Why Herbs are Smarter than Drugs

Holistic leadership visions and projects reflect the holistic health of the visionary.  Herbs can improve health in many ways  because their mode of action is holistic, smart, and compatible with life.

One of the ways drug companies manufacture new drugs is by isolating and extracting the medicinally active parts of a whole plant causing the drug to lose the overall protective power of the plant.  Aspirin is a good example.  White willow bark is the plant from which salicylic acid is derived.  Salicylic acid is a great pain reliever, but when it’s extracted from a plant it leaves behind natural plant buffers.  What we end up with was a powerful analgesic with intestinal bleeding side effects. Whole plants are compatible with life and buffers are one of the reasons why.

In my opinion, adaptogens are the smartest of all smart herbs. Not only are they naturally buffered, but their healing effects are amazing.  Adaptogens have a normalizing effect on the body under stress.  They are strengthening herbs that bring natural balance back to the body no matter what the direction of the imbalance.  If stress has caused your thyroid to become overactive an adaptogen will slow it down. The same adaptogen will know to speed it up if it’s too slow, raise blood pressure that’s too low, lower blood pressure that’s too high, and bring hormones back into balance regardless of whether they’re to high or too low.  An adaptogen knows how to normalize.  Medical Science has yet to replicate anything like it, and I think they’ll have a hard time doing it.

Some examples of adaptogens maybe herbs you recognize;  Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Siberean, Korean, and American Ginseng, Chickpea, and Schizandra.

Herbs are extremely powerful.  Use them under the personal guidance of an expert.



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