Capricorn New Moon

(Mosaic Art – Artist?)

(The Capricorn New Moon culminates today, Dec. 28, 2016 at 10:53 PM Pacific time and tomorrow, Dec. 29th, at 1:53 AM Eastern time.)

This New Moon in Capricorn presents a challenge and possibly the feeling of accomplishment at having taken some steps to change your life in ways that align more closely with your true emotional needs and talents.  It may be time to congratulate yourself before the real work begins and before you’re tempted to slip back into something that feels more comfortable.

Astrologically the challenge of this new Moon seems to revolve around the closest major chart aspect – a square between Black Moon Lillith in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius.

Black Moon Lillith in Scorpio deals with old psychological conditioning. She represents a deep sense of frustration and the desire to lash out and destroy. This all stems from an inability or unwillingness to wield the power necessary to get what she wants.

She’s not entirely clear on what she wants. She puts others desires before her own and has slipped into a pattern of repeatedly betraying herself and her deepest longings. She has an endless list of reasons for doing so. She feels helpless and victimized, fails to push through obstacles as they arise, and quits prematurely. She chooses not to take responsibility for her life and, over time, becomes increasingly enraged and more destructive. Hopelessness blinds her to her real potential. She is triggered by those who insist on something more – those who persist, maintain their focus, control their emotional fears, and break through obstacles as they arise.

Venus in Aquarius – Lillith’s current enemy – is gifted and talented in unusual ways. She is the psychologist, the eccentric, the artist who disrupts the status quo and opens doors to more progressive ways of thinking. Venus in Aquarius plays her own game and she’s good at it. She’s more impervious to criticism than most. She doesn’t expect to feel a sense of belonging or acceptance. She is brilliant, distinctive, and rebellious. Her contribution is different. Her lifestyle may be unusual. She doesn’t want what everyone else wants. She wants creative freedom (and maybe an unusual and enlightened kind of love) above all else.

Interestingly Venus in Aquarius’s modern ruler is Uranus. Within hours of the culmination of this new Moon, Uranus will shift into direct motion after having been retrograde since the end of July. According to astrologer Lynn Koiner, when Uranus moves retrograde (five months ago) we process the need for change – mulling it over, imagining a different kind of life, considering the advantages and consequences, and maybe taking a few tentative steps to reach out in a new direction.

When Uranus moves direct (tomorrow) we’re more likely to take action – to make a break or to commit to an unusual adventure or new life direction.

So the conflict between Black Moon Lillith and Venus in Aquarius is significant. Just because you’ve taken some very productive steps doesn’t mean you’ll automatically continue to do so – especially when you realize how “against the grain” and how against your old psychological conditioning you’ll need to go to get what you want – and how personally challenging creating a new path can be.

There will be pressure (probably from within) to back up, slow down, be normal, and to not allow yourself room for trial and error. You’ll be challenged to rebel and push through fear. Handy excuses to slip back into what’s familiar will tempt you along the way.

I suspect Lilith will be right there to remind you of your imaginary powerlessness and how skilled you are at settling for less than you want. Acknowledge her, regain your focus, and keep moving forward.

For myself, the following appears to be the New Moon effect:

I have made some progress toward more frequent oversees travel and establishing a second home-base. I’ve renewed foreign contacts, established some new ones, obtained a foreign passport and a dual citizenship, pursued courses and further options for becoming fluent in a second language. I’ve checked out various living options, cost of living, health care, etc.

The more I learn the more details I realize need to be worked out. I just returned from a trip to Europe and I feel jet lagged and flu-ish. I have an unsettled feeling about missing some e-mails and failing to respond to clients for a few weeks.

So yesterday I began to think in terms of “maybe you’re just not up to this.” Maybe you can’t physically deal with long flights, different time zones, the yet-to-be-addressed details, keeping up with your work, and a new direction that seems confusing and unnecessary to family and friends. Lillith was having her way with me.

It’s eye opening to realize how vulnerable I still am to slipping back into something that wasn’t enough. I’m grateful for this new Moon’s reminder.

Carl Jung, a man with a 24 degree Aquarius Saturn (exactly aligned with Venus in this new Moon chart) would know how to set boundaries for Lillith. His famous quote comes to mind. “I am not what happens to me. I am what I choose to become.”


  1. Very interesting concept of combining mosaic and astrology. Pictures provide big chunk of emotions and you have a great blog.

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