Full Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn 03′ July 12th, 2014 7:25 AM EST & 4:25 AM PST

Full Capricorn Moon’s are known to feel heavy, sometimes overwhelming us with responsibility and problems that feel too big for us. This Full Capricorn Moon feels lighter, though. Maybe it’s because she finds herself surrounded by personal planets that appear more satisfied, hopeful, and smarter, as they approach the end of a difficult journey. In hindsight, since January, we have been taught patience, the importance of home and family, and treating others, especially ourselves, fairly. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year. Now we’re at a turning point and in the midst of a major mood shift.

Any planet in its “home sign” expresses directly, purely, and powerfully. Mercury in Gemini, his most natural home, coupled with Venus, is generating more clarity in relationships and infusing a kinder, less judgmental tone to all our thoughts. Creative ideas are flourishing and may feel overwhelming in their scope.

Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, in retrograde motion since the beginning of March, is about to turn direct. He is now relentlessly pushing us to address and release something dark and limiting – something that probably involves destructive power struggles, secrets, and death and rebirth – if we haven’t already. He wants us to be done with it now and full Moons always assist with release and letting go, especially in the two weeks following their culmination. As Saturn moves direct, his new focus he will be giving us the energy to narrow the scope of our plans in ways that allow us to intelligently structure something new.

The South Node, now in Aries, is aligned almost exactly with the uber-dark goddess, Eris. Suppressed for centuries and thwarted in her quest for equality in relationships, Eris has had thousands of years to stew in the muddy waters of anger, frustration, and vengefulness. In challenging aspect to this full Moon, it may seem urgent to take action to correct inequities, poor treatment, and dissatisfying relationship conditions. It’s time to free ourselves of entrenched, limiting emotions. It’s time for a revival of a type of passion that serves our best interest as Mars moves into Scorpio.

The North Node in Libra directs us toward more peaceful inner states and deeper connections with the self. His Sabian symbol, “Information in the Symbol of An Autumn Leaf,” requires sensitivity to subtle messages that lead us in the right direction. They surround us now, but we must be able to focus on the details hidden behind surface appearances.

This Full Moon brings resolution and “cosmic reconciliation.” Her Sabian Symbol, “A Hidden Choir Singing,” refers to the “music of the sphere’s” and the universal harmony behind all that’s manifesting in the moment.

A Naturopath once explained to me the importance, during difficult times, of connecting very strongly with “the part of you that never changes.” Joseph Campbell’s answer to “life-direction dilemmas” was to “follow your bliss.” And Buddha’s last words of advice were to “doubt everything” and to “find your own light.” This Full Moon seems to reflect, that after a long period in the wilderness, we may now be settling deeply into our most “essential self.” Blissful feelings may be stirring, as the brush and dead leaves are cleared to reveal the light of our life’s true path.

As an Astrologer, I’m inspired by many stories of “new awakenings” and an openness to putting the past in the past, regardless of how difficult that process might be. Jupiter, in his final degree of Cancer, has presided over a year-long period of unprecedented emotional growth, stimulating some very significant challenges. With less than a week left before Jupiter changes his watery, emotional focus, cherishing and celebrating home and family may be on the agenda. What comes next is the fullest flowering of creative self-expression and romance.

This full Moon brings us to the realization that what we thought might never end is, in fact, ending. We face that reality, happily in many cases, and prepare to move on.

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