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Horoscopes for the Week of May 27th – June 2nd

(Mosaic Art – Yellow Cottage) This week Mercury continues in retrograde motion, triggering Mars as well as Neptune. On June 2nd (next Tuesday) we experience a Full Moon in Sagittarius, emphasizing sensitivity, foreign territory, as well as communication and the […] 

Mercury Retrograde

From May 18th-June 11th Mercury cycles through his second of three retrograde periods this year. Despite the well documented inconveniences of Mercury retrograde – miscommunication, bad information, weird malfunctioning of all types of equipment, especially computers and cell phones, transportation […] 

Taurus New Moon

ON MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015 AT 12:13 AM EDT & SUNDAY, MAY 17TH AT 9:13 PM PDT, A NEW MOON RISES AT 26 DEGREES TAURUS 56′ This Taurus New Moon is ruled by the older and wiser Venus – the […] 

Scorpio Full Moon

(Kate Rattray – Spirit of the Leaves) This full Moon, like all full Moons, opposes the Sun. The Scorpio full Moon lies exactly 180 degrees from the Taurus Sun. At exactly 11:42 PM EDT & 8:42 PM EDT, on Sunday, […]