Libra New Moon

(Brian Miller – Mosaic Artist)

New Moon at 19 Degrees of Libra – October 12, 2015, at 5:06 PM PDT & 8:06 PM EDT

This Libra Moon exactly trines my natal Aquarian Sun. Trines are interesting because they remove the blockages that prevent progress and the manifestation of specific opportunities defined by the separate but harmonious energies – Libra/Aquarian in this case. For me it seems these two are melding in a way that highlights the ongoing transformation and beautification of my house (New Moon in Libra in my 8th house) and its connection to myself – specifically the part of myself I am most proud of. (Natal Sun in Aquarius in the 1st house).

I am uncomfortably uncompromising when it comes to the details of this renovation project. I blame that on the first house position of my Aquarian Sun – the first house being the place where the whole, separate “self” is initially formed.

I’m opposed to compromising my independent, separate self. The thought of seeing that compromise reflected in my future home forever feels wrong.

From a child development standpoint, the first house is highly activated when the first Mars square hits at the age of 2 1/2 years. Then a full scale rebellion is waged to distinguish ourselves as separate, independent individuals in our own right. During this phase all semblance of cooperation typically goes out the window. “NO!” is the answer to every question, demand, or desperate plea. Screaming tantrums may occur on a regular basis.

I like to think my tactics are more sophisticated than that, though definitely in need of further refinement. Compromise has a good reputation overall, but currently I find myself in a state of suspension reflected in Uranus’s Sabian symbol. I’m in a moment of static hesitation before deciding how to be nicely uncompromising.

In the mundane world I’m watching the “Freedom Caucus” in the U.S. House of Representatives disrupt normal operations by refusing to compromise. My politics are far to the left of theirs but I’m empathizing slightly. Currently I’m not as enamored with suggestions to “grow up and compromise” as I once was.

From a Cosmic perspective the “Great Unraveling” is in progress. Entrenched institutions are vulnerable to fundamental change and shifts of power.

As an Aquarian, ruled by Uranus, I often notice how how messy breakdowns can result in humane breakthroughs. I find the intransigents who stimulate those intriguing and ultimately useful, even when their intentions aren’t necessarily upstanding.

Welcoming change and the effective, efficient, methods that promote it, especially within the relationship realm, is currently being emphasized. Uranus is the intransigent instigating the uprooting of old habits and cultural conditioning. He recognizes the opportunity to unleash desires and the uniquely independent self as the game changes. Two year olds everywhere are rising up in solidarity along with those now able to breathe more freely. Change can free you to engage in relationships that nourish rather than deplete. A major change in your relationship with yourself, most likely having occurred as Saturn transited Scorpio, is the precursor that makes it all possible.

Now we have the opportunity to set some higher standards within relationships. A concentration on self-improvement is certainly part of the picture. (Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all currently residing in the sign of Virgo)

If you imagine a wild ocean covered in whitecaps (Saturn’s Sabian Symbol) your current restlessness is reflected within that image. Raw and powerful energy, full of vast potential, is begging to be focused in the direction of whatever fuels your passion. (Saturn trine Vesta) Focusing may require a more responsible perspective and more effective habits and routines. (Saturn square Venus).

It’s easy to lose focus if your methods do not a include a way to tune out distractions. Developing a habit of regularly “taking yourself out of the game” to notice your thoughts and feelings – and to tweak those if necessary – gives you the chance to take yourself into consideration, however demanding your relationships become.

Continual healing may necessitate major life adjustments that entail where you live, who you allow into your life and how sensitively and effectively you manage your feelings. Changes must reflect careful consideration of the critical, balanced focus you must achieve. (Chiron inconjunct Moon)

While Pluto breaks down entrenched institutions and old ways of being, Jupiter in Virgo recognizes the opportunities for a strategic and discriminating type of personal expansion.

If we consider that Uranus represents the mind and Libra the heart, a new type of relationship between the two is now possible as well. Moving through a multidimensional universe at accelerated speeds requires reorientation and updated skills. Building an expanded repertoire of efficient information processing methods and techniques is required. The human nervous system is evolving quickly. With each passing day its functional capacity increases. The new Libra Moon brings an awareness of the need to grow into this expanding capacity and potential.

Stepping up your game is often defined as the successful movement from a head-centered to heart-centered mode of operation. How is that accomplished exactly? In millions of different ways is my guess. The physical level of existence seems a good place to start, though. Synchronizing your breath with your heartbeat is basic and allows the breath to moderate between the two. Find your pulse and practice inhaling and exhaling to the count of four, eight, or whatever feels right, in time to your heartbeat.

Chakra cleansing and activation can ground you in a way that facilitates a healing shift. Anna Holden, an advanced intuitive healer, works magic. Find her here.

Diane Brandon describes “Freeze-framing” and “The Natural Process” as effective methods for shifting into a better balance between heart and mind. Here’s a link

The Heart Math institute has some amazing and well-researched information on the power and intelligence of the human heart that will inspire you, I think.

Thanks for reading!
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