Gemini Full Moon

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Among other things, Gemini symbolizes youth – an agile, versatile approach to life, directing and re-directing attention naturally, learning quickly, moving quickly, adapting and changing with ease. A Gemini ascendent is known to symbolize a youthful appearance well into old age.

Walking on the beach today I witnessed the rising tide that accompanies full Moons as well as several girls, ages 7-8 I would guess, turning cartwheels at the water’s edge. They were in constant motion, laughing, attentive, distracted, running, flipping, and talking non-stop. It was a very “Gemini Full Moon/powerfully influenced by Neptune” type of scene. I can feel though, after studying this full Moon chart, how things could be more complicated than they appear.

The dominating factor under this full Moon is a t-square configuration placing the Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon, and Pisces Neptune, at odds with one another. Neptune is asserting a powerfully dissolving, leveling effect, making it difficult to find anything solid to hold onto.

At a recent social event I met a fellow former dancer. We connected immediately and commiserated for awhile about how tough it was to get old, to lose strength, flexibility, and our past vibrant health status. She was rehabilitating a shoulder injury and I was preoccupied with back issues – among other things. It took a short while for us to bore ourselves with just how decrepit we’d become before my new acquaintance provided some much needed perspective.

She relayed words of wisdom from her 95 year old grandmother who apparently at age 60 had convinced herself that she was old, falling apart, no longer attractive, vibrant, or the person she had once been – until she turned 70. Then she looked back and saw how healthy and beautiful she was at age 60 and momentarily felt the sting of regret, misdirected attention, and od being unable to clearly see or fully appreciate her life at that time. But at age 70, in all the usual ways, she felt the passage of time more acutely, directed more of her attention to what was being lost, and assumably less to the connections and love surrounding her – until she turned 80. Then, from her emerging perspective she was able to see just how fluid, independent, and “free to choose” she had been ten years earlier.

At age 95, looking back, she would change her earlier perspective and approach if she could. But she can’t so she’s doing the next best thing – advising her granddaughter, based on her own experience, to focus her attention on what’s most important to her. And her granddaughter is sharing that gift.

We are in need of a wiser approach as we enter new landscapes and a new world where the old rules no longer apply. This is not a temporary blip on the radar screen where, if we wait it out, the upheaval will settle back into something resembling normal. If the astrological omen’s are correct, this appears to be a permanent transition into an entirely new world. And there is no possibility of going back.

The practical issue for most of us is adaptation – a most natural Gemini tendency. It is tempting to apply our usual methods to shape the new landscape to our liking, but don’t be surprised if those old methods no longer work, or if you’re no longer able to sustain what you once could. Neptune is making sure of that.

This full Moon reflects the Sagittarius Sun’s light at 7 degrees, 02′. The Sabian symbol for that placement is “Cupid Knocking at the Door” It’s a message of love obviously, but also of being willing to redirect our attention, to change old attitudes, tactics, and styles of living. There is the need for a new effort to adapt to what’s actually needed now. It is most important to be passionately involved in projects and intimate relationships. Connection, above all else, is the great need of the time. Anything that distracts from that will dissolve.

The nature of the current operating energies may be making it difficult to get a specific project or idea off the ground. Each time you try, it may seem to amount to nothing. Or it may take you even further away from where you want to be. There is a lack of success indicated here and maybe mounting frustration that perhaps you will never be able to achieve what you want.

Stepping back and taking a break can give you the space you need to lighten up (Gemini), to gain some new perspective, to re-energize and refocus. I’m imagining being surrounded by relatives and friends on Thanksgiving – the old and the young, the annoying and the “easy to love”, the weird and the normal, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Taking the full Moon’s influence into consideration, it seems like the right time to absorb some wisdom from those up in age who have been around awhile. It could be important to consider asking them some questions about life that you wouldn’t normally consider.

And then there’s the option of playing with the kids, absorbing their energy, and being reminded of something you lost along the way – something that once felt natural and easy. It could, and probably should, be re-ignited as an integral part of a refreshing new approach to life.

I will personalize the full Moon’s message for each sign in tomorrow’s newly published weekly horoscopes. I will also announce, after Thanksgiving, some seasonal specials, and discounted prices on a select readings. Those never expire so be sure to stay tuned.

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