Where is Your Best Place?

Painting by Tammy Callens

Astrocartography is a branch of astrology that reveals how energy patterns in specific places affect you personally. A relocation chart graphs how the energy of a place can change your energy flow in various ways. There are places in the world where aspects of your life are easier and places where life can be more difficult.  If you’ve lived in various locations over your lifetime you’ve witnessed the difference.  

It is possible to choose, based on astrocartographic mapping, destinations where ease and flow characterize specific areas of your life or the opposite. If you would like a better financial outlook for yourself, a better love life, happier kids, more career opportunity, more confidence, abundant creativity, more satisfying friendships, or more personal freedom, it may be time to consider your “best places.”

Astrocartography allows an astrologer to see your specific energy fields superimposed over a map of the world. It becomes possible to see where specific energies are emphasized. Identified are those places that highlight the areas of life that are most important to you.

Sometimes there seems to be little choice in where you live. It’s where you work, where you’ve located your family, where you can afford to live. But arming yourself with information gives you a clearer picture of your options. A relocation chart gives you a broader perspective.

Relocational astrology has always been a fascinating source of study for me. I use it to choose my vacations as well as where I live. It works.

Consider a relocational reading to find your best place.


Holly gave me an amazing reading with so many in-depth details about my life and living in Southern California. She confirmed all of the challenges I was experiencing in California and informed me that the entire West Coast would always present difficulties for my career and creative endeavors. My relocation chart confirmed NYC as being one of the best places for me to be. I have been back in NYC for almost a year and found rewarding, consistent work upon my arrival. I feel very productive and creative and my projects have taken on an entire new life. I couldn’t be happier with Holly’s reading and the wealth of information she provided me. Thanks Holly!
-Michael B.

I just wanted a partner. I wanted to be married and to have a family. I went through many frustrating relationships and had given up. I assumed there was something wrong with me and lowering my expectations was what I needed to do. Holly’s analysis was different. She suggested relocating “under my Venus lines” whatever that means. She gave me three choices of places where my love life would most likely improve. I had a great job so moving was a hard choice, but I wasn’t happy. I relocated nine months ago from Huston TX to Flagstaff AZ and, after two months of living there, the love of my life made his initial appearance. I’m ecstatic. Apparently Venus lines work. I’m so grateful, Holly.
-Allison R.

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