What Your Venus Sign Says About You


The helical rise of venus occurred on June 12, 2012.  This marks the exact date that venus transformed herself from an evening star into a morning star.   She reappeared from the shadows in new garb setting the feminine tone for the next year and a half. Judging from the Sabian Symbol, it appears to be one of “liberation from the past.”

Venus is setting out to recover something she lost thousands of years ago.  It has to do with the two things in life she needs most – authority and self-possession.  Venus needs to control her life and to possess her own her body.  She needs others to be kind. So far this year has not seemed to be a “be kind to women” year.

Women and children have suffered most as the economy continues to struggle, Sandra Fluke was called a slut for speaking out on a woman’s right to healthcare, there was an attempt to redefine rape as legitimate or not legitimate, mandatory ultrasounds, video viewing, and waiting periods for women seeking abortion were signed into law in some states.  Women continue to make seventy-seven cents for every dollar men make.

For the sake of the world women must refuse to be shamed or bullied into weakness.  With Gemini setting the tone, silence (a foreign concept to Gemini) must be left behind.  Through both personal and public realms, and forceful authentic expression of their Venus placement, everyone has a role to play in liberating the world from the past.    Read about your innate gifts and your relational style, and your unique role in advancing the world. To find your Venus Sign click on the Venus Tables



Venus in ARIES

Venus in Aries women seem to have a lead role to play as the world transitions into the feminine.   Gifted within the realm of dynamic self assertion, leadership, and courage, this Venus understands Mars, the warrior.  In fact Aries can be a fairly difficult placement for a planet whose purpose is receptivity and attraction.  Venus in Aries has a hard time sitting back waiting for her beauty to attract what she wants when she possesses every quality necessary to simply go for it.

Her style in relationships is good natured combativeness.  She likes to spar with her partners and challenges them to stand up for themselves.  She has no respect for weakness and is intrigued with anyone courageous enough to be with her and to tell her blunt truths about herself. She loves challenging but even match-ups.  Sex for her is fast, furious, and right to the point.

Aries is a fire sign indicating great passion.  She loves art that is infused with a fierce kind of beauty, full of anger, passion, and challenging to the senses.  Her role is courageous leadership, not necessarily the kind that attracts followers, but the kind that inspires others to to take risks.  By taking risks herself and through her own activist art projects she inspires others to do the same.

Venus in TAURUS

These women are gifted in their ability to find beauty and sacredness within the simple.  They are able to experience great happiness through their senses,  especially the sense of touch. Art, music, and food connoisseurs, the everyday savorers of beauty, luxury, and everything they own, they take the time to notice what they notice. They have deep connections with and love for the natural world.

Ideally Venus in Taurus women attract a solid partner with resources in reserve. They love stability and cultivate a shared life, patiently accumulating over time an abundance of beautiful possessions.  Touching and holding each other as well as regular leisurely, sensual, sex is cherished.   A Venus in Taurus women expects beautiful gifts and has the ability to fully appreciate them.

A venus in Taurus women’s contribution to the world over the next year and a half is to find a way to bring the beauty of sensual and traditional art forms into the places where society attempts to hide their “failures” – prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, abused women’s shelters,  recovery centers, retirements homes, etc.

Venus in GEMINI

Venus in Gemini women seem to play the leading role for the next year and a half catalyzing further movement toward a more feminine and balanced world. These women have the gifts of crystal clear perception, objective thinking, writing, speaking, and verbal ability.   Their personalities sparkle drawing others to them.  They know what to say and how and when to say it.  They initiate a sparking back and forth between women that generates new ideas based on clear thought. Their mind is flexible and clever. They are gifted multitaskers.

These women attract what they need by being the most interesting people in the room, by being smart, and metaphorically “light on their feet”.  Ideally they attract partners who can match them intellectually and verbally – those who can keep them engaged with variety by changing things up frequently.  Relationships for them are about a “meeting of the minds” on many levels, the freedom to follow their interests wherever they lead, and the mutual creation of a broad networks of contacts.  Their relationships must be sparkling exciting affairs or they lose interest.

As the main catalysts for the unfolding feminine world, these women are called on to to create and distribute bold art that directly communicates supportive feminine statements.  They are called on to interject new ideas of feminine approaches into educational systems   Cleverly, but forcefully, confronting resistance on multiple fronts, they opens doors and the rest of us are right behind her.

