Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 30th – Dec. 6th

Mosaic Artist – Vaishali Sanhavi)

Whether or not it registered, yesterday marked a new emotional beginning that will allow for expanded considerations. What has felt small and confined – a feeling or fear that kept you locked or frozen in a place has loosened. Boundaries have been pushed back creating more space. As things unfold over the next couple weeks you may find yourself seeing things in a different light, identifying new and different options for the future, and feeling that your soul is happier because it now has more room to breath.

Today the Sun and Neptune align in a conflicted relationship. Confusion reigns if you’re not involved in transcending reality, generating art, feeling compassion and forgiveness, or creating highly romantic, enchanted environments.

Ego’s are highly sensitized today. Your ego may take a hit – or feel like it’s been hit. Neglect or the dissolution of purpose is a possibility. Foreign involvement or connection may be difficult to materialize or maintain. Overseas travel may involve delays and cancellations. Leaders mislead. Followers are blind sided. On the plus side, romance may flourish.

After five months in retrograde motion, Chiron moves direct on Thursday. Expect there to be an intensification of pain and more, faster-paced progress in the direction of healing.

Venus in Capricorn, the goddess who sets high goals within the realm of relationships is antagonized by Eris – the perpetually frustrated, uber-dark goddess. You may feel like the Universe just doesnt like you anymore and has decided to withhold from you whatever it is you most desire. This is a waning influence that will ease up some by the weekend.  You may find your perspective changing as dead ends and toxic situations are clarified and you decide it’s time to move in a different direction.

On Friday, Mercury transits from fiery Sagittarius into the earthy, hard-working sign of Capricorn.  The nature of your thoughts change. Mercury in Capricorn figures out how to make adventurous plans for the future a reality. There may be lots of mental work involved – a self-disciplined approach to organization, a consistent effort to control your mindset, and a willingness to take responsibility for making your future the happy place you imagined it to be. On a different note your routines may become more challenging and difficult conversations with siblings may ensue.

Saturn trines Uranus, a harmonious configuration that makes it likely the use of innovative, experimental, alternative techniques will result in achievement. Friendship or a friendly approach enhances your effectiveness. Protest for change could be especially timely. Breakthroughs, once thought impossible, occur.

Mars and Jupiter also form a trine aspect. The effects may be similar to the Saturn/Uranus trine, except that the actions taken in the name of friendship may involve smoothing out conflicted relationships – forgiving, forgetting, and moving on.

Have a great week!


