Horoscopes for the Week of Mar. 23rd – 29th

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With the Eclipse now behind us, energy gradually shifts back into slower motion. But because of some culmination, revelation, or seismic event, things will not shift back to the way they were. Something has ended – a roadblock dissolved, a reliance on fantasy or wishful thinking terminated, relationships settling into new formations after conflict and upheaval.

We may now know what’s not possible or which way we don’t want to go as we adjust to changed landscapes. Actions we must take may feel easier, more supported and facilitated. In the lead-up to the eclipse, softening boundaries between the subconscious and conscious mind may have revealed the invisible network of support that always has and always will be there for us. Confidence and courage has space to grow as confusion begins to subside.

Saturn moves into retrograde motion on Friday. for five months we will we move deeper into the parts of ourselves that remain afraid. Rethinking, reconsidering, finishing up, and restoring a deep sense of life’s meaning is indicated. How to expand our life in the most meaningful and joyful direction possible may be the central questions.

During the current Aries season we experience what it’s like to be an Aries. Courage is key. Aries are always afraid but they generally don’t let that determine their life course. They act in spite of fear, not because it doesn’t exist within them. The lure of their natural role as trailblazing leaders, the excitement that generates, and the adventure it implies, for them renders fear beside the point. But it’s always readily available as an option.

Always there is the invisible scorekeeper within that notes when you allow fear to dictate your choices. Over time the accumulation diminishes your confidence and your life. On some level you recognize the price you pay to live within the narrow bounds of fear. The invisible score keeper kicks into high gear as the Sun moves into Aries.

