Gemini New Moon/ New Weekly Horoscopes May 24th – 30th

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This week I’ll be using the New Moon chart to interpret its influence for each sign. The Gemini New Moon happens on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 12:44 PM PDT & 3:44 PM EDT.

Under the influence of a powerful grand trine, this New Moon generously rewards efforts to expand, to create space, to “raise the bar,” and to prepare the soil for new growth. The time is right for you to gain access to new information that resonates with truth and clarifies your life’s central purpose. You may be newly inspired by something foreign yet vaguely familiar.

You may begin to understand the meaning of past experiences. New perspectives take hold. A newly unblocked flow of information is created as a blockages dissolve. Nourishment flows toward something you love – something that’s previously been cut off from nourishment and essentially starved.

Mercury (the mind) in the sign of Taurus rules this Gemini New Moon. More attention is given to things that can be savored – luxury, wealth, food, nature, and a noninterference approach to organic unfoldment.

The mindset symbolized by the sign of Taurus (and the new Moon) emphasizes a return to beauty and abundance. The visual I see of a “Taurean frame of mind” resembles a richly furnished castle – spacious rooms filled with timeless beauty, priceless paintings of ancient heroes, an abundance of resources, luxurious possibilities, room to roam, and time to savor the details of fine traditional craftsmanship. Evidence of timeless love and a deep understanding of the power of beauty emanates from every room.

If somewhere along the way your expectations have been downsized, if you talked yourself into settling for something uninspiring, a poor imitation of something substantial – if you’ve confined yourself to the “maids quarters” where things are smaller, plainer, and more manageable – it may be time to open your heart and broaden your perspective. It seems you may be missing the rich flavor of what once fueled your imagination and inspired heroic dreams.

Under this Gemini new Moon a new beginning starts to unfold. Disappointments may close some doors, but new ones are being opened. Pivotal breakthrough are likely.

Reminders from the past, access to enlightening new information, subtle or profound energy shifts, and a sense that you’re on the cusp of a change gives you the chance to re-align. It’s time to eliminate any urge to diminish or confine your expectations.

The story you tell yourself about yourself and about your life takes on important new dimensions.

One simple example of how the impending New Moon has influenced me:

As a Yoga teacher I’ve known for awhile that for most bodies, without intervention, hips are tight and inflexible. It’s a progressive thing. The older you get, the smaller your range of motion.

Tight hips provide the perfect environment for storing painful emotions and unresolved trauma. The hips can protect and prevent the release of toxic emotions. In general inflexibility and toxicity can go hand in hand. Regular stretching especially of the hip increases flexibility and releases the joint – and sometimes powerful emotions as well.

This week I took a Yoga class with an instructor who spent a long time on hip openers. “Pigeon pose” was held for five, maybe six minutes on each side. To me it seemed like an hour. Toward the end I was overwhelmed with emotion and a little tearful. A source of intense love I hadn’t previously been able to access was truly stunning. The breakthrough felt profound.

The morning after I felt more energized and a little lighter – nothing too dramatic. But on some level I sense the experience was important and contains the seeds of a new beginning. Cosmic timing seems to support it.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
If you’ve been hesitant in the past to make a bold move, to assert yourself strongly, to set the stage for a stronger role, or something more exciting, this is the week you embody courage. You may say no and mean it as you acknowledge that you’re less confused than you used to be. You may feel yourself to be stronger and newly capable of heroic action. Love and warm-heartedness guides you in the direction of your life purpose. Something stoic, inauthentic, or detached dissolves. You are abundantly rewarded for solid preparation and rethinking your approach to relationships. A future you can love is unfolding. Your sense of self-worth is higher than it’s previously been. Now you can say what you mean, mean what you say, and enforce it. It seems likely you will get what you want

