Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 18th – 24th

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This is a consequential week as the Sun transits on Thursday into the rebellious sign of Aquarius. Saturn, her traditional ruler, squares Mars. Worth noting as well is a harmonious exact trine between Vesta and Dark Moon Lillith.

I tend to feel cautious about trines involving Lillith. She’s too angry, frustrated, and potentially destructive to be unblocked – or at least unopposed – especially by Vesta who represents a wildfire refusing to be extinguished. But obviously the universe feels it needs to happen this week. Who am I to second guess? 🙂

Maybe the “Black Moon Lilith within us all” will be organizing and marching on Washington (and elsewhere) on Saturday. That could be productive.

The Sun’s transit into Aquarius will change your focus. The past month has been a period of preparation, getting organized, setting your ducks in order for whatever the future might bring. Nationally and globally it’s all felt like a “hurry up and wait” scenario. Most likely it’s felt that way within your personal life as well. Exactly where you’re headed may be a question mark.

New leadership of the free world is about to be handed over to a confusing, noncommittal, reactionary promising fundamental change – at least I think that’s what he’s promising. His inauguration is Friday. Then we may begin to see more specifically what will unfold.

The Sun, newly in Aquarius, awakens the most brilliant, enlightened aspects of our being. It brings to life the urge to rebel against authority and to create a world where things are more just and fair. You may feel the need to connect with like-minded, foreward-thinking groups and to distance yourself from a life centered exclusively around personal desires and concerns.

Aquarius represents a universal way of being and a universal kind of love. It’s energy is friendly and unstratified. In terms of essential worth, and despite cultural traditions, Aquarius sees little difference between the homeless man on the street and the successful CEO.

“Outsiders” now have an important role to play. Action clears the way for progress that’s been stalled for too long. Aquarius unleashes what Capricorn notoriously strives to restrict and control. Chaos is Capricorn’s worst nightmare Aquarius tends to recognize it’s inherent value and deliberately creates it.

Mars squaring Saturn is an aspect currently in play. It’s traditionally thought of as a cruel aspect – and it definitely can be. Those born with this aspect can demonstrate a cold-hearted, calculating temperament. But there are other ways to express this harsh energy. A hard-working approach accompanied by self-discipline and relentless, unwavering focus can move mountains.

Be mindful of your motivation and attentive to the need to show tolerance, compassion, and flexibility. It’s likely you can find a way to promote what’s fair and good on your way to achieving your dreams. Running roughshod over others can come back to haunt you in the most painful ways. That’s always the case whenever Saturn is involved.

One solar house continues to hold an abundance of Pisces energy. Your Sun sign determines which house that is and it’s very significant.

Interestingly, for Donand Trump Pisces is overwhelming his 7th house symbolizing relationships and “the other.” The 7th house is traditionally our “blind side.” We can’t see what we’d prefer not to see. The 7th is our undeveloped, childish “other half” – though usually by age 50 it’s grown-up and matured.

Our “blind side” tends to be pretty ugly before it’s been transformed. Those we attract mirror our blind side telling us, in large part, who we are. Pre-transformation we tend to resent them for it.

Pisces pre-transformation represents those who are powerless, sick, weak, victims, dependents, criminals, and escape artists. Those “types” remind Trump of a large part of who he is – and he doesn’t like them for it. As he turns against them he turns against himself. It’s a downward spiraling psycho/spiritual mess. We’re all familiar with it, but eventually most of us are pressured by life to begin to look in the mirror for answers. Then everything changes. It’s an option for anyone.

Here’s to growth, change, and hopeful outcomes.

