Weekly Horoscopes and the Taurus New Moon Influence

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Simplistic astrology says Aquarians, Leos, and Scorpios can have a hard time adjusting to Taurus energy. Aquarius finds it frustrating to have to pay close attention to practicalities. Leo’s don’t like to do the slow-building necessary to support a solid personal performance. And Scorpios aren’t used to simplifying when tangling and complicating comes so naturally.

Today at 5:16 AM Pacific time and 8:16 AM Eastern time a Taurus New Moon at 6 degrees rises. On a soulful level we’ve been under its influence for the past week – maybe longer.

No matter what your sign, under a Taurus New Moon, if you’re focused on enriching your life you’re on the right track. In your own solar chart, the house ruled by Taurus defines an area of substantialness and sensuality. It’s where you go to find a treasure trove of gifts and an abundance of resources, It’s your area of strength. After you’ve been “thrown off” it’s the place you go to stabilize and reconnect with your own personal rhythm. It’s the place where you become a master craftsman, creating masterpieces that often involve a lifetime of dedication and focus. But it’s the kind of work you love to do. It’s the kind of work inspired by something natural and deeply sourced.

In May of 2018 I will be speaking at the United Astrology Conference in Chicago. The UAC is an international conference, the largest astrology conference in the world, held once every four years. I will present a lifetime of work involving what I know about the intersection of music, healing, and astrology.

It’s deeply sourced. I didn’t understand how deeply until my recent trip to Vienna. Austrian family members I met for the first time filled me in on the fact that my great grandfather was a soloist with the Vienna Opera. My earliest memory is of my father teaching me words to a song we sang together in the car.

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Ask anyone with prominent Taurus placements and they will tell you that music plays a critical role in their life. Barbara Striesand is a famous Taurus with her Sun in the 3rd house of communication and voice. In this realm of life she’s gifted – as we all are in the place where Taurus resides.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Libra is as well. The difference is that the Libra Venus is a younger, prettier, flirtier version. The Taurus Venus is a more seasoned player.

She is recognizable as timeless, a “woman of substance,” well developed, less likely to be thrown off by the ups and downs of life. In love she relies heavily on her instincts and isn’t easily fooled. She senses flimsiness and moves in the opposite direction. She takes her time getting to know you. She’s less likely to settle for something or someone unreliable and unsubstantial – “shoddily crafted” or immature. She has a deep appreciation for love and time it takes to build a masterpiece. She is a masterpiece.

A Taurus Moon can have a difficult time staying on the straight and narrow, though. Powerful sensuality can be a challenge to marital fidelity. This is a good time to keep ourselves occupied with some long term investment in our future.

Venus plays a prominent role in this New Moon chart. In the delicate sign of Pisces, she’s been under pressure to heal something that’s been broken for awhile. I relate it to September of 2001. Obviously that was the time of the 9/11 U.S. disaster. But there may have been something personally significant during that time within the realm of relationships that was abusive or traumatizing as well. A belief about personal powerlessness may have taken hold at that time.

It’s time to uproot that and replace it with a reconnection to your source of inner strength. That may involve a shift in belief, perspective and perception. You’re on the cusp of a more self-directed approach to life and a stronger way of relating to the world.

New beginnings may involve real estate transactions, financial conservation, and the transition from girlhood into full womanhood. An deep appreciation for music may color your experience. Good fortune and abundance are promised.

In other cosmic news, Mercury continues in retrograde motion through May 2nd. Today and tomorrow Mercury backs up into a conjunction with exciting and explosively unpredictable Uranus. We enter a few days of challenging communication, unexpected news, and a welcomed breakthroughs in a conflicted mindset that’s historically prevented progress.

