New Moon at 29 Degrees 59′ 54 Seconds of Aquarius

New Moon at 29 degrees 59’54 seconds of Aquarius February 18, 2015 at 3:47 PM PST & 6:47 PM EST

I’m convinced that this new Moon rises within seconds of the very latest possible degree of Aquarius. One minute after this new Moon event, the Moon moves into the sign of Pisces and three minutes after, the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces. This is a powerful combination of Aquarian and Piscean energies at work… a magical and profound new beginning made possible by a significant “mind-freeing clarification” and a profound ending of some magnitude. We are on the brink of a major breakthrough followed immediately by a powerful surge of physical energy and new confidence.

An enlightened personal rebirth is possible as seeds now planted will flourish through many lifetimes. In this new Moon chart, Mercury’s message reflects an enlightening experience assisted through “a council of ancestors.” They’ve always been there to help and guide, but this new Moon emanates a frequency that makes it easier to receive their transmissions and guidance. There is some profound wisdom seeping through the disillusionment we may now feel. Ignorance that have plagued us, personally and collectively, for many lifetimes is rapidly dissolving.

“An Unsealed Letter” symbolizes the Moon’s balance point. We are being encouraged to open the envelope.
It’s difficult to step confidently into our destined role within the scheme of the universe if we don’t understand the scheme. Saturn, this new Aquarian Moon’s ruler, is broadening our perspective, allowing us to feel the world from an elevated perspective. Saturn, by symbol, is represented by “the owl high up in the tree.” His view of reality is more accurate than ours because his perspective broader. But the perceptual disadvantage we’ve always lived with is beginning to disappear. We can begin to more fully understand the meaning of our current circumstances as ageless wisdom seeps through softer boundaries. Whatever we’re experiencing, progress and full integration is the direction we’re headed.

Uranus, the great awakener and bomb thrower, is severely challenging any stubborn insistence on repeating ourselves or settling into the comfort of something familiar. This is a dynamic time when “the old” is undermined at every turn. Personally you may feel frustrated by the fact that what used to work no longer does. If you pay any attention to global events you see this reflected in policies that are senseless and traditional strategies that have become devastatingly ineffective. This new Moon puts an end to the illusion that you can move forward without blowing something up (I mean that figuratively, of course)

Given a tremendous boost with this New Moon, “the Aquarian way” is emerging rapidly, skipping all the “normal steps” traditionally involved in getting from point A to point B. For practical reasons it may be time to initiate strategies to raise your vibratory frequency level just to keep up or to move into the position of “leading the charge.” (see strategies below). Art, healing, social conscience, group consciousness, and much broader networks are quickly replacing what we erroneously assumed would never change.

Over the next couple days Venus and Mars transition into the forceful, initiating sign of Aries. Actions can be taken almost immediately. Joining or galvanizing an informal group of individuals held together simply by the excitement of an idea or common mission seems important. At this new Moon seeds are being planted that will blossom into mass movements. Full-blown awareness of the basic friendliness of the universe and its greater organizing influence, the importance of protecting individual genius, the idea of brotherhood, and facilitating the dissolution of boundaries that separate and divide are themes that gain momentum through your actions.

Freedom is a big issue now, as is the feeling of existing between two worlds with a life-changing choice to be made.
This new Moon appears to intensify the “transition of the ages” that officially began, by most calculations, on December 21, 2012. A little over two years later we have experienced – and are currently experiencing – profound emotional and psychic transformations that prepars us to “step up our game” and to lead. Sometimes it seems to me a privilege to be on earth during this monumental and rare – once every 2,600 years – transition. But doing our part to usher in the new Aquarian age is both exciting and heartbreaking. During the breakdown phase, clearing the way for new forms and higher ways of being entails significant personal loss and sacrifice with little time for integrating the magnitude of the healing taking place. Without your contribution, the progression of the ages could not proceed. You’re an essential part of the plan and the role you play has been, and continues to be essential, sacred, and irreplaceably unique.

Strategies for increasing Vibratory Frequency

1. Most basic is the need to be discriminating about the people and circumstances you allow into your life. Vibratory frequencies are highly contagious and influential. The lower the frequency the more dense the energy. Being weighted down by problems, heavy emotions, mental confusion, feelings of powerlessness, physical illness and pain, lack of joy, and the absence of humor all reflect lower vibrational levels. A great deal of effort must be exerted to accomplish anything.

Higher vibratory levels basically reflect the opposite. Feeling light in your physical, emotional, and mental body, feeling personally powerful and an essential “part of the plan,” mentally clear, joyful, peaceful, and loving characterize higher frequencies. There is a tendency to experience synchronous events, sometimes one after another in rapid succession, high energy levels, excitement, and the ability to manifest what you desire with relative ease.

Consciously choosing between lighter and lighter and darker and heavier is essential.

2. Moldavite and Herkimer diamonds, especially in combination, are crystals that emanate very high vibratory frequencies. Keeping them close could be helpful in raising your frequency level.

3. Any of the Bach Flower Essences, but especially Vervain and Water Violet on the threshold of the Aquarian Age.

In the words of Dr Edward Bach
“The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature…”

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  1. véronique:

    I especially like the section on how to elevate your vibrational frequency with specific reference to Bach flower essence and stones. This is very helpful. Thanks!

    • Admin:

      Thanks Veronique. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well and thanks for checking in. I’m finishing my Bach flower essence practitioner certification. I hope to include more specific recommendations in the future. Thanks for being a loyal reader 🙂 Fondly, Holly

  2. Kristen:

    Loved this post especially the crystal and flower essence recommendations!!! Thank you

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