Horoscopes for the Week of Nov 4th – 10th

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Sunday Venus moves from the critical, “detail and service oriented” sign of Virgo into the soothing and balancing sign of Libra. This new quality of energy available facilitates ease and flow within relationships, a greater awareness of imbalance, and the ability to correct it through attractive and irresistible means. Tactics change from harsh criticism to enticement. Money and material security takes on higher priority. The creation and appreciation of art and beauty is heightened. Relaxation seems less frivolous and more necessary. The value of justice and fairness may be re-awakened.

Mars and Jupiter continue to square Phollus, the centaur planet that can instigate monumental and highly consequential reactions based on small and seemingly insignificant change. Once unleashed the reaction may be difficult to contain.

Addiction is the health issue most associated with Phollus. Desperate cravings result from seemingly small actions repeated consistently over a period of time. In the U.S. news of a rising middle age death rate from cirrhosis of the liver as well as the “mainstreaming” of heroine use and addiction are front page news.

Making all of this work in reverse involves conscious efforts to improve daily habits that can eventually result in big positive change.

Jupiter in Virgo opposes retrograde Chiron in Pisces, bringing an oppositional energy between the planet of excess and the wounded Healer. Jupiter/Chiron is great for bringing our awareness to our deepest wounds so that we can do very deep healing work on ourselves or in service to others. Jupiter can also touch on those most sensitive places that trigger us to spin us out in ways that do not support conscious living. Entrenched wounds can surface and be cleared this week. Mind/Body techniques may be especially effective.

Sudden shifts, big adjustments, and unpredictable release, manifests in unpredictable ways as Uranus and Jupiter stir up restlessness and the urge for freedom. An innovative approach to life works well. Recklessness is especially risky but an openness to some well-thought-out change seems important.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week Aries sees through especially clear eyes what it is that works in their life and what doesn’t, what’s useful and what’s not, what habits promote the kind of lifestyle you most prefer, and the methods that work most efficiently. Aries may also be able to clearly distinguish between what promotes health and what discourages it. Because Pisces energy has fired up your 12th house of “things to be released” and because you can now distinguish between what to keep and what needs to go, it may be time to start filling the garbage bags with the “useless and destructive.” It may also be time to review your past in a way that highlights old mistakes. Integration and healing involves putting old mistakes in their proper perspective, finding humor in them if possible, and re-committing to never repeating those you can prevent. The point this week is to take full advantage of your critically discerning eye and unusually clear perspective through targeted actions.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

This week astrological symbolism conspires to make what feels enjoyable, also very useful – effortlessly. The world is handing you what you most need through no fault or action of your own. The gift being given to you may come in the form of someone who can lighten your load, someone who has information you need, a child who says something astonishingly wise and remarkably healing, or just the right kind of lover who inadvertently and mysteriously crosses your path or maybe runs right into you. You have an affinity for Venus and her beautiful, effortless, attracting abilities. It is likely that you have had previous experiences of this mysterious kind. The course of your life may change in some beautiful way this week. All you have to do is notice and to maybe say thank you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The one word I would use to describe Gemini this week is “unsettled.” Life is stirred up for you, probably in ways you would prefer it not be. Your foundation doesn’t feel cemented anymore, and things you thought you knew are being challenged by some “pretty shaky” authorities. It doesn’t matter who’s stirring things up as much as it matters that they are being stirred. Unearthing is now a possibility. What was once buried under layers of stability and certainty now at least has the chance of being exposed and maybe put to good use. The implication is that you may have had some valuable stuff you could use that has, up until now, been inaccessible to you. It’s a trade off, though. In exchange for being less certain and a little less confident, your “unwelcomed” circumstances, may be presenting you with a whole new world of valuable possibilities. All you have to do is stay tuned-in (rather than annoyed), and hyper-aware of what exactly is surfacing.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The “Scorpio season,” now in progress, can feel especially supportive of Cancerian ways and lifestyles. Your senses may feel heightened and deepened in ways that allow you to feel more nourished and satisfied. Not only has the Sun entered into Scorpio’s realm, but Mercury as well now basks in the glow of your complimentary shadow. The gifts being handed to you may come in the form of hidden information that is casually revealed. It’s good information, most likely – information you’ve needed for quite some time to be able to put “all the pieces into place.” The information may be delivered to you in sensual or mysterious ways – maybe in the form of an unexpected new lover you’ve been wishing for, or the development of the kind of receptivity to love you’ve been craving. Accessing sensual pleasures may feel effortless. Being receptive to great food, a soft touch, holding hands, music you love, and scents you adore, put you in the right mood for an especially joyful and secure existence this week.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
For Leo there may not be much going on this week. In fact free time may be more abundant than usual as you wait for something to happen. Your impatient nature may tend to view this period as a frustrating time when everything is taking longer than usual and action is just not called for at the moment. You may worry that you’re losing your mojo or have somehow become less popular and “in demand” than you’re used to being. But the reality of the situation is that this is the designated time for you to rest and recharge your battery, to daydream, to let some new ideas emerge from the mysteriously brilliant realms of your soul, and to reignite your passion. Not even you can operate in high gear 100% of the time without becoming depleted. Relax and regenerate yourself and know that this is not a trend but a necessary “breather” from which you will emerge refreshed and once again ready to inspire.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo may sense an impending shift in focus and the need to wrap things up within the financial realm of life. Putting your resources to good use, valuing yourself and your contributions, simplifying, and conserving over the past 21 months has perfected you in ways you couldn’t have imagined back in February of 2014. This week you may begin to effortlessly reap some of the rewards that come with this familiar territory. You may be the beneficiary of some generosity, or you may be in a position to be abundantly generous yourself. Refrain from doling out harsh criticism this week even though it may be tempting. Your critical faculties are running in “over-drive” now and you certainly have some useful observations, as always. In preparation for your new mission though, focus instead on a critical evaluation of your style and approach to life, how you initiate action, and your appearance. Not that there is anything wrong with it that the rest of us would notice, but your attention to detail and high standards are more exacting than ours.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

