Horoscopes for the Week of 9/14 – 9/20

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A prenumbral lunar eclipse at 24 degrees of Pisces occurs on Friday, September 16th, at 12:05 PM PDT & 3:05 PM EDT. In Pisces the Moon is highly sensitized. You may feel this deeply as you struggle to maintain some semblance of an integrated self – a kind self with structurally intact boundaries, clear definition, and astute insight. Good luck with that.

A Pisces Moon can feel oceanic – a flood of disorienting sensations and overwhelming power that washes away what we’ve counted on for support. There is an undermining, or possibly a “lightening of the load” we’ve been carrying, a dissolution, a cleansing, a purification, or “grand leveling” of some kind.

A Pisces Moon senses dissonance – a consensus of belief about current realities that feels wrong. Under the eclipse, we may see the lie and the truth at the same time, but it’s all swirled into one dim, distorted image. Our rational mind cannot decipher, or recognize, or make sense of what’s going on.

At the same time we’re under pressure to find a way to integrate or explain the confusion. We might simply close our eyes and pretend we’re in a place that’s safe and familiar. Or we may trust what we feel and give ourselves permission to just be confused and overwhelmed for awhile before it begins to sort itself out.

Drinking, drugging, lying, or impulsive, excessive action (not advised) could quickly devolve into a state of complete chaos – internally or externally. The highly sensitive, emotionally vulnerable, and completely exhausted among us may need a life raft to rest and drift on for awhile. (This is a good time for a gentle purifying detox).

Another possibility is that the truth we’ve sensed for so long is dramatically exposed, bringing big shifts, profound change, and a sense that’s what’s ending is over – forever. On the world stage what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been hiding may be exposed – and it may be disqualifying. There are astrological indications that neither will become president and maybe we already sense that.

Mars in Sagittarius squares the Sun/Moon opposition triggering a shock that may return us to a healthier rhythm. Mars and Uranus move into harmonious aspect. The best strategy may be to find your sense of humor and to veer off course deliberately.

Intentions set at a full Moon – especially an eclipse – are most effective when they’re designed to diminish, dissolve, disempower, or end something – permanently. What comes to an end may be an old karmic debt, a strenuous health struggle, imprisonment, isolation, confusion, delusions, and chronic disappointment. This full Moon can bring tremendous relief in the form of mysterious healing, inspiration, and the uplifting influence of profound beauty and compassion.

Sometimes you can identify more with your Moon sign (reading the horoscope for the sign of your Moon) under the influence of a powerful lunation such as this one.

Mercury continues its retrograde motion in Virgo until September 21st. We rethink health regimens, the effectiveness of our methods, work environments, and what we need in improve in order to feel inwardly complete.

