Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 26th – Nov. 1st

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The Scorpio season has arrived. This week we feel the influence of the impending Scorpio new Moon scheduled for Sunday, October 30th. This new Moon is a black Moon – a term for the second new Moon of the month. A black Moon is a somewhat unusual occurrence. The second full Moon in a month is referred to as a blue Moon. But Black is Scorpio’s color and it is Halloween, so the spookiness is enhanced.

Scorpio is known for its affinity to darkness, shadows, and the underworld. When I think of Scorpio, the picture that comes to mind for me is the earth after a nuclear explosion – irradiated lifelessness, illuminated skeletons, charred buildings, scorched earth devastation, and eery silence. On that happy note, oddly, the scene never feels definitively hopeless to me. It’s terrifying for sure – a reminder of the power of the destructive urge that exists within human beings. It’s a possibility, especially when Mars, Pluto, and Scorpio are emphasized.

Hollowed-out emptiness creates a vacuum in my mind that searches for evidence of something tiny or microscopic that has somehow managed to survive. I’m convinced it’s there. The challenge is to find it, then to protect and nurture it into something able to regenerate life.

In a nutshell that’s the essence of Scorpio. Through destruction and loss, something vital is exposed out of which a potential new beginning becomes possible. Without Scorpio, there is no hope. Scorpio (death and loss) precedes Sagittarius (hope).

The opportunity always present within Scorpio is the creation of an “empty” environment out of which new potential can emerge. First an expression of the destructive urge must come into play in ways that expose and burn away what has become toxic and lifeless.

Scorpio is a water sign – the essential ingredient for life. The New Moon trines Neptune in Pisces (a virtual tsunami) encouraging a flow of nutrients to whatever imaginative new beginning has now become a realistic possibity. Interestingly Phollus, the centaur planet designated to potentiate and enhance the effects of what has been set in motion, is harmonizing with Ceres, the goddess of cultivation, nurturance, feeding, and protection.

This new Moon seems to ensure that within some personal emptiness you will discover a tiny green shoot emerging through the dirt. It has the potential to turn a personal wasteland into a thriving habitat for life.

Practical action that requires a measure of heroic bravery seems necessary. What needs to be done is most likely something you’re afraid to do – but you do it anyway.

