Pisces New Moon Eclipse, March 20, 2015

Pisces New Moon Eclipse at 29 degrees 27’on Friday, March 20, 2015 at 2:36 AM PDT & 5:36 AM EDT

This new Moon Eclipse, in the last degree of the last sign of the Zodiac (Pisces), symbolizes a profound new beginning – a beginning that is possible only because an illusion you’ve held about yourself and your role in the world is disappearing.

There are many different kinds of endings. An Aries ending is an impulsive “slam the door in your face” kind of ending. Aquarian endings are sudden, final, and “completely out of the blue.” Leo endings are dramatic, and Capricorn endings are calculated, well-timed, and non-negotiable.

But a Pisces ending is different. It’s so vague and gradual you may not even be aware that you are, in fact, moving through a final chapter. Sometimes, only in hindsight, do you realize that the illusions you once counted on to sustain the life you chose, have dissolved.

Traced back to its roots, my calculation is that this profound Piscean ending began in the fall of 2006. At that time your life may have been driven by powerful unconscious fears and a type of cluelessness that rendered you somewhat ineffective, frustrated, and unable to satisfy your deepest desires. Operating with fewer psychological and emotional resources, it was difficult to make the right decisions. Overstraining and a fighting spirit masked quiet suffering. We judged ourselves and others harshly then.

Health issues, relationship struggles, or work dissatisfaction seemed to confirm the illusion that you were incapable of succeeding in life. But it was in the fall of 2006, with an eclipse in Virgo, you began to sense that something was holding you back and that it was you.

After eight years of struggle and loss, most of us find ourselves in a very different place – on the verge, or already engaged in, a very conscious, wide-awake effort to direct our own life toward something more satisfying.

Under the influence of this New Moon Eclipse, healers may experience what appears to be sudden success with “difficult cases.” If you are the “difficult case” (aren’t we all) you have been quietly pealing off layers to achieve a state of clarity that now allows for a complete healing. As you step into a healthier way of life you may realize that a long-held illusion has disappeared.

Now we are faced with the need for major life adjustments. Courage is required. Challenged to answer the question “are you who you now claim to be,” it’s time to narrow your focus and go for broke – whatever risks that may entail.

The energy surrounding us for the past two weeks (and into the future) brings unexpected sudden successes, especially within the realm of artistic self-expression, work, and relationship matters. Group work may be facilitated and accelerated in some way. A lucky break now allows you to view ambitious aspirations as realistically achievable. We are visionary, prudent, and fully awake. We are being exposed to highly stimulating ideas and in possession of a type of creative power that is “off the charts.”

Artistic opportunities abound. Someone may hand you a camera, a canvas, an idea, a memory, a place among artists and healers, or a graceful “way out.” This is a good time to consolidate energies by aligning with a group of sensitive artists, compassionate healers, poets, researchers, musicians, gardeners – anyone interested in dissolving boundaries and making life easier through creative immersion and focused effort.

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Here’s to freedom from the past, amazing new beginnings, rethinking our future, and going for broke.


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