Action and exercise may feel welcomed this week. I’m noticing all the monarch butterflies that have recently hatched from their cocoons. They seem pretty excited and happy to be moving through their newly expanded space.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries experiences the movement of the Sun into the sign of Aries very purely and very directly. New beginnings are second nature to Aries. It would be an understatement to say they know instinctively how to do it. New beginnings bring an Aries to life. It is their reason for being. Insticts, imagination, intuition, dreams, and ancient memories are the raw materials that fuel the trailblazing efforts of an Aries. They are willing to go first despite the risks involved. So over the past couple weeks some old memories may have emerged that allow you to formulate your new direction. Imagining something wild and outside the bounds of current realities that is somehow connected to your past is an even stronger sign pointing you in the right direction. After wandering around in the wilderness, empty handed for months, it would be nice if you had something to hold onto – something symbolic, meaningful, tangible, and full of love that once belonged to you – or that you have recently re-discovered. It’s time to become grounded in a reality that carries with it the seeds of unlimited potential and cherished dreams.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus may be in the process of figuring out what the unknowns actually are, what pieces are missing, what empty spaces exist, what questions need to be answered, and what’s still missing. Being a Taurus, how you can use the resources you have at hand and a level of fine craftsmanship and artistry must be brought into the equation. How can the reality of what is missing or what remains unanswered inspire you to create a work of art? How can you turn what’s absent and empty into the Muse that inspires you to be artistically productive? How can you work with something that’s incomplete to hone your skills and refine your critical eye? How can some lack within you work in your favor? New beginnings for you hinge not so much on having everything you need, but being acutely in touch with what you lack, starting from there. It’s more of a heart exercise than a head exercise, but both may be involved. And for Taurus there’s always the expansive world of sensual experience. How does it feel to not feel? A Taurus is the perfect one to take that question and turn it into an unlikely masterpiece.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
For Gemini the challenge is to keep your life and your activities in balance. It’s a tough act at the moment. Your perspective may be skewed and you may be preoccupied with the cosmic triggering of a wound that allows guilt, perfectionism, over-thinking, and second-guessing to seep into your life’s equation. Managing your health while maintaining high levels of achievement may tempt you to take some short cuts, or to vacillate between extremes. Intuitive channels that normally transmit balancing feedback may be overloaded. It may be time for a break that involves the initiation of a new kind of socializing…or socializing with someone new. It may be time for some fun with a partner, some spontaneous honesty, the willingness to sit back and be entertained for awhile, an openness to love and forgiveness, and the ability to suspend with all formulas and prescriptions other than those that emerge from deep within.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
There is no sign more prone to stay connected to home, family, roots, and what’s safe and familiar than Cancer. But now is the time to become really light on your feet. Opportunities abound – very fortunate opportunities for you personally. Like fast moving trains, you have to be ready to jump on when they stop. You have to act quickly from your gut. If it feels right don’t second guess or hesitate. Timing is critical now. It is likely that some professional opportunity or public role emerges that fits you like a glove. It feels tailor made for you from the perspective of capitalizing on the skills you’ve developed, your innate talents, and especially your graceful, artistic, connective, and highly civilized approach to life. Trusting your gut may be the issue. Your future may have veered off course for awhile. Confusion, powerlessness, weakness, or temporary insanity, may have undermined your faith in yourself. Time to get back on the horse and prove to yourself that you know what you want and how to achieve it. The universe is sending you what you need. Stay alert.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The challenge for Leo is to engage in some adventure that can live up to the imaginative machinations of your mind. The depth and breadth and intensity of Leo’s imagination over the past several years, but most importantly over the past month, has transformed the nature of what you need in terms of new and exciting adventures. It may be time to travel to someplace far away as you turn away from the old and familiar. To say you’ve outgrown the need for continual reinforcement of something stable and secure is an understatement. Your mind and heart have been set free. They have been been expanded and elevated. Now your real life must rise up to meet it. So consider traveling to someplace that captivates your imagination – or at least initiate some planning in that direction. Something breath-taking, adventurous, romantic, other-worldly, and truly foreign may set your life on a new course. A refreshing rejuvenation and clarification of the extent of your capability to expand and achieve beyond your wildest dreams is in order.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Beliefs from the past, lies from the past, or a preference for wishful thinking over something more reality-based challenges current relationship structures. The opportunity now is for some powerful personal transformation to occur. What might be helpful long term is for you to deal more directly with old psychological conditioning that keeps relationships free floating, misleading, confusing, chronically disconnected, or basically unattainable. It may be personally risky to start telling the truth if you haven’t been, but that courageous act could transform the nature of your primary relationship in a way that puts your entire life back on track. Clearing up misconceptions, especially if those involve financial betrayal (or betrayal of any kind) may be a good first step. Virgos, more than any sign, are inclined to build their lives on foundations that do not represent the truth – or to be the victims of another’s false representation. Now is your chance to take some risk. Rewards come in the form of relationship bonds that transcend ordinary boundaries, moving you into truly magical territory.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Based on some recent “crack in the armor” where you realized how inefficient and ineffective your methods have become in moving you toward the kind of life you want, a change in your approach may be under consideration. Balance, as always, is the key. Too much self-sacrifice leads to the need for a course correction. A willingness to resist, to fight back, to set firm limits, and to protect your territory sends a signal that you value yourself and your “refined feeling approach” enough to refuse to allow it to be devalued. Dealing in the real world requires that you play by some simple rules that may feel harsh and primitive to you. The truth is that allowing yourself and what you represent to be devalued is a significant loss to others and to the world…whether or not they realize it. It is your job to stick up for the importance of beauty, sensitivity, kindness, consideration, and fairness. Your new beginning starts with a change in the role you’re willing to play within relationships.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio has a list of basic life requirements related to sensual nourishment, comfort, beauty, and a deeply ingrained need to feel understood. Many of those requirements may feel blocked at the moment, but feeling misunderstood could be the most painful. When it comes to a happy life reality almost never aligns with the fantasy in your head. Continuing to protect and nurture the fantasy can make disappointment your constant companion. The opportunity now is to spend more time in the real world so that you can see what needs to be fixed and fix it. Life does not tend to magically conform to your romantic specifications. Hard work and a willingness to take some previously avoided risk may be necessary, A renewed commitment to yourself allows Venus to operate with maximum influence to beautify your life. Unexpected cooperation and glimpses of reality’s own version of simple beauty may transcend your most wishful thinking. Writing may be the “bridge over the gorge” that brings you true happiness.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarians may define themselves and their highly independent nature as a reaction to a lack of support in their early life. The mother is most strongly implicated, though that is not always the case. Family members not being there for you, or the feeling that you would be better off if they hadn’t been there for you, is a complicated, confusing foundational structure. Resentments or rage may recede behind your fun-loving, optimistic, and fiery presence. But now is your chance to rid yourself of some misguided conclusions by doing what doesn’t come naturally to a Sag – admitting that they don’t know everything. There are mysterious rumblings from your past that may fill in some of the blanks. A clearer understanding frees you to reconnect with the joy and buoyancy that’s been missing form your life. It appears you may have dismissed a relationship from the past as a total waste, when in fact it held some nuggets of gold. Look for synchronous events that represent a defeat for the ego and a victory for the self. Look for opportunities to change what you assumed could never change.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may be somewhat destabilized by the triggering of thoughts related to memories of all the times their best laid plans for the future were undermined by something out of their control. Many times that may have been the result of a weakened or highly sensitive partner unable or unwilling to do his part to make your future vision a reality. It may have also entailed some mental confusion of your own – the desire to see any present reality not in terms of what it was but in terms of what you wished it would be. Now is the perfect time to critically evaluate what happened in the past to derail your future plans. Your access to old memories and higher the realms of a very supportive reality clarify for you what does not have to be repeated. Even though it may be a source of fear, it seems wise to act on opportunities to revisit your past. Some clean breaks with the past may require a type of effort you have consistently avoided. Clarification of some old impressions sets you free and gives you back power over your future.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Old wounds continue to be triggered this week within the realm of financial stability. Things may not feel stable. A depletion of resources may be your fear or your reality. Paralysis or magical thinking may enter into this equation especially if unexpected expenses intensify feelings of powerlessness. It’s time for a new strategy and a new plan that may entail learning, guiding the opening of minds, finding the right teacher, being the right teacher, facilitating higher understanding, and broadening perspectives. You have a lot to offer especially to small or large groups craving information the allows them to wield more power over the direction of their lives. Consider having more faith in your ability to change your situation dramatically. Taking some concrete and effective steps to free yourself from long-term, self imposed powerlesness is the challenge. Breaking the spell that confuses you about the value of your innate resources and talents sets you free. Reconsider an opportunity that can move you in a lucrative direction.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces old wounds continue to be activated this week but something has changed – a new revelation regarding the source of your sadness and fear brings new hope for a solution. The problem seems sourced in the nature of a significant past relationship, one that has calcified into something negative and much less than it could be – at least on the feeling level. This unfortunate relationship reality may present in very subtle ways requiring a subtle and highly sensitive response. Most required is a willingness to be inspired by faith to recognize that what you’re feeling is real and highly significant. Actions that prove you are able to adjust to the rules of a higher plane of existence are helpful. Think ritual, beautiful offerings, regular reliable periods of contemplative attention to “the other” who seems more than ready for change and more than willing to do their part. Healing in the form of decalcification seems likely. Keep showing up.
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