Practical Suggestions for Riding the Pisces Eclipse Wave

The Spring equinox, happening on the same day as the Pisces eclipse, about 13 hours later, is traditionally the most powerful day of the year to set intentions for manifesting your visions and desires over the next year. I’ve historically recommended creating a personal collage with images that strongly appeal to you, using magazines, photographs, or whatever images you can access and include.

The effectiveness of this strategy to actualize your dreams depends on two things – how passionate you are about the images you select and how strongly you believe the universe will do its part to assist you. If you do create a collage, put it away when you’re done and don’t look at it for the next year. It’s a powerful way of expressing complete faith in spiritual cooperation and assistance as you resist the urge to micromanage mysterious energies. If you want to time your collage project with the strongest universal energies, start the project as close to 3:45 PM PDT (or 6:45 PM EDT) as possible but not before. Adjust time for different time zones.

For artistic inspiration and heart opening read what some Parisians are doing for the homeless to keep their artistic souls alive while inspiring the masses.  Click here to read.

Meditate on the notion that you have nothing to do with the fact you exist, but creation is not complete without the part of you that is doing what it loves to do.

To align yourself more deeply with the potential of this powerful Piscean eclipse, listen to Granville Bantock’s Celtic Symphony:ll Allegro con fuoco …especially while in a focused state of meditation. (download it on i-tunes for 99 cents) It’s about 7 minutes long.

Schedule a natal chart reading (or an update if it’s been awhile) to gain insight and clarity.

Feel some deep gratitude to the goddess Hestia. More than any other goddess she represents endings and new beginnings. She embodies both the maiden and the crone. She was the first child of Kronos and the last to be freed from his belly by Zeus. Most significantly, she is the keeper of the sacred flame. She kept it alive inside of you when you were in the midst of your deepest, darkest, most deluded state. It is because of her that you have the passion it takes to move forward and to be reborn in some important way. She appreciates your attention, and even more, any act or personal ritual that honors her. Here are three different images of Hestia.

hestia 3

Hestia 2

hestia 1

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