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This is a week when the cosmos enables heroic action. Something you’re afraid to face or afraid to do may be addressed. A source of innate strength, and a heavy dose of self-respect becomes readily accessible. The future of a relationship may need to be clarified. You may sense that an exciting adventure (a relationship most likely) has run its course and question whether you will be able to accept the information your requesting. The answer is yes. You’ve been preparing yourself for a future of freedom, reconsidering the nature of relationships, and what is required of you. You’ve detached from old attachments and refined your relationship with a loving spiritual source. The story you tell yourself about yourself and your life is about to change. Old patterns of sacrifice in love are coming to a close. A new beginning changes your future in the direction of something deeply romantic, profoundly intimate, magically transformative, and real.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your presentation of yourself appears forceful and confident these days but it seems you will be tested under conditions of increasing stress. Are you as strong and knowledgeable as you present yourself to be? You’ll soon find out. Working in your favor are brilliant friends and allies ready to assist and vouch for you when you need it. You possess a wealth of talent within the realm of communication. You radiate warmth and acceptance. Your mind is endlessly creative, highly imaginative, and brilliantly strategic. You’ve learned how to balance conflicting needs and to problem solve within the realm of relationships. You have a lot going for you. The universe is making things easier for you than they might otherwise be. Still it seems wise to keep in mind that you will be called upon to “put your money where your mouth is” so to speak. A new approach to life is sourced deep within the natural world. A new chapter in your life is being written.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Something unorthodox or reversed may bring you substantial success though means and methods that feel disorienting. Is it possible to change the past? The answer is yes. It’s the best way to change the nature of what will unfold for you in the future. Changing your past changes your future. You can do that with your mind. Imagine that old experiences turned out especially well for you – whether or not they did. Imagine a scenario where something disappointing is reversed. Instead of not getting the job – the promotion, the role, the guy, the girl, the baby, the love – imagine that you did and that it was even more joyful than you thought it would be. Imagine yourself celebrating instead of feeling disheartened. Where you ended up alone, imagine yourself instead surrounded by healthy, warm-hearted, loving friends and family. How the story ends is the issue for you. It has the potential to change your life direction and align you with true potential.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There is a new chapter to the evolving story being written over the next two weeks. It involves a cause bigger than yourself, a group, the community, and your expanding reach. Reassessing the nature of relationships and possibly undoing something that’s been done may enter into the mix. Creative self-expression is your strength. Being entertaining, injecting humor, and exuding warmth, belies the power you’re capable of wielding. It pays to be magnanimous. There is an “iron fist in a velvet glove” quality to how you achieve what you’re determined to achieve. You’re a force to be reckoned with – and the force is with you. Something profound may be at stake but with you at the helm at this point in time, chances for a positive outcome increase.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Virgo is gifted this week with rewards for being the steadfast, reliable, stable, loyal foundation from which others could launch their dreams. You have been the unwavering source of encouragement, the space maker, the servant providing the means through which others could accomplish their goals. What you graciously gifted to others may now be flowing back to you. Subdued or previously confined expressions of love may be unleashed in a wave of nourishment that satisfies your soul and fortifies your sense of self-worth. A simple thank you may inspire you to move in a more high profile or public direction. It seems like it’s your turn. A future characterized by the self-indulgent urge to do what you love might feel all wrong to begin with…but you’ll get used to it. Reorder your priorities along the lines of serving yourself and raising the bar on your expectations for the future. Expect support and graciously accept it. A new chapter in the story of your life is about to be written.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
A new beginning for you may relate to receiving a gift of love from someone you love – a creative, talented type who exudes love. Maybe a creative partner gives you the courage you need to tell the truth, to communicate in more expansive ways, to share your beliefs, and the knowledge you’ve accumulated. A new kind of future opens up to you as you recognize and embrace what you love. It is not necessary to make things more complicated than they are, to wait for a time when you feel more stable, more self-assured, more worthy, more supported, or bette able to manage your resources. Your sense of timing may not agree with the cosmos’s sense of timing. But you’re being given the gift now. Maybe you should just say thank you and run with it.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
On the verge of being written is a new chapter in your life story and it’s an intense, deeply transformative one. For you the Gemini new Moon represents a pivotal turn of events related to empowering your communication and broadening your connections. An old attachment or insecurity, possibly related to self-worth or net worth may need to be released. But it seems the universe may be making this deep transformational experience much easier than would logically seem possible. An element of magic is being infused into the mix. A skill set you already possess paves the way toward success in a field that reflects what you truly love and where you’re most talented. Expect to shine. Expect success. And expect, though it may seems strenuous at times, to feel grateful to have arrived at exactly the right time in exactly the right place.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
An old undermining influence related to feelings of incompetence, imperfection, shame, and guilt – especially within the realm of relationships – is being exposed and released. You may feel a sense of renewed confidence. An old self-protective resistance to love – an impaired love receptor – may have limited your ability to choose healthy partners. But that story is ending and a new one is beginning. You may find yourself newly open to receiving love from someone truly capable of giving it – someone prepared to shower you with an abundance of affection while asking for nothing in return. Expect to attract different kinds of people than you’re used to. This is the beginning of a new chapter for you. A foreign lover may cross your path. Or maybe an overseas trip enhances your confidence through an outpouring of warm heartedness and an instant recognition of your true worth and value.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week something is clarified. A fear of aloneness and a fear of being loved that has previously confined and restrictd you is being revealed for the delusion that it is. Something real and balanced has taken up residence in your midst. The part of you that you haven’t previously known – or been afraid to know is surfacing as something you like better than you thought you would. Breakthroughs in self-awareness may be attributed to someone you love – a family member or someone who feels like family. Someone is proving themself to be fundamentally reliable, foundationally strong, and undeterred by your occasional coldness and confusion. Their commitment to nurturing you may feel better than you thought it would. The lone wolf part of you insists that you can accomplish your goals without support. Essentially you’re being pushed to recognize the value of a loyal partner and the truth about yourself – you need love.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It’s possible that through your physical body – through exercise, body work, relaxation, or manipulation – you’re figuring out new ways to access information and trigger breakthroughs. The fact that the body and mind are intricately entwined and inseparable is a point being driven home for you. Through direct experience, your perspective is broadening. A spontaneous revelation may lead to a discovery or a new area of interest. You may be guided in the direction of something worth pursuing…a clarification of your life purpose, and a gift that comes in the form of greater sensitivity and improved receptivity. Research interests may be triggered. Hidden information may be exposed. Access to what has eluded you may be opened. You may be the source of information obtained in enlightened ways. What you learn and what you communicate may provide a foundation for something groundbreaking.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Your new story unfolds at the foundation of your life. What you have built, how you nourish your roots, preserve family connections, expand your reach, and support your aspirations may be an issue in need of attention. Pisces has roots like those of a cypress tree. They’re not deep. They’re shallow but extensive and far-reaching. If it’s been awhile since you’ve reached out to someone from your past it may be time. If you have extended family in far away places it might be worth the effort to connect. If you’re dealing with broken connections a repair of some kind may prevent further damage. On a different track your knowledge base may no longer be adequate to support the weight of what you’re trying to achieve. It may be time for a refresher course or an update. Explore and investigate for potential areas of weakness. It’s time to dig deep into the base of your existence to determine what needs to be repaired. Something is showing signs of failing under pressure. It’s time to get to the source.


  1. Chen Hui:

    In China we accept the training of opening hips and name it as “loosing hip”.My aunt and elder female cousin are experts at it.Thanks.

    • Admin:

      That’s very interesting Chen. I certainly experienced the benefits – by accident. But it was a fortunate accident. I haven’t heard of that training in the U.S. but it seems it would be a good idea. Thank you or your comment Chen, Best wishes…..Holly

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