Looking Forward to July 2013

Today is the last day of November 2012.  The Grand Water Trine taking place this afternoon in the PST zone and early evening in the EST zone is a small preview of the upcoming major Grand Water Trine involving many more planets, occurring in July of 2013.

A Grand Trine is Astrology speak for three or more planets in a 120 degree aspect to one another.  If you draw lines connecting the three planets  you end up with a large equilateral triangle framing the middle of a chart.  More important are its effects on the world and us.  With very little effort during a Grand Trine alignment we can reap tremendous rewards and gifts.

People born with Grand Trines in their natal charts are thought to be given this charmed lifetime as a reward for compassionate service in past lives.  They have an abundance of inborn natural talent that makes everything they touch turn to gold…if they make that little bit of effort. The risk is that they’ll simply feel content with no motivation to do much of anything.  It’s wasted potential, but they still tend to lead pretty nice lives with the Grand Trine easily supporting them.  My partner Michael has a Grand Fire Trine in his chart and on a daily basis I see the ease and flow reflected in his life. His default setting is happy.

So this July we’ll all feel for a few days what it would be like to be born with this fairly rare aspect.  It only takes three planets to form a Grand Trine, but upcoming is a Grand Trine involving five planets and the North Node. That’s extremely rare.  The water signs are involved obviously – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – and the planets involved are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron.  The North Node in Scorpio is an important theoretical point.  Knowing where these planets fall in your chart gives you some foresight for planning the types of action you will take to activate this Grand Trine for yourself.

I’ll write more on this later.  I keep thinking what awesome timing this would be for a wedding or the birth of a child,  but ultimately it always depends on your natal chart placements.

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