Full Moon at 18 Degrees 02′ of Aquarius, August 10, 2014 at 11:09 AM PDT & 2:09 PM EDT

Full Moon’s intensify the power of the subconscious mind – the part of you whose symbols and projections set the stage for the role you’ll play this lifetime, and the kind of life you’ll live. Anyone who longs for a desirable set of life circumstances, works hard to achieve those, yet finds themselves living something they never intended, experiences the power of the subconscious mind. Or the opposite may be true, when all logic leads you to believe that your situation is very limited, but instead, something wonderful, defying logic, emerges. The contents of the subconscious mind and how successfully you’re able to integrate it outlines the structure of your life. The good news is that, during an Aquarian Full Moon, we have the access and creative know-how to transform, not only the contents and images residing in the deepest recesses of our mind, but our relationship to the parts of ourselves we keep at arms length.

The boundaries between the conscious and subconscious soften during a Full Moon, and we have access to, and influence over, what normally lies beyond reach. The trick is to speak the language of the subconscious, something the right brain understands. Transforming real world limitations involves ascribing symbols, images, colors, and feelings to their invisible nature.

My friend and intuitive healer, Anna Holden, is an expert guide through the darkest recesses of the subconscious mind. She has demonstrated for me the importance of interacting, in a friendly manner, with subconscious elements that have the potential to undermine lives. She addresses each as an image with human feelings. Her approach is friendly, soothing, and powerfully effective. Subconscious entities seem to want what we all want – to be approached respectfully with the freedom to choose to cooperate with our demands or not. For me, friendliness toward mysterious, subconscious “troublemakers,” like fear and perfectionistic tendencies, didn’t come naturally. My attitude toward them was an angry mixture of frustration and impatience. And, like in the “real world,” that attitude got me nowhere. I had the track record to prove it.

We know, based on the sign of the Full Moon, which parts of the subconscious mind will be activated and accessible. In Aquarius, those will be entities that don’t follow the rules because established rules don’t make sense to them and suppress their most unique gifts – and they love to rebel. Aquarians have the advantage of frequent, sudden, flashes of insight. Skipping traditional problem solving methods, for them, is a more natural, wiser approach, and the subconscious mind tries to facilitate that. The key concept, whenever Aquarius is involved, is to do it your own way, to make it up as you go along, to remain free to experiment, to test the practical workability of imaginative ideas, to formulate your own formulas, and to create something highly original that accurately reflects what it is that makes you different. Putting your rabble-rousing, individual stamp on any creative effort is deeply satisfying.

Aquarians understand the need for chaos and disruption and know how to make those work, especially when group effort is an issue. Activism is a highly developed expression of an innate Aquarian tendency that seeks to protect individual freedoms and humanity as a whole. We’re all born with powerful Aquarian strengths someplace in our charts and the house in which this Full Moon resides, defines that field of experience.

It’s easy to see how we would feel unfriendly toward our own Aquarian tendencies as they have the potential to make our lives difficult. Established authorities and those attached to tradition and the prevailing status quo don’t like Aquarius much because it’s in his nature to disrupt, to create discomfort, and threaten those protecting entrenched, unfair advantages. In response you may expend lots of psychic energy trying to keep those parts of yourself “toned down” relegating rebellious tendencies to the back of the over-stuffed closet that is your subconscious mind, slamming the door, and hoping nothing shifts. If that’s your style, I can pretty much assure you, the Aquarian parts of your subconscious mind are offended and will retaliate by expressing their darker side.

Anti-social tendencies, stubborn rebellion over something meaningless, troublemaking for its own sake, odd behaviors that shock and offend, and an oppositional response to almost everything, and bomb-throwing, are characteristics of the Aquarius dark side. If you attract these types into your life, or express these characteristics yourself, you know you’re approach is offending the Aquarian archetypes you’re trying to keep suppressed. They’re highly energized during an Aquarian Full Moon and will be in rare form both on the world stage, as well as within the most personal recesses of your mind.

Sabian Symbols speak the language of the right brain/subconscious mind. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “A Man Unmasked” indicates it’s time for a more honest expression of your independence and individuality, regardless of how that might be received. The time is right for exposure while the potential for a liberating transformation is extraordinary. Contrary to what seems normal, the Aquarian part of you is well equipped to detach itself from “audience reaction.” That part of you is reliably less vulnerable to social pressures and hurt feelings than is commonly assumed.

Steven Forrest described how the family and loved ones can be the greatest enemies of Aquarian expression. You may be familiar with subtle messages that encouraged you to “tone it down,” to want something more mainstream, to dress more conservatively, to stifle activist urges, and to stop making everyone squirm.

So here’s my non-mainstream suggestion; A Ritual performed as close to the culmination of the full Moon as possible, but not before.

If you’re trying to change something about your life that feels entrenched, confusing, or self-defeating, ritual gives you direct access. It’s the key that opens the door into the realm of the imagination – the subconscious mind. Converting thoughts and intentions into symbolic actions speaks a language the right brain/subconscious mind understands.

I like practical candleburning rituals because they’re easy, effective, involve fire, and don’t require lots of stuff. Rituals are always best if you design them yourself, so I’ll just give you a few guidelines and let your imagination take over.

Imagining what you want to manifest is preferable to visualizing what you want. Visualization involves seeing pictures of what’s desired. Imagery is infused with feeling, sensation, smell, sound, as well as pictures. Research proves that imagery is far more effective than visualization in every realm. As a Sport Psychology graduate student, I designed some of those studies involving athletes.

Candle burning rituals involve candles that you move, over a period of days, closer to one another, or further away. The time frame that makes sense for a Full Moon is two weeks – from Full Moon to New Moon – in this case from August 10th – August 25th. But do what feels right.

If you’re trying to attract a lover, for example, you might want to chose red or pink candles. Designing a setting for them, on top of a table, dresser, or in an undisturbed location outside are possibilities. Beautifully scented oils, incense, or scented candles would be good to involve the sense of smell. You may want to rub the candles with oil (sensation), play some romantic music, sing, beat a drum, etc.

Light the candles at some point during your ritual. Everyday move them slightly closer together signifying, with your actions, that your new lover is getting closer. You may find your mindset changed from mourning what you lack to anticipating, with excitement, what’s to come. You’ve aligned your subconscious with what you want and away from what you don’t want.

If you want something removed from your life, you could move the candles progressively further apart. Have fun and let me know what you’ve designed if you feel the urge.

Here’s to a closer, friendlier, relationship with the most enlightened facets of yourself.


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