Horoscopes for the Week of 9/28 – 10/4

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Writing this week’s horoscopes I take into consideration the movement of Pluto into direct motion, the Mars transit into the sign of Capricorn, and Friday’s Libra new Moon.

Pluto and Mars now bring into clear focus REALITY – maybe some harsh realities – regarding finances, your future, and possibly the need for some difficult decisions within the realm of relationships.

Mars is headed toward a conjunction with Pluto. That should be interesting. You may feel the impetus to take some profound action that could change your life direction. There may be a “life or death” dramatic twist. It all feels deeply sourced, transformational, and maybe like a victory for your soul.

Jupiter, newly in the sign of Libra, can have a tough time with difficult decisions. But Mars/Pluto in Capricorn’s attitude is “so what if it’s hard.” You should expect that. Life is hard. Get a helmet.

If you want advice that soothes and comforts, Capricorn is not your “go to guy.” He’ll tell you how to get the job done, though, and how to enhance your integrity, professional potential, and financial position in the process.

The new Moon in Libra gives you an opening – maybe some unexpected support, kindness, and a path that moves you through some difficult relationship dilemma – especially if you’re able to activate courage, to control your emotions, to work harder, and to keep your focus on achieving what it is you most desire.

A new beginning unfolds over the next two weeks within the realm of love. It leans toward justice, fairness, something more peaceful, balanced, and beautiful. I will personalize this for each sign in this week’s horoscopes.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
It is undeniable that you may be moving toward something big within the realm of your career and your relationship with the public. It may involve some “cutting and hacking” as well as a consistent and unwavering faith in yourself. It may all look very assertive and business-like, but at its core your actions are protecting and cultivating your soul purpose, your right to infuse your soul into the professional realm, and the need to up your game in a wider variety of relationships. Now you may find the courage to look within for any tendency to undermine the relationships you need to succeed. A fierce determination to promote peace and love whatever the nature of you work is now possible…and it seems to facilitate your need to play a more groundbreaking, enlightened role in the world. Your previous conflicts in love may have prepared you for the current challenges you face. When in doubt, be generous.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The opportunity now is to transform your approach, attitude, and maybe the structure of your current responsibilities, your entire approach to your work, and to efforts to improve. You may need to do some “cutting and hacking” to get rid of “dead wood.” You may need to resist your tendency to resist destabilization in order to move things forward. The rare Sun/Jupiter conjunction currently trines your midheaven. So if you arrange the details of your life differently – in a newly refreshed way, possibly with more support and less strife – your success can be fast-tracked. Cooperating with the Universe involves a willingness to release what holds you back, even if it would feel more comfortable in the short run to hold on.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The past comes into play this week as you contemplate a higher way of knowing. It is common for children to express a type of wisdom “beyond their years.” Open channels that close over time, and have to be consciously pried open again in adulthood seems to be the universal pattern. This week you may be involved in an effort to open those channels again, to remember what you used to know. You may be exposed to children who just know, and to a renewed faith in your connection with something mysterious and deeply sourced. Meditation seems wise, especially if your looking to rediscover that deep source of wisdom within that can guide and sustain you through whatever you’re currently encountering. Contact the child you once were and ask for advice. An abundance of critical information may flow in your direction, along with an abundance of love.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week the New Moon in Libra frees you from your past – possibly because your perspective on your past has changed. Possibly because you’re just ready to move on. Now you may feel that you can passionately express and infuse your own brand of nurturing into the the world. Those you attract are most likely inflexible, ambitious, lacking in child-like enthusiasm, maybe conflicted, but willing to work hard. They may be the perfect reflection of your old, confined, cramped self. Your soft, passionate presence conveys a type of safety and nurturance your old self may have never known. Your enthusiasm inspires. As you gravitate to what brings you joy, you show others that fear – fear of failure specifically – is not a necessary pre-requisite for success. There is another way. Your “un-chained self” is incredibly healing and exactly what the world needs at the moment. The more you openly and freely express your passion the easier it is to find your niche – the easier it is for those who need you most to find you.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There is something about your work environment that is in need of a transformative overhaul. It may be something routine or an entrenched habit that no longer seems effective. A transformation of your entire approach to the work you do and the responsibilities you shoulder intensifies. There may be something old and inflexible about your view of work in general. Maybe it’s a belief that if your work is not back-breakingly difficult, intense, pushing you to the max, and requiring constant soul-crushing sacrifice – you can’t really feel good about it. The Sun and Jupiter are engaging your rational mind in a way that may have you questioning these old beliefs. There is an easier way. Most likely it involves your innate lovability, capitalizing on relationships you have cultivated, asking for a return on your “investments,” gravitating toward justice and fairness, and believing there is a smarter, easier way to succeed. Work can no longer be your way of numbing yourself to an irrational sense of guilt. Your rational mind is your friend and ally this week. Your immediate environment is especially generous.