Big Energy Shifts This Week

Mercury retrogrades on Thursday as we we reconsider relationships from various perspectives, rethinking the meaning of a balanced life, dependence/independence issues, and current financial strategies. Most likely relationships will have to be reset in some way, but they’ll be unusually interesting. Old ones may be revived. Old habits within relationships may be reversed or overturned. People you’ve lost contact with may reappear in your life, changing, enlivening, or complicating it in some significant way. Hold off on any major decisions until after October 8th.

On Thursday Saturn re-enters the sign of Sagittarius and heads for an impending conflict with Neptune and Jupiter. This represents a major energy shift through Dec.2017. Now both contraction and expansion may feel strenuous and limiting. Struggle may intensify in the areas of higher education, international travel, and the meaning of laws. Beliefs tend to crystallize as religion-based paranoia intensifies. Does that even seem possible? Authorities become more judgmental, condemning, and intolerant. Think witch trials, McCarthyism, blacklisting, censorship, building walls to keep “the undesirables” out, and an abundance of close-minded heavy-handedness. Cultivating hope is a struggle. Over-confidence in your own competence and “what you know” is a risky tendency now because the truth is obscured and increasingly difficult to obtain. Restricted access to the truth is a manifestation of Saturn in Sagittarius.

But it’s also the perfect time to clarify what it is that gives your life meaning and to embrace bigger goals for the future. This is a chance to work hard to secure your independence and freedom and to give yourself more options. Saturn in Sagittarius challenges you with ideas for a bigger, riskier adventure that requires a strenuous commitment but the potential for much greater reward. This may be the right time to commit to a big project and to see it through no matter how difficult that process becomes. In whatever career you choose, it’s important for you to freely express your strong opinions, morals, and personal beliefs.

Juno transiting into Libra on Saturday changes the focus of relationship commitments or makes some new commitment more likely. After a period of analysis, where you’ve dissected and diagnosed the condition of current or potential commitments, struggled to work out the details, and contributed whatever was necessary to make conditions as “perfect” as possible, now it may be time to “take this show on the road.” It’s time for you to practically demonstrate your commitment to a partnership (or cooperative project) and to allow it to positively impact others in some meaningful way. Vacillation and indecision is a Libra weakness. But waiting until after Mercury moves direct for any new commitment decisions may be wise.

Pluto is now stationary direct after six months in retrograde motion. Once again he’s on his way to becoming an extrovert, outwardly influencing events for better or worse. He’s becomes more isolated, though, as Uranus, the humanitarian rebel, has moved away from him and Saturn no longer supports him through mutual reception. It could be argued that he is in a weaker, more defensive position, to the extent that Pluto is ever really weak. Institutional failure, the increasing weakness of traditional authority, and “bedrock displacements” makes you wonder, though. What does it mean for you? Probably less resistance to progress and cooperation and if you want to move forward.

I’ll personalize this for each sign through this week’s horoscopes to be published, as always, on Wednesday.

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