Jupiter is at the very beginning of its year long transit through Libra. During this time we fall in love and relationships finally come together in ways we always hoped they would. We question our beliefs about conflict resolution, meeting force with force, the role of feminine energy, and the best way to achieve peace. We infuse the world with move love because it feels good to do that, because it’s deeply embedded in our nature, and because it’s the only thing that ultimately saves us.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week under the impending eclipse it’s your job to fix things – whether or not you broke them. This week it may seem that no one feels your sense of urgency. No one seems committed to their responsibilities. No one particularly cares if they do a good job or not. No one seems particularly motivated. It’s your job to kick them into high gear – nicely. Aries can change the world this week so it’s really not that big of a deal, by comparison, for you to change the course of events within your personal sphere. It’s wise to take the long view, to infuse the situation with kindness, to inject some humor, and to see your mission as more than simply getting the job done right. You’re an example this week of all that right with the world, of how to treat people sensitively, how to motivate without fear or condemnation. Actually you’re rebelling softly against the way things have always been done. But the impact may be far-reaching.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
You may be in the process of contemplating a new chapter in your life, tying up lose ends that keep you from moving forward, examining what you want to keep and what you want to discard for the next leg of your journey. Over the next three months, this eclipse attempts to wash away your tendency to avoid those who are able to shower you with love. They highlight the difficulty you have receiving and exacerbate the discomfort you feel. But all that changes now as you free yourself to be surrounded by lovers of every kind – those in love with you, with life itself, with art, beauty, humanity, and themselves. It’s a strenuous phase but the potential is unprecedented. This is nothing short of a prison break. You’ve been confined for many lifetimes, and now that phase is over. The trick is to not revert back into what’s comfortable but confining. Challenge yourself, from now on, to put yourself, whenever possible, in the presence of generous lovers only.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini may be in the process of a reconsideration of what they’re envisioning their future life to be. It’s time to be experimental when it comes to envisioning the roles you want to play. It’s time to be brave, daring, broad minded, and totally unleashed when it comes to envisioning the kind of life your soul craves. You can have it. But what’s most important now is that the act of envisioning brings you a type of good fortune that allows you to transcend day-day realities and limitations. So even if you’re not in the mood, currently totally immersed in keeping yourself from drowning in a sea of professional confusion or domestic chaos, nudge your mind toward something soulfully pleasant, deeply inspiring, and instinctual. The benefits are further-reaching than you can imagine.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week the eclipse has the potential to wash away your darkest doubts about the future, your tendency to neglect your future, to use drug or alcohol to escape from imperfect realities, to put lots of pressure on yourself to come up with the right answers, to lie if necessary, and to present yourself as exceedingly effective, intelligent, and essentially just perfect. These are distractions that prevent you from achieving your highest potential. Now you have the opportunity to view your feelings from a new and different perspective. Your feelings are not major inconveniences that throw you off track. They are gifts that keep you connected to your sensitive soul. Your emotional nature warms and comforts the world, and allows you to experience the world on a deeper level than most. Maybe now it’s time to say thank you and observe how that small shift in perspective changes your life.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There is an indication now that something you’ve been trying to undo or get rid of for years will finally be undone or brought to an end. You will feel lighter, more peaceful, and maybe years younger as a result. It may be cause for some kind of celebration and deeply felt gratitude. Remember to say thank you and to not take all the credit. Most likely more than just your influence was involved. Mars in your 5th house is tricky to express without betraying yourself in some way. The eclipse makes it trickier. You may need to walk a fine line between telling it like it is and being sensitive enough not to rattle the cages of those whose support you need. It may not seem fair and it may not be fun. You may feel like your head will explode, but most likely it’s worth the extra self-discipline and sensitivity you choose to display. Not everyone is as talented as you are. And not everyone knows how to turn their liabilities into strengths. If you have a choice between being kind and being effective, being kind might actually be your most effective approach.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo moves this week into a more relaxing and graceful phase, caught up in the flow of peace, support, sensitivity, and organic unfoldment. Relaxing and taking it all in is deeply nourishing. Kindness may surround you. Expressing yourself soulfully within the realm of relationships promotes seamless interactions – as long as you can adjust your expectations. Virgo’s are known for their tendency to over-orchestrate and to undervalue what cannot be measured and improved upon. They are known to be suspicious of what feels right and good, suspecting that they may be missing something. Transcend and quiet those tendencies this week and you do yourself a great favor. Goodness surrounds you – something more nourishing than perfection – if you can believe that. Give it a try.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