Venus in CANCER

Venus in Cancer women are gifted in their ability to create beautiful nurturing environments, to strengthen connections with the past, to nourish the undernourished, and to love being women.  Their feelings are naturally sensitized toward supporting the feminine wherever they find it and they’re gifted in their ability to detect pain, to soothe, and to protect children.

Ideally they are able to attract comforting and supporting partners who need strong emotional connections and are able to provide the means for her to create beauty within their home.  The nourishment for all her relationships is found in the past – those who’ve traveled the same roads with her for many years, or those women who came before her and provide the template from which she gains strength.

Her role advancing the world into feminine balance is to ground what Gemini Venus has initiated by attracting tangible resources that will support women who are struggling.  She does this by creating and distributing art that opens the hearts of those who can fund healing nurturing places of beauty.  She also uses art to open the hearts of those who resist growing feminine influence.

Venus in LEO

These women are gifted in their ability to find great joy in exuberantly living their lives and are able to revive those who forget how to do this. They are gifted in forcefully expressing their abundant creativity and dramatic flair.  They’re amazing entertainers with big warm hearts, overly endowed with talent, full of love. They shine.

Ideally Venus in Leo attracts a partner who is thoroughly entertained by them, equally passionate, social, and unconventionally talented in their own right.  Creativity is intricately woven into any bond that joins them to another.  They attract partners and relationships that make them proud.  Fun is always a big part of any relationship equation, and children are a source of great pride and joy. Frequent heart felt expressions of affection are important.

Venus in Leo’s role in moving the feminine forward is to create entertaining and accessible venues for showcasing their own feminine creations while expanding venues for dramatizing the creations of artists, poets, and writers whose subject matter advances feminine ideals.  Creating new and accessible ways to weave feminine influenced art networks throughout the world aligns perfectly with Venus in Leo’s talents.

Venus in VIRGO

These women are gifted in mastering skills.  They posses the gift of humility that allows them to take an honest look at themselves and to see that they are not what they could be. They are gifted with an inborn drive to perfect things, to identify flaws, and to methodically and tirelessly work toward improvement. Virgo loves and finds great beauty in the simple and the practical.   With unassuming diligence,  she meticulously  cares for the details that comprise the whole. Her life is dedicated to making herself a continually improving version of service to the world.

Ideally Venus in Virgo women attract partners who notice and appreciate detail and dedicate themselves to improving their ability to be better partners. Partners see themselves as being in service to the Venus in Virgo woman and design their lives in ways that practically accommodate her needs.  Virgo is a mutable sign and enjoys the humor that her partner brings to the relationship.   They create a relationship that is beautiful in its simplicity and efficiency.  It works well.

Venus in Virgo’s role in advancing the feminine world is to strengthen foundations. Servants provide the foundation for all cultural achievement. Venus in Virgo women find creative new ways to infuse service organizations and those who serve with the sustaining nourishment of beauty and art in their everyday environments.

Venus in LIBRA

These women are gifted in the areas of diplomacy, creating balance, and refined creative expressions of beauty and style.  They know the power of projecting refined beauty rather than harshness to attract cooperation.  Everything they ask for is couched in beautiful words, an accommodating attitude, and the unspoken promise of reciprocation.  In the interest of promoting balance, give and take underlies all that they do. They are gifted peace makers and born art connoisseurs.

Ideally Venus in Libra attracts relationships in need of balancing.  Partners can be harsh, self involved, impulsive, adventurers who respond well to her diplomatic ways.  She creates a home environment where art and beauty dominate.  Compromise is an important tool, but it’s the beauty she creates that balances and soothes. Her relationships are a successful study in how to balance opposites to create peaceful and harmonious relationships.

Venus in Libra’s contribution to feminine advancement in the world involves encouraging the artistic self expression of children.  Providing opportunities for creative women to partner with children in groups to create art is important. Finding places to beautify with their accessible exhibits would go along way toward promoting a more balanced world.

Venus in SCORPIO

Venus in Scorpio women have a lead role to play in advancing the feminine.  They are gifted in the area of transformation.  Their creativity destroys old forms and creates fertile soil for new forms to grow.  Scorpio women delve into their deep connections to mysterious realms for inspiration.  Their art is brutally honest making those around them squirm before they’re able to relax into its profoundly beautiful nature. Venus in Scorpio courageously addresses what most would rather not talk about.

Venus in Scorpio attracts sensual partners who use the fertile soil of their relationship to plant seeds that grow into the stability and simplicity she needs. In relationship these women find a firm home base from which to wander off into complex mazes of mystery and intrigue and return home safely again.  Passion keeps these relationships continuously reignited. The strength of the relationship is found within beautiful cycles of death and rebirth.

