Full Moon in Gemini Dec. 13, 2016

(Mosaic Art – Artist?)

I am technically on vacation, but in the spirit of Gemini I can do more than one thing at a time.  I can be flexible and adaptable, adding my interpretation to your full Moon experience without feeling like I’m working when I should be relaxing.  Truthfully, my work rarely feels like work. Informally it feels like me being me.

There is an emotional culmination under a full Moon.  Miscommunication or being on the receiving end of some bad news, is always a possibility – especially with Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, transiting through the challenging sign of Capricorn.  But theres’s also the option of a more thorough understanding of your life experience that seems most consequential.

This full Moon looks significant and serious – in many ways an opportunity to more meaningfully connect with your personal life story. Sometimes we miss the beauty of it as life happens and experiences pile up.  While the main plot meticulously and effortlessly unfolds,  we can be distracted – focused on our own desperate and distorted version of what the story should be as opposed to what it actually is.

If things are generally going “according to our version of the plan” we may feel a fleeting satisfaction.  If they’re not we may settle for – or make excuses for – falling short.   Either way we’re sidetracked and basically under the influence of a delusion – unable to recognize the connecting thread that runs through a variety of life experiences. A review of the past to identify patterns and associations  – especially since December of 2015 – is important.

The past year (or the past two weeks) may have presented you with an emerging truth as well as an opportunity to savor the richness of your own original story.  Pay attention. What are you perceiving differently?  What’s changed? What experiences are you involved in at the moment?  What is beginning to make more sense – to feel more significant, meaningful, or important?  What experiences may now be seen as a crucial “part of the whole” as opposed to arbitrary meaningless inconveniences – or a fleeting strokes of “good luck?

As the full Moon in Gemini culminates, a significant – or seemingly insignificant – life experience may illuminate the crucial “main thread.” that ties your story together. The key is to suspend judgement as to whether what you experience is “good, bad, dark or light”.  Look instead for a sensitive emotional pattern, a trigger, a repetitive response to loss or unrealized dreams that seems profoundly symbolic. Those may be forming the essence of a deeply meaningful life.  And don’t be surprised if you’re shocked by the beauty of it all.

If the Gemini Moon falls in your 1st house examine your  relationship experiences over the past year and the past couple weeks – particularly with a marriage partner or significant other.  Conversations, arguments, or agreements may illuminate a consistent thread that connects and brings new and deeper meaning to your unfolding life story. Pay attention to communication patterns, telling the truth, fears of being misunderstood or discounted.

2nd house – Examine your expectations for being solidly supported, your beliefs about how supported you deserve to be, and your beliefs about how deserving you are, in general, of anything at all.  Are you underestimating your contribution to justify another’s inability or unwillingness to reciprocate?  Is the thread that runs through all your life experiences related to developing your potential for honestly and accurately valuing yourself and the true worth of your contribution?

3rd house – Your life experiences may be teaching you about having faith in yourself, having the courage to tell the truth, and recognizing the distance between past emotional states and current emotional states. It may be time to adapt your life to how much you’ve grown, how much wiser you are, and how much bigger your life needs to be to accommodate your progress.  Life experiences may connect you to the need to trust yourself and your urge for something bigger and more interesting.

4th house – Pay attention to experiences that encourage you to seek success in far away places, to connect with foreign influences that make your life more interesting, to live outside your comfort zone, and to continually expand your sphere of influence. Notice your craving to infuse your soul into your work.  It’s a central theme of your life.

5th house – Pay attention to experiences and opportunities for collaboration and to finding your creative work accepted with open arms – or rejected.  The story of your life may revolve around finding the group or the individual who can fully appreciate your creative communication talents, your writing, your teachings, and your ability to understand.  Intricately woven into the theme may be finding a lover who just happens to be the one who can enthusiastically, and with their whole heart, love you back.

6th house –  Pay attention to experiences that leave you powerless to do anything other than trust the support of spiritual agents and the kindness and generosity of the universe. Look for guidance in symbolic form, and notice when loss, despite your initial reaction, leads to greater fulfillment and deeper levels of satisfaction. Notice that the thread connecting you to your life story may involve compassion, the ability to “walk in another’s shoes.”  Notice when more compassion for yourself heals your physical ailments.

7th house – Pay attention to experiences that encourage you to present yourself as a courageous leader, an independent force to be reckoned with, a risk taker with tremendous faith in himself, an adventurer, and an inspiring, communicative, example for others to follow.  Choose what is challenging.  Do what you’re afraid to do and convey that peace at any price is a bad strategy.

8th house – Pay attention to experiences that encourage you to be generous and kind especially when it comes to sharing information, (possibly financial information) generously contributing to a cause larger than yourself, demonstrating  your ability to risk rejection by trusting another, or trusting natures timing and the natural unfoldment of things despite fear or feelings of desperation. Central to your life story is the enduring theme of trust and generosity.

9th house – Pay attention to experiences that require a rational examination of the facts, a willingness to change beliefs and eliminate biases based on current information, a willingness to tell the truth, to live in the moment, and to create a fulfilling future by consistently stringing together one beautifully savored moment after another.

10th house – Pay attention to experiences associated with cultivating a solid, deeply rooted, broadly extensive foundation for yourself and your life. Your life story relates to finding your true home, understanding your ancestors, what you’ve inherited, and what you can contribute to the world as a result. The meaning of your life may relate to feeling at home anywhere and to nurturing other’s faith in their ability to succeed.

11th house – Pay attention to experiences that demand a creative response from you, particularly as its related to reminding others how much fun it is to be alive. Find ways to be communicatively entertaining, and to express uniquely and enthusiastically the love you feel.

12th house – Pay attention to, and gravitate toward experiences that allow you to serve others by sharing what you know. You may be presented with opportunities to teach spiritual truths, to put the need to serve above the need for self-protection.  You may need to take on the role of a selfless healer whose power comes from the fact that he knows he is powerless unless deeply connected to spiritual sources of power and concentration.


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