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Looking Forward to July 2013

Today is the last day of November 2012.  The Grand Water Trine taking place this afternoon in the PST zone and early evening in the EST zone is a small preview of the upcoming major Grand Water Trine involving many […] 

Gemini Full Moon with Eclipse Nov 28, 2012 6:47 AM PST, 9:47 AM EST

A Full Moon with an Eclipse falling in Gemini is interesting in that it combines emotion with thought and heart with mind.  Gemini represents pure thought and the moon our emotional nature. The experience of this full moon suggests an […] 

Asking Better Questions

Including astrological knowledge among the data used to in conjunction with client input yields better answers most of the time.  Astrological knowledge in conjunction with client input always leads to better questions and increases the accuracy of assessment.  Examples of […] 

Flower Essence 3

This is the third in a series of articles on Flower Essences. The effects of essences are very subtle.  For me, as I experiment with them, it’s been hard initially to figure out if they’re working or not. Holly is […] 

New Moon in Scorpio/Total Solar Eclipse Nov.13, 2012 (2:09 PM PST – 5:09 PM EST)

Tuesday’s Scorpio New Moon and total eclipse will, like all total eclipses, be accompanied by a power surge that disrupts energy flow. In life this is often felt as a sudden event that abruptly changes and concentrates attention.  Scorpio, the […] 

The 12th House and Hidden Talent

HIDDEN TALENT – THE WORLD IS WAITING Never remembering my dreams, for some reason (probably the Full Moon) I’m on a roll with them this week. Last night I dreamt that my cat Bridget and I were standing next to […] 

What to Expect

Typically, people have come to expect prediction from an astrologer.  “Can you tell me what’s going to happen?”   There are techniques that make this question fairly easy to answer, but only if the astrologer assumes that a life is driven by […]