Libra Full Moon Eclipse

(Mosaic Art – Evelyn Ackerman)

In most parts of the world, the Libra Full Moon Eclipse takes place tomorrow (March 23, 2016). In the United States the full Moon culminates at 5:01 AM PDT & 8:01 AM EDT.

Energy began to accelerate about two weeks ago, building to an intense vibratory level that continues through today. The changes this eclipse facilitates are important – part of a series of significant changes that culminate in a new focus and direction by September 1st of this year. The Sun/Moon midpoint, currently at 3 degrees of Capricorn represents a soul freed and newly receptive to growth and understanding. Creating new structures that are more supportive of your soul’s need to survive and thrive may be the thrust of your current focus.

Over the past two weeks an important development may have occurred. It is likely that a veil has been pulled back for you to observe something previously hidden from your awareness. Most likely the information revealed has existed in the shadows for a long time. You may have felt its oppressive effects, causing significant emotional pain, since March of 2013.

In this eclipse chart, Chiron, the wounded healer, triggers the Sun/Neptune midpoint, revealing emotionally healing types of information and renewed connections. Chiron is located at the 21st degree of Pisces – so is Ceres (the kind of nourishment needed to feed your soul) and the South Node (accumulated wisdom and personal skills begging to be applied in some new and different way). In preparation for stepping into a new, more meaningful role, something that has become habitually restrictive must be replaced with a freer, more balanced emotional exchange.

Rebellion intensifies under this eclipse. The feeling that you can no longer tolerate a repressive way of life may be triggered by soul-yearnings and practical considerations. Those feelings will most likely be mirrored in unexpected national and global events. The ground you’re used to walking on is shifting significantly.

Additionally you may be at the point of refusing to be further limited and blocked. A rugged individualism that tends to follow its own instincts, or the need for more independence, may surface to be nurtured and cultivated. Rapid emotional growth changes the nature of your relationships. You may demand more space within relationships for an honest expression of your true self. You may be required to allow for the honest expression of partners who may be undergoing their own emotional transitions.

Your ability to discriminate between being in “good company” (those who encourage you to follow your instincts, breaking with tradition if necessary) and “bad company” – (those who perpetuate your personally undermining tendencies) – sharpens. Despite the inconvenience, it may be time to eliminate the part of your social or professional life that has become increasingly depleting.

An abundance of Pisces planets continues to allow for massive healing. Because Nessus is being triggered by Mars, an old wound, most likely passed on to you from a suffering generations of ancestors, is ripe for healing. Before you pass on your own version of it to the next generation of those under your influence, it is now possible for the destructive pattern to end with you. As it does, the direction of the future is changed forever – not just for you, but for all those who come after you.

Overcoming obstacles that previously felt impossible to overcome is now likely. The symbol of a bridge being built across a gorge (Vesta in Taurus) brings new hope to intractable situations. Some old focus may be in the process of being released. In mysterious ways, music and nature facilitate this process.

Saturn squaring Jupiter implies many possibilities – excluding the one where you simply choose to do nothing. There is a mandate to act to align your beliefs with newly emerging information and changing relationship realities. Work that moves you in a direction you do not wish to go, work that no longer holds personal meaning for you, fails to provide opportunity for skill development, or simply feels punishing or distracting in some way, must be reconsidered under the emerging new light.

The reality is that a bell has been rung that cannot be un-rung. You may now know what you haven’t previously known. An important piece of the puzzle has been put in place. Fumbling around in the dark may no longer be necessary or an excuse for inaction. But change always presents a challenge to your existing comfort level.

Venus makes things easier, as she usually does. She paves the way for you to commit to something filled with love – something personally and professionally intense and transformative. As Jupiter in Virgo leans you toward practical analysis, Venus invites you to reconsider your calculations. What you love most to do can be considered one of the most practical of all considerations. It must be factored in heavily as you weigh your options.

The time to act in life-changing ways is closing in. The new Moon in Aries on April 7th, along with Venus’s transit into Aries, implies that significant hurdles will have been cleared by then. “Bridges across gorges” will be well on their way to completion. With the impending 18 degree Aries new Moon, the moment for gathering strength and confidence that precedes some pivotal – possibly life defining action – is indicated.

Mars and Saturn will be moving into retrograde motion – first Saturn on March 25th, then Mars on April 17th. Reconsideration and thoughtful planning moves you into the final stages. My best astrological guess is that most of the emotional pieces fall into place by July 4th (perfect – time to celebrate). And by September 1st you’re on your way toward something soul-satisfying, new, and endlessly promising.
Full Moon Eclipse

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