As always, thanks for reading.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Saturn is challenging you to organize your future around artistic/compassionate/healing actions. Courage is required and possibly some focused, structured development of your psychic/healing abilities. It’s time to take some action to develop any compassionate/artistic leanings you have for the sake of some future service you will be providing. Currently you’re moving through a preparation phase that will result in a new life direction and maybe a different public role. For the next month, as the Sun settles into the sign of Aquarius, like-minded groups may attract your interest. Or you may want to form a group of your own. Friendships are highlighted. In love, you may become more rebellious – more open to a different kinds of love, and, overall, more committed to actualizing your dreams. Finding the courage to recognize, acknowledge, and develop your hidden gifts is your mission this week. By the end of next week you will begin to understand why.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Taurus begins to settle into a more progressive public role. With confidence you may take on a leadership position, but not in the traditional sense. You’re a lightening rod and an authority on how to facilitate progress. The more you facilitate another’s progress, the more you facilitate your own. Months of soul searching and hard work have prepared you to take the lead. In love especially you may have to lead the way…and others may need to agree to follow your lead. Expect breakthroughs over the next month of the most unexpected kind, especially if you can truly leave the past behind. It’s important to stay alert to the possibility of old fears re-emerging. Stay focused instead on deepening your understanding of yourself, trusting yourself more, taking some risk, and courageously opening your heart to love and more fun.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury, your chart ruler, currently in the reality-based, fearful sign of Capricorn, is now transiting through the psychologically complicated 8th house. Most likely Mercury’s on a problem solving mission addressing thorny issues surrounding the balance of power, shared financial resources, trust, and old psychological traps. The Sun may have clarified some of those issues over the past month. But tomorrow (Thursday) the Sun transits into your 9th house. The claustrophobic focus of the past month gives way to more space, optimism, and future possibilities you hadn’t previously considered. Your perspective widens. Your rebellious tendencies are energized and expanded. Your progressive side is unleashed and your inventiveness, particularly as you envision your future, feels somewhat refreshing. You may feel professionally powerless or at the end of an old road. You may be angry and tempted to blame this on another. The stars predict a new beginning, though. Hold on for another month and trust that what’s dissolving needs to.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer enters the most mysterious of the 12 phases of the year this week. Highlighted is sexual intimacy, trust, life’s most sensual rhythms, magically transformative encounters, deep darkness, deep healing, and the ability to wield power in highly unusual ways. You may feel more empowered to rebel in the interest of justice and fairness. You may feel like destroying what you’ve built in favor of something more inspiring and alive. It’s time to engineer breakthroughs, to make some major progress, and to undo years of old psychological conditioning in a quickly. Connect with hidden sources of support – those who share your DNA and have passed on. You may surprise others with the profoundness of your actions. Mostly you’ll surprise yourself. Take advantage of your superpowers and your enhanced ability to focus this month. That may pave the way for a financially stable, unrestrained, most interesting future.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You may find yourself having to share the stage with a brilliant partner, an enlightened soul, a rebellious wild card, or a proud misfit. Their influence may alter your approach to life in some way. Most likely they stimulate your inventiveness, opening your mind to unusual solutions, a different way of life, a more complete expression of yourself. An eccentric may give you permission to evolve into more of an “outsider” to achieve the level of success you crave. It’s time for a breakthrough that enlivens your vision for the future. Current drudgery, restriction, or heavy responsibility may be limiting your ability to imagine anything other than more of the same. But something new and different is interjected this week and it has the capacity to elevate you above old limitations. The world opens up, your mind opens up, and others take notice. You can get away with more than you think. Alternative lifestyles and alternative methods are sometimes the most satisfying, productive and effective.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Over the next month, in your ongoing quest for self-improvement, you may be inspired to employ more inventive or unusual methods to achieve what you want to achieve. You may seek counsel from someone whose methods aren’t necessarily scientifically condoned or traditionally recommended. You may rebel against the ordinary, the mundane, the tried and true, and all the general rules for success. You may be most in need of a new perspective on your past to revive an important relationship. Through your service and through your work you may find ways to express your most ingenious gifts to benefit others. Your workplace or your responsibilities may become more unpredictable and maybe more restrictive triggering your rebellious tendencies. Having the courage to follow your instincts provides needed breakthroughs. It is likely your health will improve as a result.