New Moon at O Degrees 9′ of Aquarius

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New Moon at O Degrees 9′ of Aquarius, Tuesday, January 20, at 5:14 AM PST & 8:14 AM EST

A little over two years ago the universe “officially” progressed from the Piscean age into the Age of Aquarius.  This signified an important change for humanity as it became possible for positive energy to accumulate and for progress to accelerate in the form of a “snowball effect.”  Moving away from the darkness toward brightening influences, we begin, one by one, to participate in more positive ways of thinking and being.  There is movement in the direction of integration and coalescence. Weakening is the energy that separates, divides, and conquers. That negativity still exists, and the pervasive  illusion is that it continues to dominate.  But, In growing numbers, individual consciousness has moved beyond and into higher vibrational levels.

In December of 2012 I wrote the following: Our new direction now is toward a boundless ability to receive love, using our most unique and brilliant qualities in service to the group, finding great joy in the process, treating everyone as equal, tolerating and cherishing differences, entertaining possibilities, expecting and skillfully integrating sudden flashes of insight. Advancing the objectives of this new age is an understanding that life becomes what we consciously intend it to become, an awareness that personal changes affect the course of the universe, a continual refinement of our power to communicate with others through thought and intuitive messaging, and the enlightened use of technology to solve problems.

This new Moon, placed in the critical 0 degree position of Aquarius, on the same day, and within hours of the Sun’s transition into the sign of Aquarius, powerfully energizes the momentum of what “officially” started at the Winter Solstice of 2012. Now, on a personal level, we may feel subtle indications that we are being swept up in a wave of unexplainable positivity as the energy to hold on to old, more negative ways of being, begin to lose steam.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Aquarian Moon, “An Old Adobe Mission” emphasizes the importance of growing networks and consolidating power to provide support for more enlightened ways of being.

Uranus, the planet designated as the modern ruler of Aquarius, is very different from other planets in our solar system. It is the only planet that rotates around a “sideways” axis. Its north and south poles are located where other planet’s equators are positioned. Basically Uranus turns our notion of normal planetary behavior on its head – or on its side in this case.

Uranus has the coldest planetary atmosphere of all solar system planets and is the only planet with a Greek rather than Roman mythological name. Uranus reflects back to us, through his non-conforming, and inventive nature, the necessity of developing similar qualities in ourselves. Now is when the energy of the Universe strengthens in ways that support us “going our own way and doing our own thing.”                             Aquarian New Moon

While Neptune works to undermine old foundations, Saturn gives us the discipline and energy to build new ones. In the sign of Sagittarius, he challenges us to step away from the comfortable and familiar and to expand our perspectives in new directions. He infuses a cautious optimism and offers the opportunity to rebuild faith in ourselves and in life itself through some high stakes adventure.

On the cusp of Mercury’s retrograde phase, in the sign of Aquarius, we are being given more time to learn from the Aquarian way of thinking and communicating. Its qualities are strange and brilliant, rebellious and revolutionary, detached and scientific, humane and  inventive.  Aquarius needs a steady input of unusual and progressive ideas to sustain his interest.

Retrograding at 17 degrees of Aquarius, Mercury’s Sabian Symbol, “A Man Unmasked” alludes to the exposure of something previously hidden, downplayed, or unconscious. An Aquarian Mercury is prone to telling you truth about yourself and stating it bluntly, especially in the 17th degree.  He leaves the niceties to Libra.

After some timely reminders from a progressive and thoughtful client, I found myself watching a “Bashar” video. It brought me back to a time when I used to listened to him fairly regularly.  His insights seem especially relevant now. Bashar is an alien channeled by a fairly regular guy, Daryl Anka – just the kind of thing that would intrigue an Aquarian like me, or anyone influenced by the current influx of Uranian energy, or simply bored by repetitive mainstream ideas. Here’s a link to the video if you’re interested

Mars, currently in the sign of Pisces, reflects the courage to leave comforting attachments behind.  His actions come in the form of a determination to release the past, to deliberately connect with artistic inspiration, soulful longings, and meditative practices.

There is hardly a more glaring endorsement for releasing the past than Uranus’s alignment with the South Node. Universal energy is facilitating, in powerfully active ways,  moving beyond what you know,  into the realm of something more exciting. Uranus’s Sabian Symbol “An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion” warns of the futility of attempting to build on old foundations and old ideas if you expect to free yourself to be yourself.

If something within you still resists a release of the past, consider bypassing your conscious mind, relaxing, closing your eyes, and listening to Beethoven’s 7th symphony, 2nd movement.  It is Bashar’s recommendation for moving you into a vibration that facilitates letting go.

I like my idea of following that with the original Youngbloods song “Get Together”   Here’s a link to Anne Wilson’s version

Thanks for reading, and here’s to the freedom to be who you are, however strange and unorthodox that may be. Progress cannot proceed without you.



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