Aries New Moon


Aries New Moon at 28 Degrees 25′ Saturday, April 18, 2015, 11:57 AM PDT & 2:57 AM EDT

Aries, at a fundamental level, represents your birth process. Full of symbolism is that time when you instinctively know that you can no longer physiologically rely on your mother to sustain your life. You’re too cramped. Everything seems too small. So you decide to save yourself by being born into the unknown. It’s time to sink or swim. You emerge from darkness into the light and it’s all shocking and exhilarating. You struggle for a few minutes to come to life as an individual and then you’re on your way, wide awake, lungs fully oxygenated, ready to fulfill the potential that only exists because you’re alive and on your own.

The Moon in Aries mimics that process on an emotional level. The theme of most of my readings for the past month has been letting go of dark, dependent situations that threaten psychic survival. There comes a point when we’re too big to survive any longer in the womb. Refusing to “be born” into something more spacious, because we don’t know for sure whether or not we can survive on our own, threatens our life. An Aries Moon brings into awareness the extent to which we are at risk. When it’s time to be born its time to be born. Very little can hold that process back, but it can, at our insistence, be stopped.

Under an Aries new Moon emotional/psychic survival, not physical survival, is usually the issue. It may seem, depending on your level of awareness, that you have the luxury of delaying, procrastinating, or simply adjusting to a progressively smaller life by making yourself smaller. But Saturn in Sagittarius is delivering harsh consequences now for choosing smaller rather than bigger. There is an inner spark of life that is at stake. Becoming a member of the “walking dead” is not outside the realm of possibility. If you’ve ever encountered someone whose lights are on but nobody’s home, you sense on a soul level, the profound tragedy that represents.

Relationships, under the rulership of Libra, Aries opposing sign, often represent the womb that has become too small to support life. The theme of most of my recent astrology sessions has been deciding to end, at great personal risk and sacrifice, long standing relationships with a partner (a career, a friend, a child, a business arrangement, or old way of being) for the sake of protecting the spark of life within. It’s been amazing to listen to how devoted my clients are to letting nothing stand in the way of actualizing their full potential. They value their life and the life of their soul. They understand that their role in the scheme of the universe is irreplaceable and that choosing a diminished life negatively affects the whole of creation.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “A Celestial Choir Singing” It speaks to being in tune with the infinite and the capacity of individuals to become channels of the highest ideals that sustain society and the world. What seems to be a courageous life-giving personal decision at this time is actually anything but personal. It’s a choice to do their part and to live in harmony with the music of the spheres.

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