Horoscopes for the Week of July 2nd – July 8th

Mosaic Artist – Kasia Polkowska

This week marks the first time in six months that no personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are moving in retrograde motion. As you look back over the past several months, you’d probably have to admit that you’ve come a long way emotionally – not really the same person you used to be. The environment surrounding you is beginning to catch up to reflect profound inner changes that have taken place. Mercury officially changed direction yesterday. Much of what has become meaningless will be discarded from your life.

Two things Mercury retrograde highlighted – “less might actually be more,” and eliminating the tendency for emotions to sway our thinking and communication is a really good idea. Mercury’s powerful stationary point – 24 degrees Gemini – forms a harmonious aspect to the North Node (our life direction). Knowledge, experience, ideas, and conversations coalesce in ways that now open the right doors to the right opportunities.

The Sun (our essential energy) and Pluto (intense power and compulsion) face off on July 4th. Confrontations with the “powers that be” may move us into a more balance place. Keeping the fireworks out of relationships may be difficult.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

This week Aries may feel old compulsions to control family matters surface in ways that ignite conflict. The other possibility, though, is that new insights and efforts that eliminated personal emotional drama in communication are beginning to pay off. Most likely, this week, there will be a little of both. The energy expended in “all or nothing” thinking, and frustration stemming from impatience, can be redirected into the ongoing inner conflict that rages over whether or not you can trust yourself. You must win this battle. Evidence has mounted, over the past seven months, as you’ve proven to yourself that you can break through emotional limitations, muster significant amounts of self-discipline, and be highly instrumental in changing things for the better, if only incrementally. This week it may be time to change something significant to reflect the fact that you may be winning the ongoing inner struggle, trusting yourself more, and second guessing yourself less.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

It’s time to fix the distortions that have accumulated as you chronically pit your innate talents against perfectionistic creative standards. Habitually downplaying your own creations that reflect innate genius abilities surrounding creative use of resources and income, needs to be eliminated, not only for your own sake and the sake of your relationships, but for the sake of the world and your potential contribution to its transformation. As you come into full realization of where your talents lie, you may want to narrow your focus and intensify your power in a particular direction. Focusing on redirecting your energy to improve methods, purify motives, and fortify yourself physically will help to eliminate perfectionistic blockages, but only if you discipline your mind to routinely note incremental progress, to focus on it and allow yourself to feel satisfaction that results. Less is actually more now.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Gemini’s may sense, more acutely than the rest of us, how profoundly important the past three week reassessment, rearrangement, and redirection phase has been in allowing them to reach their most cherished goals. There are some perfectionistic standards involving family that will be challenged this week by your own renewed insistence on loving yourself and your personal style and approach to life – even if it flies in the face of another’s expectations. Now is the time to give less attention to audience approval and more to creating a new direction that merges with your life’s purpose. Self-centeredness is your friend now and the ideas you have are feeding, generously nourishing, and energizing your creative focus. Trust in yourself needs to be fortified this week with actions that reflect what feels most right for you. If trust is a little shaky, all you have to do is look back over the past seven months and you will find plenty of evidence to support how truly deserving you are of having complete faith in yourself and your abilities.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Cancers may struggle over the next few days to keep their enthusiastic, exuberant, and optimistic approach to life energized as they confront old relationship compulsions and fears. They may face the limits of their power to control outcomes and become a bit discouraged. The antidote is to continue to insist on their right to create a life they love no matter what… and to do what they must do to minimize the negative effects another may have on their mood and general outlook. Your own peace of mind depends on your ability to refuse to accept responsibility for absolutely everything that happens in your immediate environment. This is an old habit that does not serve you well. As your inner life reaps the rewards of some recent rearrangement and adjustment, peace of mind has become a more coveted state worth defending. You are in the final stages of an intense period of emotional growth and it’s important now to refuse to give up the gains you’ve made.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leo’s may be challenged, over the next couple days, by workloads and compulsions that have the capacity to deplete and disconnect them from the important inner connections they’ve nourished over the past year. Leo’s, often distracted by the limelight, reputation-enhancing activities, and pride, have made tremendous progress over the past seven months gaining insight into what they most need to please themselves. Those connections have been critical in moving them onto a path that feels both nourishing and right. As you near the end of this accelerated “inner growth” phase it’s important to commit to protecting the new connections made with deeper parts of yourself – the parts that determine your ability to feel deeply satisfied with your own life, not just admired by others. Habitually depleting yourself can weaken those commitments. Money or self worth issues may be at the root of it all. The universe is plotting now to help you deconstruct those compulsions.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Your understanding of the tight rope you walk to keep your balance has deepened. Thoughtfulness regarding your style and approach has increased. But this week you’re reminded, even though you’ve made tremendous progress, that old compulsions and fears still exist where loving yourself, asserting power, and communication are issues. Virgos are nearing the end of a phase of review where career and life direction are issues. This week an intelligent professional woman, or maybe the wisdom of your own inner feminine self, challenges you to control some undeniable impulsive urge to speak up, inject your opinion, or otherwise direct and control with your superior knowledge of the facts. Friends or interactions with groups and the community remind you that you still have a ways to go before you can fully relax into the belief that your highest priority is staying true to yourself, detached from audience approval, and fully occupied with creating a life you love. In the interest of breaking through perfectionistic blockages and guilt, spending time reviewing how far you’ve come over the past seven months could prove very valuable.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This week Libras are free to expand their minds through direct experience and a willingness to entertain foreign ideas that make their life bigger. Foreign travel that has been in the discussion phase may begin to gel,and attracting intelligent women who present you with greater possibilities is likely. Life may feel especially interesting and exciting, but also threatening to your need for creative control. There is a push/pull dynamic going on beneath the surface that demands adjustment and accommodation in favor of freedom and expansion. By Friday the pressure intensifies as you feel your stature as a nurturer and authority being diminished by some “out-of-control” child, love affair, or powerfully creative competitor. This is an important life turning point that highlights the need to face your fears and set yourself free so that your own creative power can be unleashed and better directed. One warning; manipulation will sink this emerging opportunity and make your life smaller.

SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)

Potentially this is a period where major life adjustments need to be made within the realm of your health and /or work life. Your entire style and approach to life as an authority who delves deeply to heal and transform may be at a crossroads. The “stage play” that is your life is undergoing major restructuring. The entire plot may change, the actors may be replaced, and the venue may be moved to someplace new and different. There is something stirring deep within you, though, that feels right- like something that was never meant to be confined or confused is being released and set free. As you loosen the reigns on your need to be the authority and to strictly control your immediate environment and yourself, old confined or dismissed creative urges begin to emerge. Those have the potential to infuse your life with freshness, joy and, possibly, to resolve hidden sources of ill health. Acting on emerging creative urges, even those that seem frivolous, shifts you into an attraction mode where you draw to yourself highly creative people, situations, and ideas that allow you to thrive rather than just survive.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarians are in a “finishing” phase where loose ends are being tied up and whatever’s been left unfinished addressed, completed and released. This is the end of a twelve month cycle where cleaning and clearing is your focus as you deal with old psychological conditioning, financial collaborations, trust, and other emotional limitations. Universal energy is helping you to quickly dissolve whatever’s hobbled you in the past, making room for something fresher, more vibrant, adventurous, maybe wildly creative, and expansive. By Friday your identification with creative emotional transformation, or playing a dependent role may be challenged by the need for change and for you to be willing to own your own power. Fear is your enemy. It’s time to move on to something bigger. Emotional confinement is on the cusp of being a thing of the past. Your choice is now to grow or to grow toxic. Sagittarians are prone to choosing the more adventurous route. I’m betting that’s what you’ll do.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

Capricorns are on the verge of upending an old way of life in favor of something new related to their home and their urge to express themselves freely and independently. What they are on the verge of doing is something unique and somewhat rebellious – a true expression of who they are as opposed to a safe expression of who they really aren’t. Their choice may involve lots of work, responsibility, personal adjustment, and a willingness to deal with uncertainty and surprises. Capricorn’s live for work and challenge, but dealing with uncertainty and surprise is not their natural forte. Neither is compromise. They like to be in charge and are adept at making it look like they’re compromising when they’re really not. By Friday you’ll be challenged to balance your need to be the “controlling authority” with giving free reign to your creative brilliance. Most likely that creative brilliance is being reflected through some “feminine other” demanding an equal voice. Capricorn can do what they always do to quiet “subversives” or they can break the rules and explore a part of themselves that’s long been neglected.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)

Aquarian’s career and life direction has been in a holding pattern since the beginning of March. Now the groundwork is almost in place for a powerful new beginning and thrust toward achievement, growth, and a degree of fame. Still, fear and some resistance underlies the whole process as Aquarians aren’t particularly anxious to be “well known” or “in demand.” They like to keep their work and parts of themselves private to protect their freedom and to control their life direction. But now there is some wild card being introduced into the mix, something potentially more difficult to control that has the potential to be positive, but also to publicly expose the more unique parts of you most likely to be rejected and ostracized by traditional forces. As fear intensifies, it’s time to trust that your creations are moving closer to your life purpose and flipping you firmly onto the right track. Aquarian’s social role transcends personal needs. Traditional forces need to be made very uncomfortable with their often destructive, ineffective, and cruel ways. Despite the personal risks, it’s your job and your purpose to intensify their discomfort. This weeks’s essential message seems to be one of refocusing on your role in the scheme of the universe as opposed to playing it safe personally.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)

Pisces are approaching the end of a sensitive road designed to lead them to a place where they could discard meaningless aspects of their live’s that prevented them from expressing their true genius – the part of them that was always able to infuse their life with joy. Finding themselves surrounded by unsupportive friends, inappropriate associations, and group memberships, based more on convenience and status than love, a difficult and discriminating process of weeding out and pruning defined their past year. Feeling alone was necessary. Sensitivity to their own needs, what was missing from their life, and what brought them joy, combined with invisible guidance and an abundance of intuitive information, advanced their progress. Overcoming old relationship patterns was a part of it. Now, as Pisces looks back, they feel how far they’ve come and may sense that something remains unfinished. By Friday they are challenged by old fears that threaten their ability to direct their life in ways that express their true genius. By Friday they may see clearly what remains to be finished as this phase comes to a close.

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