Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 20th – 26th

(Mosaic Artist – Cherie Bosela)

This week (today) the Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius. It’s time to free an aspect of yourself, or your life, that feels confined – for the sake of your own sanity and for the sake of humanity in general.

Venus enters the sign of Capricorn on Saturday. Doing the “hard stuff” becomes easier. You may feel solidly supported in ways you haven’t previously been. Relationships, money, and creative assistance may enter into the mix.

On Saturday the Full Moon at 3 degrees of Leo culminates. Basically this suggests having come to the end of the road regarding patterns of creative self-expression. You can go no further in the direction of developing your gifts and talents without changing course and courageously putting an end to something that no longer serves you well. It’s time to clear a path for the focused development of your most “ground-breaking” gifts.

Next Monday Mercury stations direct. After three weeks of careful consideration (and reconsideration) of your current reality, a new level of clarity emerges.

Have a wonderful week and, as always, thanks for reading.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Attracting friends, associates, and alliances that challenge you to develop your natural interests and talents to the next level can be revitalized under the impending new Moon. You may have reached a stage where you have taken your innate creative talents as far as they can go without the stimulation of friends and associates. Now, further development of your talents relies on your ability to nurture key contacts and interesting natural allies. It is to your benefit to pay attention to how others would like to be treated in order to move them into positions that support you. Your tendency to be inconsistent and unpredictable can easily be misinterpreted as lack of caring, lack of interest, and a deal-breaking kind of disorganization. Your wild, but essential and forceful energy can be redirected into initiative, demonstrations of courage, and the willingness to lead. A different approach to “personal dramas” (or the elimination of those) may be the key that allows you to move forward with consistency and stability.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The impending Leo Full Moon clarifies for Taurus a potential new life direction and the new roles they may want to play within that new direction. Attention to the kind of new foundation you need to support yourself is critical. Your relationship to your current life direction has taken you as far as you can go. A new and different challenge is required to fully actualize the scope of your talents. Relationship adjustments are involved. With old restraints dissolving, and an ongoing reconsideration of a direction you may want to pursue, new possibilities may be entertained. The question is what most authentically expresses the real you? Look to your relationship with your home. Do you crave more space? Then you need to build with careful attention to providing space for for future maneuvering and expansion. Do you crave something more beautiful? Then you need to build something that challenges you to create “art” that soothes the soul. Do you crave more warmth? Then you need to build a new direction that requires you to provide safety for the vulnerable so that open-hearted connections can be made. Allow old inclinations and resistance to dissolve over the next two weeks.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The jolt of Aquarian energy, coupled with the end of Mercury retrograde kicks Gemini’s into high gear. The pace of your life increases, maybe dramatically. Life experiences come fast and furious and your nervous system may become overwhelmed in the process. Take some “time outs.” Take care of your physical and emotional self, and do what feels soothing occasionally. This is essentially what you’ve been waiting for. New routines may need to be developed in response. It is unlikely that they can accommodate all that is happening within old structures. Your new experiences take the form of something unexpected and unlikely that opens doors and kicks in roadblocks. Aquarius has no respect for traditional boundaries. Her reason for being is to bust through them and to create progress. So good luck with all of this energy. You’re adept at juggling many things simultaneously and creating something coherent and useful out of many, unintegrated, moving parts. That will come in handy in the coming weeks.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Adventures and experiences designed to increase your understanding of the depths of your psyche may have seemed challenging up to this point. But this week is designed plunge you into some greater messiness and deeper dysfunction. You could be caught off guard, but that’s really the beauty of this. You could choose to bypass the usual resistance and proceed with curious anticipation toward something intended to free you. Or you could choose to to stick with the tried and true, keeping it pretty and above board, and, most importantly for Cancer, safe. Aquarian methods may be jolting and threatening to a Cancer. But Aquarius give you free access to the raw materials you need to design an artistically creative life. An artistically creative life is what stabilizes you and keeps you safe. Within that context, this week offers you a gift – if you can tolerate the temporary instability and the mess. It’s all about attitude, perspective, the willingness to learn through unfiltered life experience.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The impending full Moon in Leo ends, for you, a way of engaging with a partner, or others in general. Leo’s tend to see themselves reflected in others. They like to look at their reflection in a mirror – and the mirror is potentially everyone and everything. For that reason they are forever on a mission to primp and to improve on what they see. They see the flaws in others reflected back to them and try to fix them. In the process they hurt others and miss the point. They unnecessarily complicate every relationship they have by making others feel inferior or misunderstood. Leo’s have now taken their mission to shape others into their own idealized image of themselves as far as it can go. Now its time for you to sit back and notice what is already amazingly beautiful and inspiring. It’s time to adjust your vision to focus on what’s already perfect – or perfectly imperfect. This will revitalize your relationships in amazing ways. The strategy I’m suggesting has very few downsides. Effortlessly you tend to attract the most interesting creatures on earth. And they have the ability to vitalize the most interesting parts of you – if you stop messing with them.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo can be somewhat addicted to being fully prepared for any eventuality. Eventualities arrive on your doorstep unexpectedly this week. It’s the Aquarian Sun at work. She’s the one most likely to arrive on your doorstep, suitcase in hand, a few weeks earlier than originally planned. You are put in the position of having to adjust or turn her away. I suggest you adjust. Being unprepared and sticking to your schedule pales in comparison to the opportunities being presented. And they may be of the kind that only come around once in a blue Moon. So consider some flexibility this week, expect the unexpected, and dispense with your usual over preparedness. This week that’s all beside the point. To use an overused directive – just be grateful and embrace it.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

