Asking Better Questions

Including astrological knowledge among the data used to in conjunction with client input yields better answers most of the time.  Astrological knowledge in conjunction with client input always leads to better questions and increases the accuracy of assessment.  Examples of what an astrological chart reveals include the following:

Your patient’s specific life purpose. Types of Individual life experience, attitudes, and relationships that serve to strengthen or weaken an individual’s sense of himself, his purpose, and life’s meaning.

His major life lessons.  How does this person’s “major course of study” in life influence the situations and people he attracts.   Knowing this emphasis enables you to empower your client to see current hardships as less arbitrary and more meaningful.

The specific nature of innate talent and creativity.

Communication style.

Specific behavioral undermining tendencies most likely to manifest under unusually stressful conditions.

Specific emotional framework, what this person needs most in order to feel emotionally secure, and what underlying dynamics are most likely to block his path toward emotional security.

How and when a patient was wounded and what “navigational errors” occurred or are occurring while the wound festers.

When a patient is most receptive to healing his wounds.

How significant relationships fit into his overall life purpose.  What are his specific needs and what defines a successful relationship for him.

What is his most natural and therefore strongest approach to his spiritual life, work, family, career, finances, sharing resources, community, communication, etc.

What and where his opportunities present at this moment in time, how he can best take advantage of those, and the time frame within which they will exist for him.

The nature of his early family life and how this explains his present day circumstances.

The specific area of life in which an individual may be vulnerable to delusions, unable to see reality clearly, and the difficulties this may present.

The area of life this person is most likely to experience very directly his spiritual nature, what encourages and what may be blocking that experience for him, as well as the nature of the blockage.

When this person functioning at his healthiest and whether or not that coincides with what your definition of health is for him.

The area of life demanding this person’s attention and whether or not it coincides with what he perceives to be his highest priority.

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