Horoscopes for the Week of July 20th – 26th

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Yesterday the Moon was full. Today it moves into its waning phase. The broad message is that it’s time to release the fear that distorts your decisions and your life. The good news is that for the next two weeks that will be easier than its been in the past.

Early Friday the Sun transits from the watery, sensitive sign of Cancer into the fiery, self-centered, energetically expressive sign of Leo. Creativity is unleashed, drama intensifies, and performances flourish. Now is the time to find a stage, a spotlight, and an appreciative audience to impress others with the extent of your talents. For the next month its time to shine and to reintegrate the option of making life more fun. Your social life will most likely be energized.

The time to take some deeply transformative action within a specific realm of your life is growing short. A phase that began in January of this year is coming to a close. Whatever you need to do to finish up a difficult emotional phase and to prepare for something new, the time is now. You may feel that instinctively. It may be time to throw out something you’ve been holding onto or to take some general purging type of final action. You may feel that it’s time to say good bye to something that’s played itself out. Enacting a well-thought out ritual honoring a part of you that has died, while clearing and blessing a new sacred path forward, may put you in sync with the right new rhythm.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries is coming to the end of a complicated road involving treacherous twists and turns, massive personal transformation, power balancing, and the solidification of trust in their instincts and themselves. Life gets easier from here, though not any less interesting. For the next month the Sun highlights the love (self-love) sector of your life. You may come back to life in the most passionate and creative ways. It is likely that you will be more lovable toward yourself as you see more clearly all the reasons why you absolutely deserve to be. As an outgrowth you will be more magnetic and lovable to others. This is a month of exuberant love, fun, play, happiness, socializing, and unapologetic showing off. It’s also a time when you prepare to kick your future into high gear. This week you nourish yourself with love in preparation. This week its wise to display your talents to the specific people and groups that can facilitate your future success.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus is entering a tricky phase as the Sun moves into Leo. Leo is a potential ego-maniac waiting to happen. Taurus is a deep well of natural talent that’s rarely deliberately showcased or personally viewed as exceptional. It’s quietly and simply presented in ways that belie its true beauty and brilliance. Leo on the other hand can be the master of a dazzling presentation of something far less substantial. I don’t think you’ll turn into the negative version of a Leo this month. I just think you’ll want some applause for your contribution and what you do well. It may not be forthcoming and that may put you in “a mood.” It may be time, though, for you to consider at least a modest (by Leo comparison) showcasing of your talent and competence. You serve yourself and others when you channel your talents into something that’s off beat, innovative, mind-bending, yet beautiful, classic, and gently soothing.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Over the next few weeks you are in the process of finishing up a rather intense period of self-improvement and self-mastery that began last January. It was a period of hard work in search of methods that actually worked and the need to more seamlessly cooperate with parts of yourself that felt illogical and maybe “insane.” This masterpiece is almost complete. In a couple more weeks it will be time to “take your new, improved show on the road.” In preparation, this week you may have time to practice lightning up a bit. Everything you accomplish does not have to be a profound breakthrough. Work on something that is a little easier, more fun, more trivial, and more frivolous as you slip into a more relatable phase. Fuel your routine with play and humor. Laugh with a sibling, write something funny and light, and feel entitled to ease and flow because you really have earned it.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer, your amazing imagination has been working overtime for the past month. It’s been energized as you came up with ideas that were frivolous, surprising, depressing, and just plain brilliant. It would be wise to sift though those now and notice the ones that rise to the surface – the imaginings that keep resurfacing, maybe. Now it’s time to pay attention to the ones you want to actualize, solidify, and put into motion. How do you solidify things? First you have to love them. Then you have to dig through and marvel at the the depth and brilliance of the resources you find within. Then you have to let your confident and entertaining self emerge. You have to let your creative instincts run wild as you put on an entertaining dazzling performance. And you have to be having fun creating a masterpiece out of your idea. You may have to find an offbeat “partner in crime” to make it happen, but not necessarily. It all depends on whether you can integrate the most distinctive, off beat, somewhat socially unacceptable aspects of yourself into this process.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You may be mulling over the acceptance of your methods as valid. You may be raising eyebrows with the awkwardness or brilliance (or both) of your problem-solving choices. You may be flying by the seat of your pants as you struggle to look confident applying something that feels risky, strange, laughable, or unorthodox to you. You may be experimenting with what works as you face situations that defy logic or are simply totally unfamiliar. The one thing you know is that the traditional rule book is of no help at all. So you make it up as you go along. You shape yourself and your solutions to fit the situation and you may not particularly like what you look and feel like doing it. You may have had to let go of ideas about success that you were sure worked in all cases – or ideas you knew were sure to fail. You may have broken your own rules and experienced success anyway. What does that tell you? Congratulations on being flexible – even when it isn’t pretty or voluntary. Now you can back to being you – the new, improved, more flexible, and confident version.