Venus transits into the sign of Aries on Friday. By sign it moves out from under a long square with Saturn. This could feel refreshing. The theme of breaking out and making progress is highlighted and repeated.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
In some sense Aries is coming to the end of the end. Born out of this ending your heart may feel like it’s coming back to life or coming back home to itself, but in some refreshed, primal form. Freedom is a word that comes to mind as I write this horoscope – freedom to say what you think and to state the truth about your impressions. For the next month you have the power to get away with saying controversial things. It’s like you’re magically immune from making a bad impression even though you’ve thrown out the filter that used to soften your impact. You come out smelling like a rose by stating the facts in no uncertain terms. There is a sense that spiritually you’ve significantly upped your game since the beginning of the year. Something’s been resolved that breaks the cycle of an old tendency to think in competitive terms. Now as you orchestrate better outcomes for yourself everyone benefits and vice versa. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to recover your old filters. “Primal and charming” works well for you now.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
It seems you’re on a roll setting in place a foundation for a new life that honors your true worth and value. A purging of old friendships and contacts since the beginning of the year clears the way for something more authentic and satisfying – particularly within the realm of love. You are on the cusp of a deep dive into “the heart of the matter.” New information related to reviving a more passionate approach to life and love flows in your direction through synchronous events, dreams, guiding influences, and an inner pull toward something more. As you continue to integrate your old relationship history and put an end to pursuing what’s never been enough for you, your physical health improves.The medicine you need comes in the form of daydreaming (or actually experiencing) a deeply passionate love affair that frees you forever from the belief that in love you have to not want as much as you do.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This new Moon in Taurus revives something substantial that lies deep within – an inner rhythm maybe that reconnects you with your most natural self. Deep sources of spiritual strength are being revived. Those affect your financial life and the way you manage your resources. Something once too intangible to include in any money making strategy or plan may now be the key to advancing financial success and personal power. You’re soul is speaking up pointing you in the direction of where your most valuable treasures are buried – or disguised in the form of what you’ve always assumed to be a deficit or shameful flaw. A tweak in your perspective reveals something you’ve overlooked that actually holds great promise. Friends and associates may be instrumental in facilitating connections. Through your desire to make an impact, to be informed, and to truly belong, unexpected information flows in your direction, possibly through conflict or chaos. Your mind opens and your entire self becomes more engaged, integrated, effective, and finally more relaxed.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancers continue to be challenged to leave an old way of relating behind, to put the past within the framework of a broader perspective, and to consider the possibility that they may actually be worthy of something more. A new emotional beginning advances the notion that you are a natural leader capable of inspiring others to success. As Venus moves over your midheaven, it is possible that your or someone you love’s professional achievements will be clarifying. Past courage may be paying off. Your willingness to connect with spiritual sources inside and outside yourself may be paying off as well. You are in “high achievement mode” for the next several weeks and the universe is happily facilitating it. Building an emotional foundation that can support a greater, more intense infusion of love is a central theme.. Building a foundation of friends and allies who encourage you to open new channels for creative intensity and talent is critical. You may be honing your skills in the direction of attracting the audience most capable of benefitting from your intensely transformational offerings. Your beneficiaries may define and reflect your foundational strength.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The revival of something more natural, something that springs from a deep personal source, or a natural pull in some “uniquely you” direction is being stimulated. You may have been somewhat “off track” regarding what it is you aspire to. It may be too influenced by the cultural consensus of what actually constitutes success. It may be (or have been) too influenced by someone else’s expectations of you, or simply an old, outworn definition of success that didn’t have much to do with what you. A new idea recently introduced may be kicking you back into your most natural rhythm. It is likely your mind is will be opened even more to your most natural future life direction. That may be threatening but also a relief. Change may introduce a new level of chaos and disorganization that feels overwhelming. But the weird thing about being more yourself is that things become simpler, easier, and more organically arranged. You can insist on doing it the hard way. Chances are you’ve already experienced a good measure of success. It’s just might not be the clearest reflection of who your most authentic and unique life. Something exciting is emerging. It looks like the real you. Courage works in your favor.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
The new Moon in your 9th solar house indicates the an emotional clarification of your the most natural future direction. This new Moon has the potential to flip you back into your own rhythm. You may be able to clearly distinguish between what kind of future feels right for you and what kind of future seems to belong to someone else. For the next five weeks the universe is facilitating a fundamental personal transformation and breakthrough. Some conflict, anger, and old punishing patterns may tempt you into making this harder than it needs to be. The fact is you’re ready to let go of what needs to be released. You’ve experienced what it feels like to be powerless in relationships and you’re now entering a critical transitional phase. It’s now possible to develop a different kind of relationship with yourself. That’s always been the foundational mandate. Breakthroughs are indicated if you have the courage to deal with fear, conflict, and maybe temporary chaos and uncertainty. On the other side of this lies a loving future that feels perfectly designed just for you.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