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
As Chiron moves direct it’s time to increase your efforts to access something that’s difficult or painful to access in the interest of forming a happier, healthier relationship with yourself. You’re closer than you think to healing a wound that’s been highlighted and aggravated since May of 2010. This is true for everyone but Aries is especially good at evading and avoiding the pain because it’s difficult to access and therefore easy to ignore. But it’s there and it’s festering. What hovers somewhere between your consciousness and subconsciousness mind is dark and undermining. Now is the perfect time to transcend fear and face this demon head-on. The books say that Aries is courageous – the brave warrior… and all of that. But Aries is afraid of lots of things. He just knows that fear must be totally “beside the point” when adventure calls and it’s time to do what must be done. It’s time.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus and Eris confront each other this week in a battle for supremacy. Someone will win and someone will lose. You may be battling to transcend difficult relationships, to organize your efforts, to cautiously and carefully create new, stable circumstances, to discipline your mind, and to focus on settling into a place that feels more like home. Your dark side (Eris) expects to be thwarted. She’s ready to turn bitter and angry, and to channel that into some form of needless destruction. Eris cannot dominate. If you experience set-backs it’s not because Eris is right – because the Universe doesn’t like you, and you’re destined to fail. It’s because what you’re trying to do is strenuous and requires finesse as well as force. Balance is key. You are on a mission, but always Taurus must attend to physical needs, to find ways to simplify, relax, and rest.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini experiences a shift this week. Things may be more complicated than you had originally anticipated. Determined to spread the joy and love when you felt depleted has taken a toll. Determined to provide support when you needed to be supported, and possibly eliminating your needs from the equation may be a pattern that both comforts and undermines you. It’s time find the source of that no-win dynamic. Reality makes an entrance this week and your mind adapts to psychological depth-diving. The answer lies deep within. You need to find the source of your need to shoulder too much responsibility. The North Node in Virgo encourages an analysis of your early environment. Who pretended their way through life, escaped unscathed, refused to grow up, or became chronically impaired? And who had to make up the difference by stabilizing and pretending they didn’t need much. Your safest relationship role was determined early on and continues to undermine you. It’s time for a correction between now and Feb 7th of 2017.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week Cancer experiences a shift in focus – from a concentration on self-improvement, attending to details, integrating what’s been left hanging, and future planning – to the challenging realm of relationships. Thoughts become more grounded and realistic. Conversations may be brutally honest and difficult. Focusing on future practicalities rather than wishful thinking may be part of this week’s picture. Venus and Eris collide. The part of you that expects to be thwarted within the realm of relationships struggles to break free of that tendency. Structuring time, making time, working hard to figure it out, accepting your share of the responsibility, insisting that a partner do the same, and being willing to have the difficult conversation changes your mindset and eliminates old expectations of loss and defeat. A correction within the realm of relationships is needed and likely between now and February 7, 2017.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may be in the process of leaving behind the tendency to neglect, dismiss, or otherwise underestimate the value and contribution of another – especially within the realm of shared resources and joint efforts. Leo has learned not to expect much from a partner… or worse to manipulate him or her into playing the position of the “fall guy.” A wound that occurred in 2010 needs to be healed. Then you can recognize, count on, and benefit from, the intangible but very healing influence of a partner in your life. It is possible that you are moving toward finding ways to share, to give and take, to create circumstances where both are better positioned to achieve their dreams and goals than either would be alone, on their own. As Chiron moves direct, an embedded wound can be healed quickly and thoroughly with a little more awareness and determination. It’s time to stop expecting your partner to be weak, impaired, ineffective, and prone to letting you down. Most likely he or she is intuitive, healing, compassionate, and artistically powerful. You might find it beneficial to realize how valuing those qualities changes everything.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Thins get a little easier this week as Mercury, your chart ruler moves into the more compatible sign of Capricorn and your 5th house of love and creative joy. Virgo does love and joy cautiously – first by assuming that they haven’t done quite enough to earn those gifts, then insisting on an organized, extremely well prepared, and structured approach that never feels quite organized, structured, or prepared enough. This week there is a chance to simply slip into creative immersion or love with little effort. Your mind is “all in” as you begin to materialize some of the ideas and plans you’ve been nurturing for awhile. It is possible to lose yourself in a grounded, earthy way. It’s possible to connect with sensual pleasures and comforts in ways that inspire you and give you the insights you need to move forward in the direction of your life purpose. It’s time to move away from the notion that you’re not a star in your own right. Your partner (or lack of one) does not define you. You define you and it’s all looking pretty hopeful.