Once again reading the horoscope that corresponds to your Moon sign may be most relevant.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Something you’ve inherited from the past, from your parents, long lost relatives, and ancestors need to be recruited this week to move you in the direction of the success you desire. Dead and gone relatives may be most important to you at this time. They live within you and provide the spark required to undo old psychological conditioning that prevents trust in yourself and your ability to emerge victorious regardless of the intensity of the challenge. It’s a little unorthodox to call a meeting of your “council of ancestors,” to ask which one is most capable of providing you with the assistance you need at this time. But you can be pretty unorthodox these days. A combination of cultivating an unusual relationship with someone from the past as well as the sheer force of your will ensures success and a complete regeneration of your life.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus has been waiting for the right time to make a change – the right time to step into the kind of future you know you deserve. Practically speaking it’s time to do the work, to take care of legal matters, to take responsibility for creating the future you want, to tell yourself the truth, and to accept full responsibility for how this all unfolds. Within the wreckage of an old relationship is found the spark of new life. It needs to be nurtured and cultivated and given time to grow. Within the devastation lies the raw material you need to create something vibrant and meaningful for yourself. The devastation lies over sacred ground in the form of valuable past experience that provides for you the strength you need to move forward. Timing is everything and you had the wisdom to know that – your first smart move of many.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Time, patience, slow, meticulous building, love, energy, and a beautiful, natural coalescence of vital material defines the contribution you are intent on offering to the world. Because of all the variables that needed to be present to produce what you are intent on creating, the process that you are going through is the reflection of a minor or major miracle – something sacred and timeless. Practically speaking trust in the unfolding natural process is critical. Self-discipline, energy, focus, and concentration might be required of you, especially this week. A spark of life emerges from some complete devastation and destruction – of perfectionism maybe. The new, improved, more human version of yourself is about to emerge. A gestational period is coming to an end. Soon it will be time to see the masterpiece that only patience and unfolding trust in yourself could produce.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
There is a deep longing for love, sex, and intimacy when Scorpio occupies the 5th house of an astrological chart. The new Moon, for you, at this moment, is powerfully influencing that realm of life. A spark of life amidst some old devastating love experience is beginning to emerge. It needs to be protected, nurtured, and cultivated. What can you do to increase the likelihood of love coming your way? I would suggest you exude a powerful aura of self-respect that attracts only those who respect themselves. I would also suggest a high degree of sensual awareness that could be conveyed through demonstrations of your ability to savor good food, the beauty of nature, music, dance, warmth, and a sense of comfort with who you are and where you’re at. Most importantly I would suggest a high degree of sensitivity to your own feelings at any given moment and the willingness to rely on those to guide you in the direction of the kind of love you crave.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Forgiveness, letting go of the past, compassion for others, a willingness to apologize or to engage in some personal ego-deflating action is a smart practical strategy that can turn somethings around that needs to be turned around. Out of the devastation of the past – family and career disappointments, dramas, entrenched limitation, and cold calculating environments – lies a spark of new life. Your feelings about your past can change in light of your willingness to take on a more flexible, and open-minded view of what has occurred – maybe what was sleazy, underhanded, and unfair. A timely reminder is of the powerful impact changing your outlook on your current situation has on the actual events that unfold in your life. The most effective thing you can do now is something practical but intangible. It’s about destroying or letting go of a feeling, a perspective, a judgement, a grudge, an area of stubbornness, and the out-worn, reflexive urge to protect your ego at all costs.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week Virgo may be busy identifying allies in an effort to know who the enemy actually is. Gathering the support of empathetic, like-minded people, making new contacts, communicating and listening with more intensity, possibly about issues that involve the common good or the more personal realm of love is likely. Destruction or destructive thoughts may be threatening something you value. Suspicions and fear may be at play. Fear of loss – particularly loss of love, or loss of a position you struggled to attain and struggled to make yourself believe you deserved may be slipping away. Rejection is a current theme, but success shared by many is now possible. New friends may be made. And, of course, because Scorpio is highly active, possibly some new enemies as well. Virgo is cautious and discriminating, a highly talented communicator who knows how to convey what needs to be conveyed. Present yourself as “a force to be reckoned with” because you are.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
The possibility of infusing your soul into your career, freeing yourself emotionally while raising your social status and enhancing your reputation, may be issues. Appearing to undermine current goals may be the weakness of your current financial condition. There is a spark of new life within that realm of your life that needs to be protected and cultivated. An opening that can be nourished to move you past any financial restriction is now possible. Critical is the destruction of the notion from past associations that the pursuit of a prosperous, free life is bad, or that you’re not worthy of it. Practical actions you can take to correct a weak financial situation might involve ancient prosperity practices, gifts to the gods, rituals, intentions, and a personal purging of all the negative, confining, financial associations you harbor. Money is power and power is neutral. How you wield power is what matters and there is every indication you’ll wield it responsibly.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Regenerative thoughts about your future may be in play despite the urge to follow traditional roles and expectations. Your mindset is a tough nut to crack, tending toward a very limited range of possibilities you’ve been willing to consider. That is changing but not without some pain and increased anxiety. The way you approach the world and possibly the role you’re willing to play within the realm of relationships is in the process of transformation. What has not worked for you in the past has been disheartening. But amidst the loneliness, exhaustion, frustration, and maybe even hopeless, lies the seed of new life. You may recognize that this week. You may latch onto something that feels risky but promising. A destruction of authoritative voices from the past, old rules, outdated roles, loyalties that have lived past their date of expiration, and mandates you conjured up to keep yourself safe, is required. Don’t be surprised if those keep trying to resurrect themselves from the dead. You need to be be especially vigilant in this regard.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may be struggling with a feeling of worthlessness despite all outward evidence to the contrary. Financial struggles, conflict or uneasiness signify that you may not have a firm grasp on how valuable and deserving you actually are. Finding the source of those feelings may be worth your time and attention as they are being stirred up this week. Amidst the psychic destruction that occurred, probably long ago, is some spark of life that survived – a tinge of doubt that you were as worthless as someone needed you to believe you were. Dreams may give you some important clarification this week. Watch for synchronicity and coincidences. Read between the lines and notice the people you attract. Taking some practical action within the financial realm of your life may be important at this time. Asking for a raise, demanding to be paid, reworking your financial plan, and making it easier for money to flow in your direction may be life changing. Maybe you just need to say no.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn has entered into a highly imaginative phase, one that allows for creative achievement and a more expansive vision for your life – beyond that of which you are normally inclined. Venus in your 12th house can flood your being with instinctive urges to express or protect, in some tangible way, what is sacred, freeing, and maybe deeply rooted in the past. You may lean in the direction of appreciating a landscape or place that is exotic or foreign – maybe with a partner or lover. On a broader scale you may now be enlisting the like-minded, those who can support or accompany you on a journey to beautify and soothe the collective soul. Maintaining deep cultural roots is critical and it may be a group effort. Most likely you will take on a leadership role as the one designated to maintain structures in danger of extinction. On a deep level you understand that that indiscriminate destruction of roots is a dangerous practice that endangers the vitality of the soul and life itself.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Most affected by this new Moon may be the nature of your responsibilities and your health. A change in life direction may be imminent, the result of a spark of new life springing from something you interpret (or once interpreted) as devastating. There is a new willingness, it seems, to let go of old limitations, old psychological conditioning, old rules, loyalties, and traditions that kept you locked into something that was depressing and, on some level, deadening. This is a process. It may take time to completely stamp out authoritative voices from the past that insist you carry through with responsibilities long after they have lost all meaning for you. Freeing yourself is critical, not just from your current role within the realm of relationships, but also from your current role within the realm of your relationship with yourself. That’s the one that has been most confining.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The impending new Scorpio Moon encourage you to find new life through creativity and a new openness to different kinds of opportunities. Your future may be vastly different from your past. Contact with those who offer you new and different opportunities to expand your vision for yourself through their own life and work could shock your mind into a different rhythm – one that has the potential to breath new life into your life direction and career. What has become too routine to excite you needs to be weeded out – even if that leaves you exposed and afraid for awhile. You are in a healing phase that is drawing to you the people and places your new, healthier state requires. You may be discovering that you are capable of expanding your world in ways that foster the independence and mental stimulation you need. This week you may discover what new signs of life are worth your time and attention.

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