Horoscopes for the Week of April 6th – 12th

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This week I’m using the Aries New Moon Chart to write horoscopes. Lunar events trigger emotions and feelings. I think it’s valuable, therefore, to read the horoscope this that matches your Moon sign. (Click here to find your Moon sign.) E-mail me if you have trouble figuring it out.

At the time of an Aries New Moon I picture a toddler taking his first wobbly steps and how that changes everything for him. It’s a thrill to watch and must be even more thrilling to experience. Walking is the result of an ongoing maturation process that took place behind the scenes – a complex combination of new nerve connections, muscle development, coordination, watching and learning. It’s primal, and predictable, but always exciting to see the results of what has been slowly and quietly developing “behind the scenes.”

An Aries new Moon brings that on. Quiet but steady inner progress enables you to take some new type of action that expands independence and your world. There is something delicate and innocent reflected in those first steps. Being especially protective and kind to yourself seems wise. An idea that originally springs from deep within the recesses of your mind can now be acted upon and brought into full manifestation over a cycle of nine-month periods.

Expect what you initiate now to bring tangible results and pivotal turning points at the beginning of December. Between now and then generate as much energy as you can around an original idea that feels exciting, adventurous, and deeply sourced.

As you approach your own major milestone, act with confidence, expect to become skilled at falling down and getting back up. Expect to become progressively more proficient, expectant, and daring. And don’t expect everyone around you to be thrilled by your new-found independence – even if initially they seem to be. You were easier to predict and manage before you could climb out of your crib.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Taking action feels most natural to an Aries. Every fiber of your being is vitalized a you move forward. Given new life is an inherent originality and daring that exudes innocence. In other words others tend to benefit from observing your especially pure brand of unadulterated, impulsive, and unfiltered confidence – especially if that confidence isn’t warranted. We instinctively smile and connect on a deep level with your sense of daring. It excites an important piece of ourselves we’ve tamed into submission – the part we really need now, in its most primitive form, to initiate a new beginning. So you’re officially designated the fearless leader of yourself even if you’ve fallen victim in the past to taming the most energetic and original parts of yourself. If you’ve fallen down or encountered some major scary challenge, it’s time to get back up. Your ideas are especially rich and deeply sourced. The world craves what you can offer in terms of style and inspiration. Protect your innocence, originality, innate rhythms, and physical prowess during this most sacred Aries seeding time.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus is the sign forced to feel their way through new beginnings. Now you must navigate through darkness, fear, the unknown, and the deeply confusing waters of your 12th house. It is here, in the house of endings and mysterious dissolution that you must begin. Astrologically it seems backwards and upside down, but for you it’s the most natural place to plant the seeds of a new beginning. Your subconscious mind is highly activated as you reprocess old memories with accumulated wisdom – the product of a lifetime of experience. Your work revolves around emotionally restructuring your past – recreating an interpretation of the past that is different from the way you’ve previously interpreted it. Now you are able to put subconscious material together in a way that frees you to assume full power over your life. You are dealing in the realm of buried treasure – and buried ghosts. Discriminating between the two is intricately intertwined with your new beginnings. Now is the time for time alone. The actions you take are beneath the surface and quiet but they require massive amounts of energy. Protect your health with good habits.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini initiates something new within the realm of life that processes and draws conclusions from their direct life experiences over the past year. Now it is likely that the full impact of how much you’ve changed takes hold. Challenges seem familiar, but you’re very different. So your responses must be different. You are less encumbered in the area of love and creativity. It takes some time to understand and process how this changes everything. What may be required now is the freedom to experiment within the realm of committed relationships. A safe place to experiment with the “new you” can be within the company of trusted friends. A “friend type of love” is tolerant and flexible. Friends allow for growth while at the same time reminding you of the sacred parts of yourself that will never change. It is critical during this new phase that your sense of self-worth and the tiny seedling that allows you to fully integrate is protected. If you don’t have a loving venue within which to freely experiment it’s time to create one. Risk adds a sense of adventure. Your priorities may be reordered.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This new Moon urges you to act on some vague impressions, possible signs of healing, dreams, optimism, and maybe some delusional nonsense. Deciphering what’s worth acting upon and what could lead you toward a dead end or possibly some loss is required. Clarity is important. Consulting with someone you trust to tell you the objective truth could be important. Concrete actions may be taken in the direction of taking control over the direction of your life. That may involve acting more independently by taking responsibility for the keeping yourself grounded and attentive to details. It may be time to submit some paperwork, to set up an appointment, or to assess what it is you believe about your future – and whether or not that still seems valid. It may be time to analyze what kind of career would best reflect your future vision for yourself. Money and relationships may be the complicating factors. But your desire for something more adventurous and invigorating keeps you moving forward.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You may think you have the magic formula that will ensure success, but there is some potentially entertaining “monkey wrench” that has been thrown, at the moment, into the mix. This week you may have to smile as you remember how everything was proceeding according to plan up until it wasn’t. How do you adjust? How do you sustain your aura of competence and proficiency amidst the unexpected nature of your current circumstances? Deft handling may now entail giving in to the feeling that you’re simply along for the ride, destined to learn something new perhaps, but definitely destined to see the humor and absurdity inherent in your current situation. Going with the flow may be your best option. Labeling this “a typical example of non-cooperation” within your immediate environment may be your worst option. It’s time to initiate something new that prevents you from automatically assuming you’re falling behind or that someone is deliberately trying to frustrate you or challenge your authority. A different perspective allows you to sail high above the temporary challenges you face as you watch them dissolve on there own.