Horoscopes for the Week of March 22nd – 28th

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This week the Sun, Moon, and Venus are dominant players. The Sun, newly in the sign of Aries, joins Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, already residing in the sign of the warrior.

Aries opposes Libra so it’s as though there is an amassing of a united front against Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter is striving to maintain some semblance of balance. Aries is a broadcasting a message that there is something more important at the moment than the “the appearance of balance,” – politeness, decorum, and peace. Aries is ruled by Mars the warrior. Mars is in a fight to protect something enduring and possibly irreversible once it’s been reversed.

On March 25th Venus begins a new 584 day cycle. On that day there is an inferior conjunction (alignment) of the Sun and Venus at 5 degrees of Aries. Venus’s 292 phase as a light in the evening sky comes to a close.  In April she becomes visible as a Morning Star. That transition is significant.

Energetically and astrologically there is a difference between an evening and morning star.  Venus as an evening star expresses as feminine and relatively subdued. Those born with Venus in its “evening star phase” feel the depth of love on deeply transformative, private levels. Outwardly “evening stars” tend to express in softer, gentler, more peaceful ways.

Those born with Venus in its morning phase express love and war more overtly. The morning star is sometimes referred to as Venus in her warrior-goddess garb. This is the more masculine, forceful expression. She is love expressed courageously. She is strong and impatient and more than willing to fight to defend principles rooted in love.

Venus is reaching a pivotal point in her cycle relative to the earth. The “Venus Star Point” changes from the sign of Gemini as an evening star – where it’s been since June 6th, 2016 – into the sign of Aries as a morning star on March 25th. (See Arielle Guttman’s work on Venus Star Points – not the same as the Venus represented in your chart)

Currently it seems we are seeing only half the picture. Instinctively we suspect there is more than meets the eye.

Venus in Aries as a Morning Star can be explosive and destabilizing. You may need to stand your ground. Collectively we may all need to stand our ground.

