Scorpio New Moon

(Mia Tavonatti – Mosaic Artist)


The Sabian symbol for this new Moon is “A Parrot Listening, Then Talking.” Highlighted is the tendency to regurgitate information. This symbol highlights the effect of your mindset on perception and behavior. It’s a reminder to critically think for yourself rather than “buy into” another’s reality. That may simply be a bad habit born of a desire to conserve energy. It’s easier to borrow another’s reality than it is to create your own.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to consider the source of information you receive and live by and to reject what does not conform to the person you’ve become. Any perspective that stimulates fear should be “red flagged. Fear automatically distorts who you are because it removes you from the source of your power.

Reality and experiences unfold according to beliefs and expectations. It’s time to critically examine your current mindset. Clarifying what you actually think may involve remembering the source of any ideas or thoughts that seem to misrepresent you or underestimate your abilities.

If you identify beliefs you “co-opted,” a timely idea might be to write their “source” a letter explaining why you can no longer align yourself with that perspective. Because Mars is now in the critical 29th degree of Virgo, writing can be an especially effective and quick healing method. No need to share what you write unless you want to. Personal journaling, if not currently a habit, would be a great one to adopt as the North Node transits into Virgo ushering in a brand new phase of development. There is the suggestion that this new phase could improve the nature of your relationships. Mars encourages you to let go of access baggage first.

The opportunity inherent in this New Moon seems to be new realizations that change the nature of your reality. Now comes an opportunity to re-establish yourself on “new ground.” It is likely that you will see yourself fitting into a different space within a new and different scheme. That space seems to offer you the opportunity to cultivate your specific brand of originality and innate creative talent. Actually that “space” has been evolving for quite some time, but now it takes on shapes you recognize, deeply identify with, and know how to use.

As you let go of an old way of thinking and replace it with something that feels more natural to you, you may feel the need to change your circumstances. The old cycle must be released in order for the new one to take hold. What used to provide safety and stability for you may need to be reorganized or thrown overboard. If you find your thinking stuck in neutral or “going in circles,” changing something about your daily routine stimulates a change in mental patterns.

If answers have eluded you, problem solving now involves diving deeper for answers. Go beyond where you’ve previously been. Ask the hard questions or lean on someone you know will guide you in that direction. The answers are there, just deeply buried and accessible only to those courageous enough to explore the deepest realms of truth. The truth you uncover is rarely as frightening or as devastating as you always imagined it would be. In fact you may find yourself wondering “is that it”? – or feeling like it’s something you might have always known.

See this Week’s Horoscopes (to be posted late afternoon or early evening today) for a more individualized interpretation of this New Moon.

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