New Moon at 0 Degrees 06 ‘ of Capricorn, Sunday, December 21, 2014, 5:36 PM PST & 8:36 PM EST

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the day when the Northern hemisphere reaches its maximum distance away from the Sun. It can progress no further.  Traveling this direction for the past six months, it has reached its final destination, the end of the line, having landed in a place of maximum  darkness, and coldness.  Of course the Southern hemisphere experiences the opposite, reaching maximum closeness to the Sun, warmth and light. The common denominator for all the world’s population is the pivotal nature the Solstice.  A change in focus and direction is indicated.

The Sun and Moon move into the sign of Capricorn today (the New Moon) emphasizing focus.  Both hemisphere’s experience the infusion of an earthy type of energy indicating that it’s time to renew our respect for the laws and regulations that define our earthly existence.

Our potential is boundless.  I love that truth.  It feels hopeful and healing, freeing and expansive, and especially enticing as we come to the end of Saturn’s trek through intensely confining Scorpio. But actualizing potential requires goal setting, hard work, determined focus, self-discipline, and a refusal to indulge the changing nature of emotions. Capricorn brings us the type of energy that is easily channeled in that direction.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, now in the final degree of Scorpio, emphasizes movement away from repetitive patterns that keep us locked in a space that’s too small amidst circumstances that are beneath our capabilities. But those patterns are relentless in nature (Scorpionic). They don’t respond easily to change without the application of something truly enlightened. This new Moon indicates that experimentation with something outside your usual range is critical – an expansion of your repertoire in ways you’ve not, up to this point, been willing to consider. Success feels necessary now, something you need in order to feel secure and connected to the simplicity of your soul. You’ve come as far as you can experiencing the same frustrations, distractions, and blocks to progress. This new Moon chart calls for a break with ineffective personal patterns.

It appears that there is a specific kind of love that turns you around. It may resemble tough love – the kind that isn’t afraid to risk alienation to maintain its integrity. It may be found in relationships with the self that revolve around commitment and living life according to an instinctive set of standards that prevent self-betrayal. It’s love that feels entitled to boldly assert itself and its authority to determine your life’s direction. Accepting a life that is not moving in a satisfying direction is unnecessary now and unwise.

In 2002 I moved to Santa Rosa California from the midwest by myself. Santa Rosa is an earthy place – the place where Luther Burbank did most of his work with plants. In Santa Rosa there are more different species of plants than anywhere else in the world. Having only one planet in my natal chart in an earth sign I immediately felt the grounding effects of the place. I started listening to Native Amercan music.  I walked through some wild places on a regular basis while listening to drum rhythms that lulled me into a stabilizing.  Within the scheme of my life, in retrospect, this was a very  pivotal time and a pivotal place. Emotionally I changed  in ways that allowed me to move in a new and better direction and to accomplish many things that previously felt impossible. Capricorn needs a solid, secure emotional base, a suitable “jump-off point” for all the achievements you have in mind.

There is a strong Native American theme infusing this new Moon.  Its Sabian symbol “A Native American Indian Chief Demanding Recognition”  emphasizes dignity, strong character, and effective leadership.  There is a strong Capricornian message being delivered that may give some clues as to the kind of emotional foundations that will be needed to support future goals. Connections with mother earth, ancestors, ancient traditions, rituals, food preparation, and the nurturing presence of those who hold us in their hearts, no matter what, are essential.

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