heart leads you in the right direction.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Countervailing forces head in your direction. Professionally you may be getting back to work, possibly recharged from a recent trip, mystical journey, or welcomed break in routine. Over the next month it’s impossible for you not to be noticed. You are a standout at the peak of some mountain you’ve been climbing for a long time. A new opportunity, something more interesting, and possibly a change in living conditions or your family structure frees you to show the world what you can do. There are quieter influences being introduces as well. Your mind may be in the process of fundamental expansion. You may find a guru, delve deep into the metaphysical world, engage in meaningful travel, or connect with interesting foreigners who teach you a lot about the way the world works. The good fortune factor has just moved into the most private, personal, mysterious realm of your life. For the next 18 months spiritual gifts flow in your direction. Alone time is sacred and cherished. Invisible guidance gives you a new and significant advantage.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Energized this month is the realm of life most receptive to expansion, adventure, and the development of a broad perspective. The urge to fully engage and to understand life at a deeper level through direct experience is triggered. There may be some resistance to truth, but you may work hard to overcome that. What’s been left behind is a willingness to engage with the dark demons that reflect the part of yourself you strive to disown. People whose behavior you hate may need to be seen through a different lens. They may be most helpful in terms of clarifying what needs to be released from the confines of your old psychological conditioning. A confrontation with your dark self could serve to move you forward. Alternative healers may be helpful. Facing what you fear and exposing it is the opportunity. For the next 18 months the North node – a most fortunate influence – resides in your solar 11th house. Friendships, socialization, group involvement, community projects, or revitalization of old dreams, hopes, and wishes is cosmically facilitated.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The peace-making vibe is exiting your 7th solar house of relationships as the deeper, darker corners of your inner life are being stirred up. It’s time to do some exploring to get to the root of your relationship conflict or limitations. Your current challenge may be somewhat overwhelming for the next month. The timing may be right for calling in a counselor, therapist, shaman, or skilled natural healer. You may be more receptive than usual to exploring what you’ve previously feared and backed away from. Breakthroughs are more likely over the next month. You need to be free to fully engage with the “good fortune influences” entering the professional realm of your life. Your career may thrive over the next 18 months especially if relationship problems rooted in the past are dissolved.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Something fundamental may have been clarified regarding what specific personal improvements need to be made within the realm of relationships. Something heavy from the past may need to be removed. A bad habit of accepting less than you want, of taking the path of least resistance, or tolerating something confining may need to be addressed. A new perspective or awareness makes it impossible to go backwards, but dark energies may be hanging on. It’s time to make a focused effort to clean up your diet, to detoxify, and to mold your physical self into a sleek, clean, highly efficient, well functioning, integrated whole. It’s time to move into your physical self, to quiet your mind and to feel what its like to be well grounded in your body – for the sake of a healthier relationship with yourself and others. The “good fortune factor” has moved into your 9th house of travel and adventure. Time to expand into new places, foreign relationships, and unfamiliar metaphysical realms.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It may be time to get back to work and to find a way to be so well organized that you can stay on top of your many interests while infusing more fun into your life. Socialization and a joyful life provide a strong foundation for you. Having more fun improves your work efficiency and sustains your health for the long haul. A hard life is a choice. Anesthetizing yourself with work is an increasingly risky proposition. There may be new, more interesting opportunities coming your way within the work world. Carefully consider the fun factor involved in any offer before committing. Something involving children and storytelling may be an interesting option. The opportunity now is to become fully acquainted with your old psychological programming regarding work/life balance, financial partnerships, and your ability to embrace something reliably supportive. You now have the good fortune of being able to expose and release dark tendencies. You’re on the cusp of freely choosing an easier more enjoyable approach to life.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
There is something old you continue to hold onto in the form of an inflexible mindset. It relates to your home and family and it needs to be shaken loose and unraveled. It’s hard to move forward with emotional heaviness weighing you down. It would be nice if you had the confrontations you need to have in order to set yourself free. Most likely you’re moving into a period of greater socialization, more joyful interaction, more learning about things you love, and more frequent contact with kids and lovers. Highly energized and at its peak for the year is your creative drive and ambition. The north node, (the point of good fortune), has recently moved into your 7th solar house of relationships. The cosmos is working with you to enhance the nature of all your relationships – but specifically those you value most. The key is being open to a different kind of relationship with yourself. That starts with unraveling an old family issue and probably a confrontation.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week it’s time to get more grounded in your emotional self. Your soul craves learning, variety, keeping things interesting, writing, and sharing ideas. It time to do more of what you crave from the comfort of your home. It may be time to move into your body as you calm your mind to see what kind of new information emerges. The physical body is great source of information regarding what you prefer and how you can naturally channel the powerful creative force that is filtered through your mind. Producing something concrete is possible. Writing something substantial may be facilitated by sinking into your couch, staying close to home, surrounding yourself with comforting family members, or walking barefoot in the garden. The good fortune factor has just moved into your sixth house of efficiency and highly effective methods. It seems you’re in the process of discovering something subtle and elusive about the way you operate best within creative realms.

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