Horoscopes for the Week of February 6th – 12th

This week Mars and Mercury entered the sign of Pisces joining Chiron and Neptune to create a dissolving kind of energy that makes creating art easy and sustaining current conditions in some area of life very difficult.   Venus aspects Jupiter beautifully amplifying the love, tolerance, and enjoyment found in friendships.

Guest writer Peg O’Donnell has written beautifully about the astrology of friendship, what kind of friends you attract, what you need in friendships, and an illustrative example of the legendary friendship between Winston Churchill and FDR. She includes the birth charts of both men. Don’t miss the article .

On Sunday there is a new Moon in Aquarius (late Saturday on the west coast).  I will post an article on Friday with my interpretation of the new moon chart and the energy available for setting intentions.

Have a great week and enjoy your friends!


If ancient memories and impressions unexpectedly pop into your awareness and you can’t believe they’re still being stored in your brain, if dreams are vivid and contain messages you can’t quite decipher, if you sense that outer appearances are deceptive, if it feels that you’re letting things slip away, and if you know you’re being changed at the very core of your being without your consent, then you must be an Aries. To avoid becoming completely confused know that you’re being opened to inspiration, intuitive guidance, and subtler levels of energy that are shaping a new and more vibrant style of asserting yourself. A few more weeks of this and you’ll know you’ve been healed, but you’ll sound crazy if you try to explain it to anyone. The new moon in Aquarius this weekend encourages a fresh start within the realm of friendships, group affiliations, and long term goals.
You are being nourished with information from the financial sector of your life.  It influences  in positive ways your life direction and career goals.   Your values, priorities, and a recharged sense of self-worth also reinforces your professional life.  The attention you’ve given these areas of life for the past several months has given you new confidence allowing you now to shine.  Maybe you’ve reconsidered the value of someone else’s contribution.  Maybe you’ve become aware of how much you need others to boost your faith in the future and to provide a bigger vision for the wealth of information, talent, and income you possess.  You need others to make more optimistic your mindset concerning money.  In any case you shine in public this week when you feed others with information, demonstrate optimism, and receive graciously.  Gifts may come to you professionally or monetarily.  You may be given an opportunity to lead.  People view you now as progressive, high minded, and an authority on future directions.  The new moon this weekend falls in your 10th house of career and life direction.  New beginnings are likely in this area of life.
Your direction in life may remain poorly defined and somewhat confusing this week.  Your best bet is to serve selflessly using your know how to advance the plight of the less fortunate, to create art, and to inspire.  You may be putting into place your future direction without realizing it.  You are building your reputation as someone who demonstrates compassion by contributing knowledge,  ideas, a versatile repertoire of talent, and a willingness to learn. Your artistic and compassionate contributions do not escape public notice.  What works especially well this week is the give and take of nourishment.  Your strength of purpose is nourished by using what you know and feel to communicate unconditional love and acceptance for those who seem foreign to you.  At the same time “the foreigners” are strengthened by your example, their vision broadened, their minds opened, and their faith in the future recharged.  New beginnings are likely this weekend in your 9th house of faith in the future.
The week begins with your attention drawn to your responsibilities within relationships. There is something in this area of life that needs development and if you could avoid it you would but there’s no turning back. You know the task that lies before you and everything hinges on your ability to keep your emotions in check while focusing on the goal.  By Friday and into the weekend your realize the unconditional, accepting, and supportive nature of the love you receive from friends and how that feeds your ability to know your inner self, to recognize inner guidance, and to release old mindsets that no longer serve your purpose.  You may be the recipient of some unusual generosity from friends.  The new moon this weekend further emphasizes new beginnings within friendships.  Feeling that your life is being unusually well supported from behind the scenes makes you shine as the weekend progresses. By Monday a blind faith in your ability to move forward is renewed.
Being with friends this week increases your sense of balance within yourself.  Friends offer you a kind of accepting, tolerant, unconditional love that your soul craves while you feed them with your sparkling personality, intelligent grasp of the facts, entertaining conversation, and  versatile approach to everything.  You feel more confident about relationships this week and may be unusually generous toward a partner.  Or you may be the recipient of some unusual generosity through relationships .  Money may come to you unexpectedly and this may be the result of more enlightened attitudes toward beliefs that seem foreign to you.  The division of responsibilities in joint partnerships remains confusing, difficult to define, and in need of dissolution. Support coming from others may seem lacking in some way. Love is the answer, though, not manipulation, undermining, or passive aggressive approaches.  The new moon in Aquarius this weekend offers the possibility of new beginnings in relationships.
Relationships are highlighted this week.  Among the ways they are being influenced include the following possibilities:  escapism, romance, behind the scenes activities, sex as a spiritual experience, confusion, dissolution of barriers, dancing yourself into an altered state, artistic work, subtle undermining energies, intuitive feelings, endings, loss of something important, loss of something no longer needed, passive aggression, boundless love, self sacrifice, delusions, sickness, feeling transported, invisibly supported, melding into one, dissolving in a heap, directionless, dreamy, softly focused, surrendered, uplifted, nothingness.  Balancing all this with a strong sense of self, the desire and willingness to work toward self improvement, humility, attention to detail, being of service, and caring for your health is important.  You will shine in the workplace as a competent person and feel nourished with opportunities to making progress toward achieving bigger goals, learning more, and connecting with those who share your professional interests.  The new moon in Aquarius this weekend encourages new beginnings in the area of work and health.