It may be time for you to start wandering around in the dark, looking underneath, and sitting quietly with what haunts you in order to find what’s been lost. A new emotional beginning has the potential to flip you back into your most natural rhythm and to reconnect you with yourself. An emotional transformation is needed to return your full power back to you. It’s magical. Chances are if you’re willing to dig deep you’ll find what you’re looking for and in the process discover much more. Deep within is buried treasure. What you may find in addition is an abundance of love loaded with incredible healing potential. The 8th house is tricky for Libras. There is the temptation to be secretly manipulative and to abuse power by undermining the foundations of another’s self worth. Now is the right time to heal as you discover new ways to express courage by asking the hard questions and telling the truth.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Being Scorpio is synonymous with feeling a sense of urgency and the compulsive need to immediately address what feels threatening. Scorpios can put themselves on a wild ride – living on the edge while striving to maintain some sense of stability. It can feel tenuous at times. This new Taurus Moon has the potential to escort Scorpio back into a more balanced, stabilized, natural state. A counterweight in the form of a new realization about the depth and power of your own inner strength is introduced. An opportunity to practice patience and to witness the resulting positive outcome moves you into a more stable space. The willingness to trust that things will work out without your interference might seems to have similar beneficial results. Overwhelming a situation with love instead some double- secret back-flipped manipulation, or breathing deeply as you imagine things working out much better than you had imagined, reconnects you with your most natural self. It’s possible that a partner reflects back to you the kind of strength you forget is actually you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may be in the process of promoting what seems like a joyful and expansive proposition. But it’s likely under-financed. The proper preparations haven’t been made to support the idea. Well known is the fact that Sagittarians don’t like to deal with preparatory details. They are procrastinators in that regard. Their thing is creating and cultivating “the vision.” Under this New Moon is a good time to begin to address what will support your future – your future physical health, financial health, as well as the health of your relationships. It’s time to make the phone calls, to get the recommendations, and show up for the appointments. Sagittarians are the experts when it comes to formulating exciting visions for an adventurous, expansive future. Over the next two weeks it will be easier than you think to support those in ways that make them feel like rational, solid, sensible, possibilities.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
A Taurus New Moon easily supports Capricorn’s version of all that makes life fun, loving, creative, and satisfyingly substantial. Now is the ideal time to consider a new approach to your home, your finances, and what provides you with stability. Capricorn is more open than usual to the possibility of a different, more enjoyable lifestyle especially if it increases his chances of achieving “success” – a concept that’s starting to feel more like freedom from confinement. Since November of 2015 Capricorn has been focused on releasing an old mindset that kept him fuzzy and non-committal – evasive about addressing the hard facts influencing his future. At the same time you were cosmically urged to prepare for a future that would be flexible and open to change. Now it seems you may be considering a direction that feels unique, outside the mainstream, and more personally authentic. You’re seeking a direction that flows more in tune with your own natural rhythms and what you love. There is more transformational work to be done of course, but this week your soul speaks to you in a language you understand – and you’re listening.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarians may be feeling antsy about their home or living arrangements. Something new might need to be introduced – something timeless and beautifying. Maybe you’ve emotionally outgrown your current abode. Maybe it needs to be redecorated. Maybe it needs to feel more like a reflection of your most natural self. Maybe you’re just restless and in need of some different scenery. If I had to guess I’d say you need some loving new neighbors or a foreign situation that satisfies something deep and soulful. I’d say you need a new stronger foundation to support the full weight of your transformational power. I think you need a place that undermines your past in a way that opens you to something more magical, ancient, and deeply sourced. Think about what you can do to identify and align yourself with a place that supports your natural rhythms. Think about music, art, and rituals that highlight the depths of your soul. Think about bringing a lover onboard.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is in need of some solid, useful, possibly, ancient information to reconnect with her most natural self. Music might settle you into yourself. Timeless wisdom, the kind you can sink your teeth into, might nourish a piece of you that rarely gets fed. Your mind is in need of both stimulation and stabilization. Signing up for a workshop that puts you in touch with your innate talents is a good idea. Taking an art class, refining your writing skills, or learning something new that unlocks deeper levels of knowledge seems important. It seems your mind may be in a starved state. You don’t need more news. You need more substantial facts to form more enlightened opinions and beliefs. You need something magical, the kind of information that is hidden deep within you, or deep in some remote archive, or buried underground, stabilize. You need to embark on a discovery mission of some kind. The cosmos is facilitating your search. You’ll probably unearth something priceless.


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