Venus in Scorpio’s role in advancing the feminine is to find places that already exist for this purpose and to improve them. Scorpio uses her ability to prune dead branches while making room for new life, beautifying what works while starving what limits the advancement of feminine strength and vitality.


Venus in Sagittarius women are gifted in their ability expand their lives in ways that provide perspective and great wisdom.  They love to advance into foreign territory as adventurers seeking more freedom and novel experiences.  These women obsessively entertain new possibilities and revise their beliefs as new information becomes available to them.  They are the most hopeful and optimistic of all and generously share their hope and optimism with others. Their sense of humor is perhaps their greatest gift.

These women attract partners who provide them with facts that open new possibilities for creative projects, new adventures, and revision of their beliefs. Their partners provide a steady stream of clear headed ideas which they seize upon to decipher trends, and new material for entertaining others with their humor.  Their partners are light on their feet and easily swept off into foreign lands and unfamiliar churches.  The ideal relationship for a Venus in Sagittarius woman is one that encourages her freedom

Venus in Sagittarius’s role in advancing the feminine is the use of art and beauty to cultivate relationships between women of different cultures and nationalities.  Uniting women ambassadors for peace and the advancement of the feminine through creativity and beauty is a natural avenue for the gifted Sagittarius.


Venus in Capricorn women are gifted authorities who instill trust in those who follow their lead.  They possess  a profoundly strong character that others instinctively respect.  These women willingly take on huge responsibilities, succeed and achieve particularly within the business world.  They are gifted with realism and control their emotions for the sake of accomplishing their goals.  They are authentic and driven.

Venus in Capricorn women attract partners who need them.  Their partners possess strong emotions that these women balance with their cool sensibilities.  Their partners provide for them opportunities for warmth and emotional growth.  These women create relationships where respect provides the foundation. They provide boundaries  within which their partners feel safe and secure. They encourage achievement and often provide the means for their partner’s accomplishments. Ultimately they accept the responsibility for the success of the relationship.

Venus in Capricorn women advance the cause of the feminine by using art, business incentives, and their cool disciplined approach to beautifully undermine those who attempt to shame, manipulate, and otherwise imprison the feminine.


Venus in Aquarius women are gifted revolutionaries.  They make sure that the culture progresses rather than retracts.  They are generally geniuses in their area of interest, outside the box thinkers, radically different,  in love with humanity.  Their outsider status gives them the ability to make valuable contributions to the group.  What they create is unusual and socially conscious.  They are futurists, the lightening rods that electrify.

Ideally Venus in Aquarius attracts partners who recognize their need to be outsiders in order to make their contributions.  Their partners protect them, take pride in them and never insist that they choose a safer path knowing that they’re especially equipped to deal with their outsider status.  These women attract partners secure enough in their own creative endeavors to give her complete artistic freedom.  They adjust and protect.  Venus in Aquarius creates relationships where partners are equals and the best of friends.

Venus in Aquarius’s role in advancing the feminine world is to work within groups that create and promote activist art and to provide the nourishment of beauty and art to those who openly protest limits on feminine freedom.

Venus in PISCES

Venus in Pisces women are gifted in the area of intuition.  While it’s difficult for the rest of us to access deep sources of inspiration and mystery, these women have the gift of soft boundaries.  Love and support from invisible realms permeates their everyday activity.  These women have one foot in other worlds and they manage the divide that competes for their attention very well. They bring back the best from other realms to the world they physically inhabit and generously share the inspiration they’ve found through their art.

Ideally Venus in Pisces attracts partners who methodically take care of practical concerns so they don’t have to.  These women have partners who take care of them physically, provide nourishment, encourage them to rest, and continuously find better ways to serve them.  In exchange the Venus in Pisces woman provides inspiration, art, sublime beauty, amazingly imaginative conversation, and a partner who can disappear with them into the magical realm of film and future dreams.  These women are able to routinely  transport their relationships into the sublime.

Venus in Pisces role in the advancement of the feminine is to create more art in public places infusing it with the subtle energy forms other realms, making it Iresistably beautiful and accessible for everyone.


  1. roni:

    Such a wonderful, informative post. I appreciate your contributions–so helpful… But, could you post about natal Venus retrograde? I would really appreciate that. I’m just now starting to get a better grasp on how my life dynamics relate to that. Many thanks.

  2. Sandy:

    Thanks for this! And for posting the venus tables. I’ve always been daunted by astrology, but you simplify it for me! Much appreciated 🙂

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