An especially innovative and useful idea that’s been gestating for awhile, a hidden personal talent, or magical ability surfaces effortlessly this week. As the details slide into your conscious mind you may want to share what’s previously been yours alone to contemplate. Whatever it is may make life easier for the masses and it may be your job this week to try to explain and sell whatever feels like it has emerged from the mysterious depths of your soul. Patience is something you need to cultivate for awhile. Not everyone will be immediately sold this week on what you have to offer. But they will be mesmerized by your style and approach that telegraphs love, generosity, beauty, and good will. You are in top form this week as Venus enters your first house. It is the right time to effortlessly make an favorable impression. You (and others) are nourished and healed by your ability enjoy the charmed circumstances you create wherever you go.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may come off as being especially “full of themselves” this week. The Sun in your sign is facilitating a more confident and dramatic expression of your powerful magnetism and magical manifestation abilities. The question is “to what end will you express this surge of your most natural and authentic self? Impressing others is an option. Making them feel small and powerless by comparison is well within your power always, but especially now. I’m guessing you’ll decide against that option as you structure something more innovative and potentially nourishing. A more compassionate, less driven approach may lead you down an intriguing path of new possibility. Softening your approach to yourself doesn’t equate with “backing down.” Set some new and challenging goals for yourself that involve increasing sensitivity rather than re-committing to some strengthening task you’ve already mastered. Showing off is tempting, but deeper satisfaction can be found down some less-traveled, more interesting road.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius is all about making things bigger, structuring your life to include a continually broader array of interesting stuff, growing and expanding your mind, introducing yourself to experiences previously unknown. Expansion is a continually driving force within you that never sleeps. This week, though, you may have to step back some to accommodate a chance to heal what has prevented a smooth, “full steam ahead” approach to growth. Healing and integrating something that was damaged in the past may not seem to fit with your agenda but actually it does. You may need to go back to go forward and this may feel like a “standstill.” The wound that needs “fixing” is foundational. It affects your confidence, makes you feel victimized, and is now ripe for healing. A narrowed self-focus this week, possibly on mind/body healing techniques, can give you back the confidence you need to embark on expansion once again. It’s time well spent and will pay great future dividends.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
At this time most of your challenges are being launched from deep within. Buried in the deepest recesses of your mind and heart exist the blockages that need to be cleared to allow you the best possible chance for the kind of success you crave. The extent to which you can increase your sensitivity and receptivity to subtle clues, and the strange nature of who and what teaches you what you need to know, will determine your progress. The message I’m getting is that you need to pay more attention. You have to notice what you didn’t used to notice. You have to be open to the possibility that the person least likely to have the information you need actually has it, and may be trying to give it to you. Dreams may open your mind to something new and movies may contain messages that are trying to “get through.” Information you need surrounds you, but you have to assume it won’t be obvious.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Powerlessness is an illusion and this week you may come to terms with that. For awhile you have believed that it’s a non-negotiable fact that you have to live with circumstances, worries, people, and inner conflicts that torment you. This is not true and it has never been. It’s time for you to stop recalling the stuff that lowers your quality of life. It’s unnecessary, destructive, and you now have the power to banish it. The only thing left for you to do is to is exercise that power. Now the time is right. The first step may be to identify the undesirable thoughts and situations you “automatically” revert to that diminish your happiness and prevent you from getting on with your life. It may be habitual. But habits are broken all the time with focus and effort. The “fixed” nature of Aquarius is especially designed for focus and concentration. It’s time to get rid of what no longer serves you and never did.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week, as Jupiter, in the expansively critical sign of Virgo, reflects back to you, in technicolor, the vivid nature of your imperfections and mistakes. That can feel depleting. I suggest you refrain from drinking and drugging, though the urge is understandable. A better approach might be to remind yourself of your exquisite ability to heal, to comfort from afar, and to inject the kind of sublime beauty into the world that leaves onlookers speechless. Tuning out painful criticism, especially if it comes from within, allows you to “drink in” some unusual types of inner inspiration, now readily available and powerfully nourishing. They may come in the form of a memory of some unusually beautiful and unexpected occurrence, a work of art or exquisite beauty that did not conform to cultural expectations, a time when you noticed something brilliant but improbable, or a time when your senses were heightened to an extraordinary degree. In the interest of balance (and healing) it may be wise to live in that world for awhile. This week nourishment comes in the form Pisces knows best how to access. Now’s your chance to reignite the spark within.
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