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Your sense of identity may be in flux over the next month as you release old versions of yourself and prepare to roll out the newly updated more relevant version. There are things you’ve outgrown about yourself and your life. There are things that need to be discarded as they no longer make sense. It may be time to gather your stuff – the clothes, the papers, the books, the pictures… everything that no longer feels like a reflection of you – and toss it. In fact, as much as you loved your old self that self has most likely outlived its usefulness to you. You may feel that but not understand it. Or you may feel it but not want it to be true. But chances are you do feel it. So retreat from the public eye for the next few weeks, create something magical, rest, and imagine what it might be like to remake yourself in your own, more integrated image. This could actually be more fun than you might think.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra’s talents and interests fall along the lines of the unusual and innovative. Brilliant minds, foresight, the ability to focus, and to persist with creative efforts and loving commitments over the long haul may now be paying off. Highlighted emerging benefits may relate back to associations you have carefully cultivated, the success of a child who tested your patience and perseverance, beloved interests that others downplayed, love affairs that at times felt hopeless, friendships you kept intact single-handedly, and innate talents you worked especially hard to develop. This is a time when you are appreciated and rewarded for something you pursued through thick and thin. It’s time to receive with open arms your reward with no hesitation and with the great joy of knowing that you demonstrated the courage it took to go against the grain.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Over the next month Scorpio may find themselves slipping into a mode of not caring as much about what used to “turn them inside out.” Something deep inside may be failing to generate the angst it once did even though little outwardly has changed – though it soon will. You have changed – profoundly it seems – and it’s time to exhale. The need for some debilitating and stressful circumstance or state of mind has run its course. Life takes on a new clarity when you indulge your sense of relief and relax. Now you’re more receptive to the little hints that guide you in the right direction. What escaped your notice when you were so tightly wound is coming into clear view. You may have a chance to showcase your talents and to those capable of fully appreciating them. In so doing you may appreciate them more. This is a pivotal time. Circumstances will soon reflect the absence of so much chronic inner conflict and it will be beautiful. In the meantime take a nap.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Since your overriding task and life work from December of 2014 – to December of 2017 is figure out how to create the future you most prefer, this is a dynamic and accelerating month for you. The Sun moves into your 9th house this week where it will ride for the next month. The 9th house could be considered “home base” for you – or at least your home away from home. There is something highly efficient and timely about enacting a strict routine of regularly envisioning the future you most desire. You could say that Sagittarians rule the world of formulating future visions actualizing them. This is an area of amazing and uncanny talent for you, though, on occasion, you may have doubted it. Manipulating and focusing your mindset is very effective for you. In regard to your future you seem to have the ability to “already be there” when others get stuck in trying to figure out how it will all happen. Just do your thing Sagittarius and do it more frequently. There is cause for great optimism when you connect with the most instinctive parts of yourself. Over the next month “staying in the present moment” is advice you can safely ignore.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is now moving into the realm of reconsidering magic – something you probably don’t normally do. There is a part of you that instinctively knows – despite how anyone or anything looks “on paper” – who and what will support your ambitions for the future. It’s a “blink” or first impression you feel about something or someone that’s initially being presented to you. It’s a subtle feeling you may have discounted in the past – an important decision-making variable that often conflicts with another’s opinion, what appears attractive on the surface, or what you needed in the moment. Going forward, “going with your gut” – or at least weighing your initial feelings heavily as you choose potential associates, partners, or situations – could advance your power and efficiency. It’s time to protect your right to use mysterious means in service of what’s practical. It has the potential to make you shine in the future as you become known for your uncanny ability to choose wisely despite doubt and initial resistance.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
You are in the process of waking up after a cosmic phase that has felt out of sync with your natural rhythms. Feelings – your own and others – may have prevented you from turning up the volume on who you are and what you love. A period of heavy responsibility or worry is about to be overwhelmed by something more exciting. Love is in the air – and so is passion, opportunity, friendship, a thriving, more interesting social life, and the general feeling that your life has been turned back on. Relationships take center stage and you remember what you can do, your skillfulness, and the things about yourself you love most. You’ve done the work, made the sacrifices, slogged through the complications, and faced what was hard to face. Now its time to feel the outgrowth of a new level of self-respect and self-consideration. Opportunities may be emerging in the form of cooperative efforts that showcase your unusual and amazing talents.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Some final clearing actions related to your future would be advised this week. You’ve been on a roll for the past month with Mars and the Sun harmonizing some important inner rhythms while advancing your dreams. As the Sun moves into Leo for the next month, those harmonious rhythm may be interrupted. Boisterous, crass, or less refined elements and situations may rouse you from the relative ease and bliss you’ve recently encountered. But this is a temporary interruption. Keep your eye on the ball and remind yourself often of the cherished dream that appears to be unfolding and will continue to unfold. Accept the responsibility or opportunity to create something that shows off your competence and skill – even if it takes a lot of work, feels rushed, uncertain, or like a risk to your ego. A new, more exciting life direction may emerge as a result of that risk.
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