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo chart configurations this week imply there is a type of healing taking place that soothes your tendency to worry and to be afraid of expressing yourself in less than perfect ways. You are being freed to express yourself more authentically – the real you – and it’s far superior to the “perfected version” you’ve spent much of your life striving for. The more noble goal, in my opinion, is to be more fully and unapologetically who you are. Now you may be likely to agree. Something has changed. Your finding your own way and in the process becoming much more willing to imagine what your authentic role and how you can manifest it. Connecting to others through warmth, compassion, and a level of peace within yourself is your gift to the world. For you an old belief that you have to “earn love” through some noteworthy success is in the process of being destroyed. That’s really good news for you, your imagination, your future, and the future of the world.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
The past anchors us – for better or worse. At the moment your being un-anchored, freed from the responsibilities that have kept you safe, locked in, and, at times, immobilized. Simultaneously you may be in the process of transforming the way you relate to others – romantically and otherwise. Your whole style and approach to life is different. You’re on the cusp of a new beginning that seems newly unburdened by emotional baggage from the past. Your chances of finding satisfaction within the realm of relationships may soar. You may feel a new-found willingness to be your most authentic, uncensored, free self within the realm of relationships. Fear of “disturbing the peace” may no longer have you in a chokehold. It all seems very refreshing and new, hopeful and optimistic, healthy, energizing, and adventurous.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The new Moon activating your 12th house may indicate the gestation of a relationship that has some real potential for growth. Activated within the deepest recesses of your mind are the conditions that determine what you attract. Currently that looks to be an abundance of love, generosity, fairness, freedom and happiness. If you’ve attracted something different in the past, this is your chance to consider that maybe you’ve evolved, been transformed, and ditched the emotional baggage you used to carry. Happiness and faith in future may feel odd, but your old way of thinking about your life may no longer be valid. You may not have to live within the limited scope of a mind that tends to expect the worst. Your approach to life changes when you change at powerful inner levels. This is the time to consider changing your approach to life as you question old assumptions about what lies ahead for you. If you believe it’s more of the same, chances are you could be surprised.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius has no tolerance to feeling confined – to having to measure their words or to measuring anything. They like to throw the whole kitchen sink at a problem, to use what others would consider “way too much” – or way too little in form of discretion. Sometimes this is the source of their downfall. But this week? No. This week going overboard can actually work out very well for you. I prefer to describe Sag as being excessively generous most of the time and it’s likely to work in your favor this week. Relationships thrive as you find yourself increasingly able to express your true, uncensored self. Allies and friends are attracted to your unique genuinness and to your willingness to say what needs to be said with humor and warmth. Keep on doing what you’re doing, only more so, and it’s likely you will love what unfolds.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week Capricorn may undergo a transformation of their physical self. Whatever ails you is likely to be addressed. But more than just ridding yourself of physical problems, your fearful approach to the world may be cast off as well releasing a surge of passion and relief that brings back your enthusiasm for life and work. Now you are being freed to pursue a life direction under your own terms. Most likely you will inspire others to be all that they can be by rejecting anything that falls short of inspirational. Your organizational ability and experience puts you in the position of being able to be successful at whatever you choose. Think carefully about what you choose. You’ve come too far to settle for something mundane. Make sure whatever kind of work you do, you bring people together, raise their levels of awareness, and encourage an expanding exchange of warmth and love.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The deep, hidden, subconscious, levels of your being are being highly activated this week. This is always interesting and works out better if you decide to find a role for yourself within what can seem like confusion and chaos. Let the universe know that you intend to meditate your way into the action, to take a front row seat, and to communicate with the beings who now seem to be coming to life beneath the surface, with information you can use. It’s actually more like open-mike night though. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines. You can become part of the show. You can ask questions, form relationships and extract lots of guidance in the process. My suggestion would be to befriend Mars during a meditation session. He’s unusually accessible this week and he’s in charge of bringing you more interesting adventures.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces gift this week may be evidence of progress as a result of a concerted, long term effort to improve health, the health of their relationships, including their relationship with themselves. Facing some real darkness Pisces found the courage to face themselves and to transform. But, until now, the results have been inconclusive. This week it may be hard to deny that you’re not in a better place – maybe much better, that you haven’t found some important answers, conquered some fear, and discovered some new freedom. You may be reminded of how far you’ve come by circumstances and events you encounter this week. Maybe others will notice the change. The momentum will build over the coming year as it becomes easier for you to solidify friendships with those guides who’ve been there for you and now reside within the deepest aspects of your mind and heart. It may be time to say thanks.

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