This full Moon Eclipse may be challenging Libra’s current mindset in some way. The truth is you may have allowed negativity to seep in, especially when it comes to your outlook on current responsibilities, work relationships, or health issues. Your attitude and approach may be devolving in a way that needs to be turned around. You don’t know everything. You have lots to learn and Saturn is more than willing to teach you if you’ll stop resisting. Mars and Uranus harmonize in ways that allow you to break out of a current relationship routines. Taking a trip, adjusting your usual schedule, and purposefully changing the people, places, and things you encounter on a daily basis may help. The universe is insisting that you gain more insight into the negativity that infuses your rigid mindset. This may be benefitting you in some perverse way. Time to figure it out. The universe assists you this week.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Don’t be distracted by the chaos in your midst. It’s transitory and fed by the amount of energy you invest in it. During this eclipse you benefit from a skillful, deep dive into soulful personal realms. Arrange for someone to take care of the kids as you escape to a sublime place to be alone and to feel nourished by your own internal richness. Imagine yourself completely at peace, recharging, and rebooting, especially the most daring, expansive, and forward-thinking parts of yourself. You have a lot to unravel and rearrange over the next year, but only in your most deluded states will you assume you have to do this alone. Now is the time when you can ask the goddesses for exactly what you need to steer you in the right direction and to make it all easier. Don’t hold back. You don’t have to be polite. Just simply ask for what you want. The goddesses love to be useful and whenever Scorpio is involved they take it all very seriously.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sag is tired of being confined and seems to have found the courage and support to dream big again – to recapture what was lost by ending something familiar but frustratingly, repetitive, and creatively stultifying. It is now time to take full responsibility for reaching the goals you have in mind for yourself. Self-improvement, skill development, and renewed motivation may be required. Sag feels most at home when the world is his home, when he’s traveling, exposing himself to something unfamiliar, more interesting, more adventurous. Now you may be figuring out a beautiful combination of art, inspired creativity, and travel to achieve the fame and notoriety you desire. Tie up loose ends, secure your independence, and protect your right to arrange your life in your own way, according to your own instincts, and the dreams you have for your life. A sense of rootlessness dissolves once you embrace a rootless lifestyle. Owning your power reconnects you with your soul, your ancestors, and your true home.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is always willing to work harder for greater gains but that may not be necessary now. More support, lucky breaks, fortunate contacts, and things effortlessly falling into place may move you to take a non-interventionist approach. An old mindset regarding the nature of work and your future may be dissolving. Now you are embraced and brought into the fold where you used to feel alienated and sidelined. So you could sit back and enjoy or you could recognize that your work for now remains behind the scenes, deep within. You still need to be more connected to your deepest longings, to understand your emotions, your cravings, your tendency to undermine yourself, and the fear that needs to be released in order for you to be truly fulfilled within the realm of relationships. Inner freedom is your goal. You don’t have to achieve that today but you do have to make significant progress between now and December of 2017. Now you can afford to focus inwardly as your outer world coalesces nicely.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Your beliefs about personal responsibility and money may be going through a process of transformation. It’s no longer necessary or advisable to use money – or the lack of money – as an excuse to delay your future, especially now that the coast is relatively clear and the universe is attempting to put you on the fast track. Now the rubber meets the road. Can you ditch your tendency to escape responsibility for shaping your life because the money’s just not there? Can you stop using money as the excuse to delay and deflect? The opposite of what seems rationale often works best for Aquarius. If your plan was to take control of your life once your finances stabilized, reverse that. Take control of your life first, in all the ways you can, and your finances will stabilize because the emotional need for an excuse to avoid taking responsibility is gone. You’ve taken responsibility. Mars and Uranus work together now giving you the courage to say no. If there’s one thing that puts your life back in your hands its saying no and meaning it.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may feel the effects of the impending eclipse on a physical level. Your body may be rejecting toxins, attempting to purify itself – a metaphor for purifying your approach to relationships and the world. Old patterns of hiding your most off-beat attributes and brilliant ideas may be dissolving as you take back your power. “You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself” – John Fogerty. And you certainly can’t be happy in relationships if you’re not comfortable with the relationship you have with yourself. A significant ending allows for a new beginning. Your beliefs about love are deeply transformed as you walk through an important threshold. Your goals to expand into the “unknown” are connected to a re-connection of some kind, a coming full-circle, a completion, a deep sense of fulfillment. A more courageous, direct approach to your finances, what you own, and what your owe is helpful.

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