The Sun Enters Libra – Balancing Relationships

Saturday September 23, 2012

Today the Sun moved into the sign of Libra after its one month journey through the sign of Virgo.  The universal focus changes now from work, self-improvement, and health issues, to relationships.  Libra rules balance, beauty, art, and peace. The challenge with Libra is to achieve a state of inner calm that can be sustained no matter how wild and crazy our life becomes.

Relationship issues always reflect inner harmony or lack of it.  Astrologers interpret the relationship aspects of a single chart as if there were no “other”.  The state of our relationships simply reflect back to us the chaos, conflict, or calm that exists within. It’s a good news/bad news way of looking at one of the most important aspects life.  The good news is that we can control our inner states and it’s always easier to change ourselves than to change someone else.  The bad news is that in the midst of conflict that’s both hard to remember and inconvenient.  My ego has always liked the “he’s just not getting it” explanation better.

The stars are aligning over the next week in ways that suggest it might be a good idea to take an extra yoga class. Harmonious is not the word I would use to explain the upcoming energy patterns.

As the week progresses the Libra Sun (relationships, balance, peace) will move into a conflicting aspect with both Uranus (revolutionary demands for freedom) and Pluto (embedded authoritarian institutions) .  Uranus and Pluto have been fighting it out for the past year and will continue their battle through 2015.  Uranus is enraged with Pluto’s immoveable stance on maintaining authority over embedded institutions that have outlived their usefulness yet continue to restrict human freedoms.  The Libra Sun is reminding them both of the need for balance and a peaceful solution which neither is interested in.  Libra is simply fanning the flames of their conflict and this will be reflected in very tense energy patterns throughout the week.

On a personal level Venus in Leo (passionate feminine self-expression) is antagonizing Mars in Scorpio (ruthless masculine challenges)  Feminine energy is insisting on a place at the table while masculine energy is not above using underhanded tactics to keep the feminine voiceless and “in her place”.

Adding more fuel to the fire is an impatient and angry full moon falling right over Uranus on September 30th bringing impatience to a culmination point.

And just one more thing…At the very end of its three year long journey through Libra, Saturn enters Libra’s last degree (29) and it’s a critical one. There’s a “last chance” feeling settling over the earth telegraphing the urgent message that we must balance opposing forces now or we lose.

Much of this will play out on the world stage, but we will feel the tension in our personal lives too.  It’s important this week to make an extra effort to achieve inner harmony.  In honor of this new Libra season, give peace a chance.


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