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgos, prone to take care of business and to perfect their most useful skills, may need to initiate a new beginning that involves actualizing their dreams for a truly magical and satisfying relationship. Essentially that might involve a deliberate new action that signifies your support for the dreams your partner is attempting to set in motion. Relationships are tricky at the moment due to some old spell that was cast denying justice and fairness within the financial realm – or the perception of that. Generosity and compassion is the antidote that breaks that spell, though it may interfere with your own perfect scheme for financial success. Adjustment is required. Improving the quality of your relationships may involve an action on your part that seems unusually open-hearted, supportive, understanding, and unexpected.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra may be involved in taking some new action to heal a situation or condition that has plagued them for awhile. Symptoms of dissatisfaction may involve frustrations within the workplace that tends to manifest as physical symptoms. The tendency to absorb negativity can undermine your health in various ways. Relationships with those who avoid their responsibilities, fail to keep up their end of the bargain, or fail to involve you in ways you wish to be involved, can wreck havoc with your nervous system and your frame of mind. Your sensitivity tells you when a situation is awash in negativity. At that point it is important for you to do what you can to extricate yourself – or to refuse to be involved in the first place. This may entail a new, more assertive, and decisive approach. It may require more of a willingness to consider yourself first and to advance in the direction of more independence. It’s time to take some initial steps to determine under what circumstances you will or will not be participate.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpios embark on a new beginning that revolves around a greater sense of respect for the longings of their soul. Your soul has endured lifetimes of abuse and neglect as it met demands to connect with darkness, to shoulder pain, and to magically heal whoever and whatever crossed its path. A balanced realignment may constitute the outlines of your new beginning. Work and responsibility can no longer take precedence over the longings of your soul for sexual healing and sensual connection. Your body is the temple for your soul. From that perspective changes that improve your health and your health habits may need to be initiated. This week you may have the opportunity to indulge the longings of your soul. There is no end to the risk and complications this may involve. But the opportunity that emerges, possibly within the course of your daily routine, requires your thoughtful consideration under the umbrella of a broader perspective and greater understanding.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Recent epiphanies regarding your home, your roots, your relationship with your mom, and your past clarify the outlines of your new beginning. It is likely that you can now understand the convoluted ways in which your impatient, independent, and distant role within your family has undermined you at the deepest levels of your being. The need for self-protection is dissolving into a sea of love. Now you embark on a new relationship with your mom and the past, symbolizing a new connection with your ancestry and a your roots. That allows for and requires a critical transformation in the form of your attitude toward your own feelings – more patience and trust in your feeling nature. Actions that cement and solidify your “change of heart” heal and protect while revitalizing a sense of joy. Actions may take the form of rituals that bestow on you a new type of power to sustain connections. Still issues of trust make it all risky. Faith in yourself and the capacity of family and ancestral connections to heal is required.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
New beginnings hinge upon your ability to connect with what you’ve attempted to avoid in the past – hurt feelings, loss, rejection, trauma, emotional pain, or sadness. Times up. As sadistic and senseless as it might seem, delving into the past for the purpose of inviting old pain back into your life allows you to free yourself from a personal history that wasn’t particularly light-hearted or pleasant. You can spend a lifetime avoiding pain or a few hours processing and coming to terms with it. Actually it might take a little longer than a few hours. It might take some professional help and guidance. But it might not. Now is the perfect time to embark on that challenge. If you can keep from labeling this a personal weakness or failure that would be to your benefit. Do what it takes to remember the “not so good” moments of your past. There is boundless joy hidden beneath the layers of denial and stoicism. It would be nice to release that and now is the perfect time to do it.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius is challenged to do the paperwork, to set up the appointment, to free their mindset, and to insist on some cooperation when it comes to travel, higher education, and the shape of the future they envision for themselves. Aquarius may have already made the necessary financial sacrifices, paid back, in some form or another, what they owed. Essentially you’ve paid the price to regain some lost freedom. Now it’s time to take some concrete steps to improve your mental health and your effectiveness despite the unknowns that continue to haunt you. There is risk involved in pressing forward. But self-betrayal is the alternative. Black Moon Lillith is symbolized in your chart as a woman burnt out from “centuries of restriction” that have kept her from actualizing her personal vision for future. It’s time for a mental breakthrough that embraces an important new beginning. It’s important to believe that your vision for the future is doable.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces new beginning entails directly connecting their dreams with some concrete action to achieve them. Most likely it’s time to take actions that allow you to finance something – a lifestyle maybe – that would be a more accurate reflection of who you actually are. Cultivation is involved. The willingness to take a financial risk, to solidify your sense of self-worth, and to embrace the need for a more independent life, needs to be set in motion. There is work involved but it’s for the best of all possible reasons – love, happiness, and an unfettered, artistically expressive, life. Friends and associates may assist or complicate your quest to actualize your dreams, but they seem intricately involved in the financing process. Reordering your priorities, putting the resources you have to better use, resisting the urge to coast, and unequivocally putting an end to something old and energy-draining vitalizes your existence and your dreams.

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