Fortunate love affairs involving unusually brilliant and eccentric partners is one prediction for this week. Another is that the unusual ease with which you’re now able to create unusual offerings stimulates a broad range of opportunities  particularly within the field of communication.  Demonstrating what you know in artful ways feeds your creative soul and opens foreign territory to networking and distribution possibilities.  Venus in your solar 5th house of creative self-expression and Jupiter in your 9th house of possibilities  stimulate each other this week.  By Sunday Vesta becomes involved enlivening your passion for the possibility of broader access, greater freedom, and a bigger more receptive audiences.  Create as much as you can this week and for the entire month. The new moon in Aquarius this weekend fall in your 5th house. As Mars moves into your 6th house of health and work more self sacrifice is demanded. This could be a spiritual growth opportunity or simply sadistic.  I’m sure you can see it both ways as Libras always can.
Your fifth house of love, love affairs, children, and creative self-expression is becoming crowded with Pisces planets. Recently both Mars the planet for force and Mercury the planet of communication arrived to join Chiron the wounded warrior and Neptune, the great dissolver.  This is a large concentration of nebulous energy which is designed to blur the boundaries, create some loss of control, and encourage a higher, more spiritual level of operation.  Direct action and force will not get you where you want to be with children, in love, or creating something beautiful.  Direct communication is also more difficult.  What helps is contact with trusted friends who understand and offer unconditional love.  Group membership is also helpful providing you with tangible support.  Imagining the accomplishment of long held dreams and goals in vivid detail, and organizing what you can balances your life.  Ease and flow predominates at home.  Money may arrive unexpectedly.  By the weekend a new moon in Aquarius encourages new beginnings in your fourth house of home and family.
As Jupiter picks up speed in your 7th solar house of relationships, increased activity and communication in this area of life is expected.  Venus in the house of thoughts and communication moves into a supportive harmonious trine with Jupiter, increasing your faith in the future where relationships are concerned.  You may receive some facts that support that belief.  By Sunday Venus enlivens your passion for a shared commitment. You sparkle in relationships now and draw others to you. Past relationship experiences serve you well guiding you in the right direction. Meanwhile there is a great leveling and dissolution happening in your 4th house of home, family, roots, and emotional conditioning.  Everything you’ve inherited seems to be dissolving making your foundation feel like its shifting and a little shaky regardless of whether what’s being dissolved is good or bad.  Balancing this with a focus on your health, being of service, a focus on the details of your life direction, and self improvements keeps you balanced.  The new moon this weekend in your third house provides you with information that opens your mind.
Your confidence, knowledge, and communication ability in the workplace serves you well this week financially, but  being overconfident about the facts you have at hand,  and clinging to what you’ve been told, can lead you in a direction of disappointment and disorganization where your work is concerned.   Communication is unreliable and shifting this week.  By Monday Venus in your 2nd house of finances and self-worth moves into a conflicting aspect with Saturn in the 11th house of friends, group affiliations, and long term goals.  Finances and self-worth may not support your long term goals yet.  You may still have work to do to break through a glass ceiling of your own making.  The groups you want access to may still be closed to you. Taking a closer look may cause you to wonder if you really want what you think you want and if the price of admission to the higher levels of society is worth the price you’ll pay in personal freedom.  New beginnings this weekend affect your 2nd house of values and finances.
You’re irresistible this week Aquarius.  Everyone wants what you’ve got and life is good.  If you’re trying to promote yourself or some product this is the week to do it.  Your creations, your children and your lovers are a source of pride. They feed your ego and make you shine. The time you spend with friends is especially enjoyable.  The only interference comes late Sunday when career pressures and the responsibility to succeed brings you back to earth. Your still not entirely comfortable with your public image and life direction, but you’re making progress, eliminating old programming and the underlying restrictive architecture that you’ve lived with for so long.  It’s a sand castle at high tide now and there’s no rescue operation that can or should save it.  With each dissolving limitation you pick up the pace of your career and life direction wondering if you can really do this without losing yourself in the process.  You can by grounding yourself in your inheritance of beauty, art, and material security.  The weekend brings a new moon in Aquarius making this a great time for new beginnings as you impress your will on the world.
The process of disentangling, dismantling, dissolving, and dispersing with whatever weighs you down will accelerate this week as  as Mars and Mercury now join Neptune and Chiron in the dissolution process.  It’s getting crowded in your solar first house signaling the time for a thorough housecleaning throwing out the stuff you used to be attached to and probably some of the stuff you still are.  You’ll get over it once you start feeling the exhilaration of an unburdened life.  Not that you won’t feel loss, not that you won’t mourn the things that are gone, but you’ll get over it and you’ll start something new.  Venus and the sun in Aquarius in your first house remind you that the one thing you don’t have to surrender are the memories of friend’s unconditional love, acceptance, tolerance and support.  Because of them you never had to travel your journey alone and you still don’t.  In your heart they’re always there putting things in perspective and making you laugh.  You’ll feel that very strongly this week.  The new moon in Aquarius falls in your 12th house of your inner life enabling new beginnings.


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