After a month long phase of dealing with the past, confining family relationships, concerns regarding siblings, or weighty decisions involving truth-telling, now you breathe a breath of fresh air. You may finally have the freedom to engage with the kinds of people and information that truly interest you. Life is starting to feel fun again. Freedom is absolutely key to your happiness – freedom and friends. The full Moon in Leo offers an opportunity for social revitalization through a willingness to let go of some ongoing, energy-sapping drama. Rebels without any real worthwhile cause may leave you exhausted. If that rebel is you it’s time to start agitating for something more meaningful. As you do you will find colorful, full of life friends who effortlessly bring you, and a life you love, back to life.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week old routines may fall by the wayside. Those routines that are especially vulnerable are the ones you designed long ago. They may have been based on strict self-discipline or the need to do what you felt others wanted you to do. Or they may have been designed without taking into consideration some natural support or ally. A disconnection from natural cycles and your own, personal rhythms may have been the result. In order to find a new, healthier routine it’s wise to tune into your natural rhythms and to feed off of their most naturally nourishing elements. The Sun’s movement into Aquarius highlights the extent to which independence, unusual intellectual pursuits, progressive causes, brilliant methods, and exercise can be used as a guide to constructing and maintaining something new. If you have taken your career as far as it can go, the guide you follow to construct new routines can also be used to guide you, in the initial stages, toward a new approach to your professional life.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

For Sagittarius, the transit of the Sun into the sign of Aquarius is like the return of an old friend who’s been away for the past 11 months. It’s a pleasant event. Aquarius eggs Sagittarius on, especially when he is contemplating a new adventure, some unplanned trip abroad, or something spontaneous that will stun the masses – just for fun – or maybe to make a point. Aquarians are interesting to Sagittarians. They add fuel to your fire – especially the fire of ideas you continually generate – but more so, and more brilliantly, in the presence of Aquarian energy. So now your mind is being highly stimulated, but your perspective may need to expand to accompany something entirely new and different. Your old beliefs may be locking you into some dull and unexciting ideas. Aquarius challenges you to let go of a belief (a lack of education, an inability to consider something culturally foreign, something more inclusive, or independent). Your world has become too small to accommodate the wild ideas Aquarius is stimulating. Within those ideas lies the seed of social reform and your own personal freedom. Welcome home Aquarius!!!

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The light bulb may have been switched on when it comes to your approach to finances, financial partnerships, your expectations, and your traditional way of dealing with building stability. What may now be clear is that you have taken your approach to financial stability – or stability in general – as far as it can go in it’s current form. A course correction or entirely new approach is required to align more closely with your values and priorities. In the interest of keeping a part of you alive, something about your relationships, the role you play, and the role you force (or enable) another to play, must be newly structured. You have yet to fully tap into your power as a financial partner and irreplaceable support. Or you have failed to understand and communicate to another what it takes to be an effective partner to you. Whatever is involved, you are being challenged to be “someone different.” That someone is actually more reflective of the real you. The good news, as always, is that Capricorns know better than most what to do when a challenge is thrown in their direction.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Obviously Aquarians feel more powerfully than most the Sun’s movement into their sign and the significant energy shift this represents. Something has freed you to be more independent and to play your most natural and powerful role within the realm of relationships. That is fortunate because you have taken your way of relating to others as far as it can go without some much needed change in direction. It is important to give yourself a month to adjust to new circumstances, new relationships, new partners, or old partners who have changed. Yes, people can change, even if they’ve been the same forever. Aquarian energy facilitates what’s least expected and most unlikely. It’s important to give others the freedom to change so that you can step into a new role. You’re regaining your most natural footing but also being challenged, maybe for the first time, to develop the full potential of your relational skills. The roadblocks have been removed and it’s time to show yourself what you can do. Courage and initiative are now vitally important. But you may be surprised by how challenging it is to play the role you’ve always wanted to play.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
You have taken the methods you use to render yourself most effective within the realm of relationships as far as they can go – without some significant upgrading. Parts of yourself you’ve downplayed within relationships are demanding to be integrated. Parts of yourself that were carefully hidden, even from you, may be rebelling in ways that create events designed to get your attention. Another’s response to you, or an ongoing frustration may have let you know the extent of the damage long term imprisonment has done to the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of you. Your soul is being set free. It needs oxygen and a voice that can more effectively be expressed within the bonds of relationships. So now you’re faced with the challenge of creating new methods and techniques that can effectively convey your most poetic, brilliant self to a partner – or to the masses. Time to experiment with possibilities and new emerging opportunities.
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