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We are on the cusp of a major transition on December 23rd that is being stimulated by Saturn’s movement from the sign of Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius – from water to fire, from fixed and deeply rooted into the realm of the mutable and ever-changing, from the depths to the heights, from concentration to expansion.

Scorpio and Sagittarius could hardly be more different, but Saturn is Saturn. Always he is the great teacher, firm task master, authoritarian father, lord of time, and the grim reaper. Saturn demands that we honor reality, cause and effect, and common sense. He provides the limitations and consequences that continually remind us of the need to play by life’s rules. We may try to skip some steps along the way, but Saturn has a way of keeping track, demanding, at the most inconvenient times, that we go back and repeat the necessary process.

“Saturn calls for loss, denial and sacrifice wherever our immediate ego-driven interests conflict with broader needs or our own future evolution. Everything that arises from Saturn’s influence carries the aim of creating firmer foundations for our future potential.” (Deborah Houlding)

Saturn ensures that no life experience is arbitrary. Everything is very deliberate, calculated, and specifically targeted to meet your most important needs. Early in my career, an astrologer from Madison Wisconsin explained that life is like being in school. Saturn’s natal sign and house placement defines what your “major course of study” will be. All of your difficult experiences are lessons, very specifically designed to remove the critical misunderstanding that prevents you from evolving to the next stage in your development.

Saturn in Sagittarius’ major focus falls under the broad heading of philosophy, religion, belief systems, maybe foreign studies, and the future. For the next two and a half years Saturn will practically lead you through a series of specific challenges designed to open you to a bigger, more meaningful life. Any of the following are possibilities:

He may now severely limit your options based on the beliefs you hold and the expectations you project, forcing an examination of what it is you believe about yourself and your life. He may deliver painful consequences in the form of emptiness and despair if you’ve failed to design your life around what means the most to you. A closed mind and narrow, intolerant thinking may deliver you to a foreign place that disorients and challenges your ability to survive on some level. If you’ve not developed the self-discipline or saved the money necessary to achieve a higher level of education, Saturn may severely limit your access to opportunity. If you’ve been self-righteous, refusing to listen, thinking you know it all, Saturn will cause you to fail in the most painful ways to encourage an awareness of the value of listening and learning. If you allow fear to prevent you from taking risks, welcoming an adventure, or moving on, Saturn with make your life small, uninteresting, lonely, and very confining. And if your mind indulges in the lazy, unimaginative habit of pessimism, shunning optimism and hope while nurturing thoughts of disaster and decline, you may experience the pain of watching others achieve what you most desire while you are left behind.

There is now the need to develop, through some hard work, the “Sagittarian side of yourself.” It’s up to you whether you need merely a nudge or a two by four cracked over your head. Saturn is capable of delivering either depending on what you need.

You make it easier when you choose an adventure, take a risk, open yourself to something foreign, learn a new language, save for college, consistently notice your thoughts and beliefs and deliberately make adjustments, listen, learn from others, and allow fear to be overwhelmed with a passion for achieving your dreams.

If you’re interested in an individualized full report on how the Saturn in Sagittarius transit through your chart is most likely to impact your life, order one today. E-mail me (, with your request. The cost is 65.00 This includes a detailed explanation of what you’re most likely to experience and learn as well as dates signifying time frames for critical junctures, pivotal turning points, hidden opportunities, and challenging transitions.
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