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Is it time yet for you to create the kind of breakthrough that allows you to transition from the role of the voracious consumer of other’s stories into the inspired teller of your own? The Sun’s transition into your 5th house suggests that it might be. Over the years you’ve accumulated a lot of material through direct life experience. An abundance of Pisces planets in your 6th house suggests that your most natural work at the moment would be something artistic and deeply personal. You’ve had some colorful fiends and lovers and interesting twists and turns in the relationships you’ve cultivated. You may find others more interesting than yourself. But it may be time to examine that belief. You may be the most interesting and colorful of all – certainly worthy of a book of your own, a speaking engagement of your own, and an audience of your own. Saturn in your 3rd house gives you the self-discipline to formulate what you have to say.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may be finding it necessary soon to rebel against an overly responsible approach to securing stability for themselves and others. It may be time to re-order your priorities. It seems your destined for fame and fortune by virtue of your eccentric quirks, inherited brilliance, and willingness to chart an alternative course for yourself. Mars in Pisces in your 5th house of creativity has lots of planetary company – a virtual chorus of artists and lovers encouraging you to express what you prefer to hide or diminish. You may be too pre-occupied with “down-to-earth” concerns to listen and too busy to respond. The trap you’re in may be one of respectability. Scorpio wants to be well respected by expressing virtues and talents universally admired. It may be time to consider something more. Your essential self is most comfortable as an outsider, an eccentric, an ingenious misfit, a lightening rod creating new space and the needed freedom to progress. Clarify your past and create some chaos if necessary.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week the Sun moves into a favorable position for the kind of mind expansion necessary to satisfy your deepest longings. At the moment you may feel locked into a restricted, overly committed approach to the future that feels unsustainable in its current form. There is a longing that is difficult to define – a desire to find your elusive home or to connect with your elusive essential self. At root you are an artist, a healer, and a dreamer filled with inspiration and all the invisible help you need. But it seems your mind is in need of a breakthrough or some kind of a refreshing new train of thought. This week the Sun energizes your brain and your nervous system. Your ability to connect the dots, to find new alternative solutions and ingenious strategies kicks into high gear. Higher education, a more visible platform, or global opportunities may be moving onto the radar screen that defines your future. Keep your mind open no matter how “out there” it gets. You need more options and the doors seem to be opening.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Irrelevant information, distractions, and the same unanswered questions seem to clutter your mind with things that aren’t useful or satisfying. It can be frustrating and disheartening when you think about the progress you should or could be making with something more substantial. I will remind you that you are making progress. You just can’t see evidence of that – yet. The kind of progress you’re making is an integration of the parts of yourself you’ve previously disowned. It a “coming together” process that is empowering and healing. It makes you whole. It’s a completion that gives you access to your hidden gifts and buried treasure. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Now, as the Sun moves into your 2nd house, it’s time to take inventory of your resources and to get really inventive and creative with how you manage those. It’s also time to reorder your priorities in a way that fits with the more complete version of yourself you’re becoming. You may be surprised by the new order of importance things have taken on – and how different it is from what it’s always been. This may be the evidence you need to feel inspired and newly motivated.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius moves from a period of relative darkness into the light. Optimism is reborn and you may see the light at the end of the tunnel. Physically you may feel energized. Something new and different may be unfolding in your life. Something important may be clarified. Your impact on the world can be especially strong over the next month. You are the example for others to follow when they want to find a different, more interesting way – a breakthrough, a better understanding, and more freedom to be who they are. The “powers that be” may dissolving an asset or resource you counted on. But don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm for what lies ahead. The truth is you can find a way around it. Interestingly what seems unfortunate may provide the impetus for actualizing a cherished dream.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
If you were wishing for even less clarity than you’ve had for the past few months – less power, less energy, or to be even less grounded – you’re in luck. The Sun is transiting into your solar 12th house – the Pisces house – where the influence is even less grounded, more highly sensitized, more confusing, and neither here nor there. If you don’t connect yourself to something solid (like your physical body) you might just float off into the clouds like an untethered helium balloon. For the next month and beyond the artistic/healing potential living within you is extraordinary. The Aquarius Sun transiting through your 12th house shakes loose subconscious information that has kept you chained to the notion that you have to hide your brilliance, diminish your rebellious instincts, and stick with a presentation of yourself that makes everyone but you comfortable. Your current life direction may be triggering a dissolution of an old style and approach to relationships. It’s all good. You’ll see evidence of it in about a month.
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