The Pisces Time of Year

Mosaic Artist Ellen Blakley

This year, from February 18th through March 20th, the world is flooded with energy that dissolves, weakens, and permeates the boundaries and attachments we’ve set in place over the years.  This is a yearly event …a month set aside for us to stop building, to release our attachment to what we have become,  to surrender to a period of transition where we’ll be “neither here nor there” for awhile, and to reconnect with our inner life.

This is a period of rest, rejuvenation, and as much solitary reflection as possible.  The Universe suggests that we release our inner (and maybe outer) connection to everything that isn’t art, music, love, compassion, surrender, selfless service of some form, or relaxation.. For many this is the most difficult time of the year.

Of course you have the option of working harder to prevent the collapse of those things that should collapse.  You have the option of neglecting inner connections in favor of an outward focus.  You have the option of carrying into the new cycle ego attachments to things you’ve outgrown, relationships that drain your energy, and strategies that are unpleasant and not working. You have the option of handicapping yourself at the start of the new yearly cycle on March 21st.

Writing about Pisces energy reminds me of an article I read by Pamela Druckerman called Stress-Less Parenting:  What Everyone Can Learn from Lazy French Mothers.  The French are well known for putting a premium on quality of life.  They have rejected the rushed parenting lifestyle refusing to be “taxi drivers” to and from endless extra-curricular activities designed for achieve better child outcomes. They feel that their children need to be bored occasionally, that they, themselves, need time alone, or in cafes with friends, and that if it feels unpleasant, it must not be good for you or your kids.

“Brain research calls the notion that the more you stimulate kids, the smarter they’ll be, a ‘neuromyth.’  Apparently, teaching preschoolers lots of reading and math takes time away from the things their brains are most primed to learn at that age — like how to concentrate and get along with other people.”

Another difference between French mothers and others is that in many countries mothers tend to carry on a monologue with their kids as they play, teaching and coaching them.  The French sit on the perimeter content to have their children learn on their own terms.  Apparently they trust that they will.

Pisces wisdom tell us that it’s a “neuromyth” to imagine, at this time of year,  that our current level of engagement, our current pace, and our attempts to sustain the unpleasant will lead to better outcomes.  This time of year belongs to Pisces and the normal “type A rules” simply don’t apply.  It’s important to trust your intuition, to design your environment in ways that turn up the volume on your inner voice,  and to make sure your choices aren’t based on fear and mistrust of your own intuitive guidance.   Less is more for the next month.

(This is a general analysis of the “Pisces time of year.”  It is no substitute for knowing your own individual cycles.  Schedule a reading if you’re “flying blind.” )

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