Aquarius New Moon January 30, 2014 – Article Posted!

The Aquarian New Moon event occurs on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 1:39 PM PST & 4:39 PM EST.  The new Moon rises at 10 degrees 55 minutes of Aquarius.

The Sabian Symbol for this new Aquarian Moon – A Man’s Tete-a-tete with His Inspiration” suggests it’s time for a vacation of sorts…or at least a break from constant engagement with the outer world and your current reality.  There is now the need to experience the somewhat disorienting effects of taking yourself out of your familiar daily routine. Traveling to a foreign place would be ideal.  If not a foreign country or different city, a new place for lunch, different venues, new people, a new routine.  It’s also time for some relaxing time alone, playing, or otherwise engaging in something frivolous and out of the ordinary.

Considering this new Moon chart, Mercury, the messenger, in the critical 29th degree of Aquarius, delivers the critical message. It’s time for some soul-nourishing moments that renew hope and reconnect you with the very unique and unusual aspects of yourself.  Lost in the everyday need to conform and control is the momentum that naturally builds when we’re able to express our most natural way of being.  Reconnecting with personal rhythms is a critically important element of re-energizing the authentic self and the right time appears to be now.

Ceres, the asteroid representing nourishment, aligns in a beautiful harmonious trine with the Messenger.  The aspect implies that the emotional integration we’ve worked hard to achieve over the past several months gives us a tremendous advantage now.  Rather than having to rely so heavily on intellectual analysis and physical energy to gage our timing and actions, we can now feel what lies ahead with greater accuracy.  We can afford to relax some. We can afford to rely on inner directives.

Saturn, Aquarian’s traditional ruler, at 22 degrees of Scorpio, speaks to the magic of imagination and enhancing your enjoyment of life by changing your view of the world.  It speaks to the transformation of your reality through supernatural powers of the mind.  Focus and concentration may be enhanced now.

Interestingly, Aquarius’s modern ruler, Uranus, delivers a message of the power of symbols.  It encourages us to find something old or ancient that we can ascribe magical powers to.   A good luck charm or talisman can then becomes a very personal object of our focus when we’re challenged.  We prepare ahead of time for self-doubt and discouraging times and have the extra magical support in the form of a symbol anytime we need to shift the control back to ourselves.

Mar’s placement gives us clues as to the kind of actions that best align us with this Moon’s energy.  The warrior suggests that bringing the image you have of your ideal self into the brightest possible light, becoming it, and carrying yourself in ways that requires others to acknowledge and recognize that self is extremely important now.  Spending time luxuriating in the vision of your best self  gives you the opportunity to derive maximum power from it and to attract an abundance of opportunity.

The message of this new Moon appears to be “stepping up your game” in ways that take greater advantage of inner resources. Inner resources and powers have massively evolved over the past several years whether you’ve made a focused effort in that direction or not.  It may be time to stop relying so heavily on outer indicators and instructions for how to proceed, especially since we now have much more sensitive and accurate indicators lying within.  It may be time to stop pretending that the best resources we have for navigating our life life path are the tangible ones that lie outside of ourselves. The really good news is that accessing powerful inner resources requires more relaxation, playfulness, and a deepening respect for the most unique aspects of our life journey… and the next couple weeks represent the ideal time for some Aquarian experimentation with those.

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