Additionally there is a new Moon at 7 degrees of Aries on Monday, March 28th. It’s Sabian Symbol “A Large Hat with Streamers Flying, Facing East” implies the winds of change are blowing. An innocent love of adventure exists alongside a bold willingness to meet new challenges.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week it’s wise to throw caution to the wind when it comes to expressing yourself in ways that do not offend polite company, civilized society, and traditions others cherish. It’s time to stop doing what you do to prevent others from feeling scandalized or uncomfortable. It’s safe to stop dressing to impress and speaking to the choir. Time for some disorderly conduct – or at least to stop being restrained by trends and others who appear to know more than you. This is an opportunity to refuse to resist the urge to develop a unique talent you’ve possessed, maybe since birth. It’s time to demonstrate your integrated, self-disciplined approach to setting goals and achieving them. It may be time to consider a more authentic life direction that is driven more by faith in yourself than the need to not destabilize or inconvenience another. It’s time to “reign it in” as you focus on a self-contained approach to life. Follow your own time tables and your own instincts. Tune out the distractions that cause you to second guess your inner compass.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus may now be impatient to end something that is essentially over. But that impatience is met with some resistance in terms of identifying what is practical, fair, just, and minimally destabilizing. At the root of this struggle is a long history of suppressed anger involving the stubbornness of another – or yourself – in acknowledging, providing, or accessing the “level of quality” your life seems to demand. There is a “take my time” approach to life that before you know it evolves into settling for something long term that is less than you deserve simply to avoid destabilization and discomfort. Action may be required to end something before it becomes hopelessly (and damagingly) toxic. Accepting an inevitable period of destabilization and realizing you can navigate through it rather gracefully may be a very clarifying and freeing experience.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This is not the time for you to hold back, to be reserved, adult-like, and not much fun. This week you need to party. And for the foreseeable future you need to party – to find reasons to celebrate, to break out the balloons, the dance music, the wild outfits, and the over-the-top displays. Your inner child is in need of a revitalizing reset. Being fun to be around may be the primary determinant of your ability to succeed and to reach your goals. Organizing community activities, opening nights, festivals, art shows, or children’s activities may be the most efficient use of your time. Underlying all of this is the need to set your soul free of the concern that you will be destabilized and destitute if you invite her (your soul) to the party. She is pleasure seeking and self-indulgent – not your typical model of a self-disciplined, restrained approach. She is the missing piece that makes it all work for you. Trust yourself and your instincts. As long as you’re feeding your soul you attract what you need.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancers gentle, dependent approach to life may be abandoned as the chance to stand up for yourself and to lead looks like an enticing option. And it seems easier than it’s ever been to step into that role. Not that you will lose the urge to nurture and to be kind, but there is more to you that needs to surface. Fighting to protect something that’s in need of protection might feel pretty natural. Unfortunately so will the urge to revert to the role of victim and dependent. You can more easily resist that now though. The world needs more fighters with their hearts in the right place. It needs more defenders of the feminine approach to life, to the environment, the food supply, children, victims, etc. You can be unusually effective in a leadership role. Flex your muscles this week. Let your compassion carry you in the direction of something you can take charge of. Lead the way and insist that others either co-lead, follow, or get out of the way.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may be in a fight to secure their future. An imbalance of some kind in the meantime may seem to justify a desired end result. But there may be push back. Delays seem to be testing your patience or another’s patience. Day to day reality may be bumping up against a beautiful vision for the future. Time marches on, kids grow up, everyone gets older, eventually dreams die if they’re not encouraged and nurtured. There is some risk involved in taking your time. Yet you need to be given a just and fair amount of time to succeed. Flexibility in terms of meeting your goals may not be your strong point. Patience is wearing thin. It may be time to consider a time line beyond which something significant changes. A fight may be necessary. Make sure you have your ducks in order when you ask another to wait. It would seem fair not to ask for an indefinite delay. This is a week of clarification.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
The type of foundation you require to uncover what needs to be recovered comes in the form of information. All of it is not useful though. Virgo’s are really good at sifting through barrels of stuff to pull out what is most useful to them. It is likely you will have access to lots of information this week but you have to know what you’re looking for to be able to discriminate between what you need and what you don’t. You have to know what you believe and what your true purpose is. It’s time for some clarification. That is required because it seems you may have been manipulated into believing some things that are becoming a stretch for you to continue to believe. You may have been manipulated into believing that it was worth accepting less than you deserved because the rewards that would eventually manifest would more than make up for that injustice. A moment of truth may be at hand. What may be most useful is something that encourages you to develop a more substantial relationship with yourself – your own talents, your own resources, your own possessions, your own money, your own personal passion.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra is in need of a reset – a balanced recalibration. Something has gone too far toward one end of an extreme. A reversal is in order. This is not a minor tweak that looks preplanned and graceful. It looks more inconsistent, maybe awkward and chaotic – but deliberate. This could be anything. The more impactful the better. If you’ve always been an accountant operating behind the scenes, it may be time to get up on stage to show off your singing and dancing talent. If you’ve been heavily burdened with too much responsibility it may be time to take an extended vacation. If you’ve lived life in the safe zone it may be time to choose to live on the edge for awhile. If you’re used to saying no, consider saying yes. For Libra it’s actually more likely that you’ve said yes once too often. Time to say no and mean it. Extreme measures may be required to get you back on track. When faced with a choice consider doing the opposite of what feels habitual and maybe a little compulsive.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
It may be time to rebalance the scales at the deepest levels of your being. It may be time for a more substantial relationship with your soul and the guides whose reason for being is to protect you. Maybe you’ve been in the habit of paying too little attention to your relationship with your inner life, giving your access to healing entities from other realms little more than cursory consideration – until your level of anxiety reaches maximum levels. You’re potential to relate on magical levels for the purpose of healing is on the verge of springing to life in new ways. If you’re facing a difficult fight, or some unusually stressful conditions, imagine yourself protected. There are invisible shields you can devise to prevent others from hurting you. Forces of light can protect you if you imagine them surrounding you. It is likely you will be stepping into a situation of extreme vulnerability this week that requires protection. Well kept secrets may keep you from understanding why you feel as vulnerable as you do. Rely on the invisible help that is always standing by for you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may be impatient for a joyful, more interesting adventure. A counterweight may not be cooperating…or may be cooperating. We’re not sure. Things may be in a holding pattern where your future is concerned. Delays seem difficult to cope with. The life you want seems to hang in the balance. Who knows if you’ll be effective enough to make your dreams come true. In the past it seems that’s been a mixed bag. You’ve achieved some important things but it hasn’t been enough. Will you ever land in a place where you’re finally satisfied? Doubtful. The nature of Sagittarius is restlessness and the need for a series of continuing adventures. It’s the Sagittarian’s life blood. It may be time to challenge the urge to accept responsibility for some drudgery that serves the past or the needs of another. It may be time to limit the time you will allow your dreams or goals to be put on hold – for any reason.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
You may feel some pressure building that may be the result of a conflict between the demands of your career or your own personal goals and some counterweight involving your physical home, family, and/or roots. A decision may need to be made. Justice and fairness seems to enter into this picture. At the root of the conflict may be a long history of fear involving the destabilizing effects of falling short of financial goals. Financial abuse within the realm of love relationships may be part of that history. You may have witnessed it. Or you may have lived it. It may be time to courageously face the current predicament. Letting go of the past to be able to clearly define the current predicament may be necessary. It may be time to move beyond something that passes for a responsible, balanced approach into something more real, substantial, soulful, and sustainable.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week you may be contemplating a fight to defend your beliefs and principles. Your opposition is someone who values peace but may fail to see the consequences or understand the facts surrounding a stance or decision. You may see the momentum shifting in a catastrophic or simply undesirable direction. There may be something enduring or irreversible at stake – a tragedy that could be avoided or a mistake that is unnecessary. Your weapon appears to be that you have the facts on your side and you’re willing to mount a bold all-out defense. Expect some resistance in the form of someone who sees you as an agitator disrupting some previously calm waters. Libra tends to mistake the appearance of calm for something substantially calm. The appearance itself can feel at least somewhat comforting to a soul afraid of conflict. Behind the current dust-up may be a history of stubborn resentment that threatens to blow the lid off off something deeply entrenched. Defending higher principles is an Aquarian hallmark. It’s one of the purest expressions of who you are.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week you may be contemplating a conversation with a “supporter” who is demanding more of a contribution from you. Justice and fairness may be part of this picture. Pisces can easily slip into a hazy frame of mind that allows others to get away with something that tips the balance in their own favor. Or it may be you who assumes that some previous kindness extended to you must last forever. A struggle may be necessary. Conflict may erupt. Financial clarity within the realm of financial partnerships needs to be achieved. A long history of financial manipulation and abuse may underlie current tensions. Deeply entrenched fears may be ignited this week threatening to blow the lid off a superficial calm that can no longer pass for something stable and substantial. The quality and effectiveness of a relationship may be at stake. Time to be brave, to speak courageously, and to be open to hearing what you have previously not been.

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