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Relationships may be feeling rather burdensome these days, especially those involving the family. Eris the dark goddess is seething, looking to lash out, to destroy something that would make her feel better, temporarily. She may be the part of you that expects to have to shield yourself from chronically angry types who have no idea how to express their anger constructively. Or maybe she’s the part of you that expects ultimately to be defeated within relationships. The sixth house is where you put the finishing touches on yourself – where you become whole and complete and fully prepared for healthy relationships. Chiron, newly direct this week, resides in your 6th house. It’s now possible to heal quickly and thoroughly from old wounds that have kept healthy relationships at arms length. This week the most practical thing you can do is to meditate, immerse yourself in art, and be alone. Mercury’s move into your 4th house clarifies powerful early influences and patterns that need to be dismantled between now and February 7th, 2017.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Black Moon Lillith and her brooding darkness is powerfully placed in your first house. Normally I could safely predict a dark brooding week for you. BUT this week Chiron moves direct and forms a harmonious trine with “Miss Black Moon.” The healing that’s being accelerated within you impacts her strongly. She’s along for the ride, benefitting in ways she hadn’t anticipated. She’s still powerful but now more open to her hidden or subdued side – the part that relishes beauty in all its forms. Your black Moon is an artist – a photographer, a connoisseur, a painter, a writer, a natural beauty fanatic. Her darkness disappears when she’s immersed in creating something rich – savoring the moment, recognizing how much beauty actually exists in the world and wanting to capture it all. Your black Moon is “old world” attracted most to what has survived through time and what links us with the past. She has a passion for good food. Accelerated healing moves you past artistic doubts and evasion into a world of creative delight.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It seems that Sagitarians have broken out of a confined space and now feel the need to adapt and make their way in the world. A new thirty year cycle is well under way. Like someone newly born, the will to survive and thrive is powerful. The hard part is behind you. Breaking out was the challenge. Since then you may have formulated some ideas about where you want to be headed. Maybe you need some new living arrangements, a lover, an adventure, some inspiration, and artistic immersion. Between now and February 7, 2017 you’ll figure out how to ground some of your plans and ideas. You get “the financials” squared away and your priorities straight. You may take inventory of your innate resources and talents. You learn how to walk, then run, then fly. That’s all esier if you take advantage of this week’s opportunity to heal old wounds. Your wound relates to your relationship with your mom, home, and family – a basic lack of support. 2010 highlighted that wound in some way. Move into your essential artist self and immerse yourself in natural beauty. That’s your best healing strategy.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It’s hard for Capricorn to set himself free. He feels more comfortable burdened with responsibilities and routine considerations that prevent him from thinking too much. But this week it’s time to think as Mercury moves over your ascendent into your first house. What will you think about? Most likely some intuitive, guided information you received from deep sources over the past three weeks. You got to know the hidden parts of yourself better – the more adventurous, philosophical, optimistic and expansive parts. You’re not all business. You crave far away places, love, and a rootless, free flowing existence. What will you do with this information? It may be time to adjust your approach to life to make room for your hidden, incredibly wise, and interesting side. Between now and February 7, 2017 you may figure that out. Partners encourage you to soften your rigid, structured tendencies. Soon you may actually understand why that would be in your best interest.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius is into forcefully asserting himself these days in the direction of something unique, experimental, and more interesting. Long distance travel, higher education, and foreign connections seem likely. You need more space and a bigger life but first you needed preparation. Your mind needed to grow into the idea of bigger possibilities. It’s done that. The challenge is to keep your mind from shrinking back into something pessimistic, small, and traditional between now and February 7, 2017. Open minded friends encourage you. Foreign friends may present you with opportunities to be more creatively productive. Being more sensitive to the practical considerations of a partner you’d like to “bring along” is important. Chiron moves into direct motion in your second house. What can be healed is any tendency toward victimization, impotency, or un-deservingness within your personal financial realm. A fortunate, unexpected, new connection may ultimately prove to pivotal in making your dreams a reality.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Underneath Pisces hazy, shape-shifting, other-worldly, soft, and gentle presentation lies a tumultuous ocean of overwhelming power. Mars, now residing in your 12th house is kicking it all into high gear. Passion and unpredictability offer a frightening array of surprises to anyone brave enough to enter into your sphere of influence. You don’t have to hide… or be hid from. You are undergoing a healing process that makes your presentation of yourself more expansive and free. You’re not for the faint of heart, but neither can you shrink from those who who can go toe-to-toe with you. Practically speaking it may be time for you to attract an equal – someone as tumultuous, powerful, unpredictable, and artistic as yourself. Committing to that could take some courage. But it seems you’re ready for something more authentic, more challenging, more dangerous in a good way, and more alive.

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